New Age Of Summoners
331 Raweth“s decision
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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331 Raweth“s decision

Before throwing the red-wooden seal at the Grand Elder, Krico thought, 'Just wait, I will come back after I created a body, then I will kill you with my own hands.'

However, after seeing the Grand Elder's cunning laugh, Krico felt that there was something wrong with the Grand Elder and hurriedly tried to escape.

But, who would have thought that his spirit consciousness form was unable to move even an inch as he was fixated to the ground.

"Where are you going, Krico?"

Grand Elder walked towards the immovable black shadow as he said in a smooth voice that made Krico shiver.

"What are you doing, Grand Elder. You said you will not do anything to me," The black shadow said while gritting its teeth.

"Yes, as I promised I will not do a thing to you. I am right, Kid?" The Grand Elder looked at the masked birdman and asked him.

"Yes, Grand leader. You are right," The masked birdman walked towards Krico while taking a sharp dagger out of his space ring.

"Brother, you can't kill me. Did you forget the day we swore to the heavens about being brothers?" Krico's spirit consciousness was shaking with masked birdman's each step.

"I remember that day and still feel shame on me for that swearing under the heavens," The masked birdman said with an ugly expression on his face as he continued, "But don't worry, I will not kill you."


As soon as he said those words, two young men walked into the room that looked almost identical but their heights were different.

One youth had a height of 2 meters and another one had more than one and a half meters.

Another difference was there were medium-sized black wings behind the smaller one and whereas the tall one had no wings; instead, he had two small wing tattoos behind him.

"Raweth, help me. These elders are trying to rebel…..," As soon as he saw the two young men, the black shadow was shocked to see the short young men but he suppressed the shock and looked at the tall young man and shouted at him.

However, before he could complete his sentence, he was interjected by Raweth, "Stop your acting. I was a fool to believe your every word from my childhood but finally, I got to know the real you in the Hawk tribe."

"A tribe leader should care for his tribe at any cost but you left the tribe and went to challenge your rival," Raweth continued to point out his mistakes and made Krico feel shame.

"Stop lecturing your own father, Raweth," Krico was unable to take Raweth's lesson anymore as he angrily shouted at Raweth.


Raweth and Rawin were shocked at Krico's words and looked at the Black shadow.

"That's right, I am your blood father. So, please help me stop those Elders from killing me," The Black shadow begged Raweth as it controlled his anger.

Krico Knew that if Raweth wanted to save him, no one in the fire crow tribe could kill him since he was the hope of the tribe. So, it didn't waste any time in begging Raweth.

'What is he talking about?'

 How can he be my father?'

'Then why did he leave Rawin in the tribe when it was attacked by the spirit beasts?'

In Raweth's mind, various questions lingered as he thought back to past events and felt unbelievable at his words.

"Raweth, didn't I order all the tribe resources for you to cultivate and also, sent all the medicinal herbs and potions to your little brother to save him from the sickness," Krico noticed that Raweth stopped moving, so he started his final trump card.

When he heard Krico's final sentence, Raweth felt that it was cruel to kill the one who helped his little brother and decided to ask the Grand Elders and others to let him leave.

"Since you helped me and my little from childhood…..,"

"Raweth, it is not him, who helped your little brother. It was our old priest, who ordered all the upper echelon. Speaking more frankly, it was him, who poisoned your mother and little brother,"

Before Raweth could finish his sentence, he was intercepted by the masked birdman and briefly said about Krico's past events of poisoning Raweth's mother and old priest's prophecy.


Raweth's body emitted dark red flames as soon as he heard the masked birdman's words and looked at the black shadow before asking, "Is it true?"

'No, no no...they are all trying to kill me. Raweth did you forget how much I helped you to become stronger,' Krico became anxious when he sensed the dark red flames from Raweth and hurriedly mentioned some of their past events to calm Raweth.

"So, you want power, right? Then take it," 

Raweth didn't hear Krico's words as he finally understood why his brother was barely left alive and walked towards the Black shadow that was fixated to the ground and said before pointing his hand at it.

'You want power from me, So take it,' As soon as he said that, the fire entered into the black shadow and the black shadow started growing in size.

"Yes, this is what I want…..hahaha,"

To everyone's surprise, they heard Krico's joyful voice.

'What is he doing?'

'Why is he supplying his life force to him?'

'It will be bad if he escapes from here today,'

All the elders looked at Raweth's actions and puzzled as they didn't understand why Raweth was transferring his life force to Krico and they wanted to stop him.

'Just watch. Don't think about anything,'

However, they were stopped by the Grand Elder before they could even move.

"Yes, Grand Elder," 

Even though they didn't understand why the Grand Elder asked them to stop moving, they followed his orders and watched the scene in front of them.

"Just a little more and I can escape from here...haha," Krico didn't hide about his actions as he looked at the idle elders and laughed.

"Yes, another 3 seconds….3...2...1," As soon as he said 1, Krico's spirit consciousness form blasted by the fire energy sent by Raweth and vanished into the thin air.

From the moment, Raweth and his little brother entered the dark room, Ajax didn't say or order him anything and left all the decisions to Raweth as he didn't want to intervene in his matters.

However, he felt sad after hearing about Krico's actions towards Raweth's mother from masked birdman's words and wanted to kill him even if Raweth decided to let him live.

However, after seeing Raweth's way of killing, Ajax nodded his head and thought, 'you wanted to gain power through killing your own child and now you are killed by the same power you wanted so badly that you didn't even care about your tribe.'

As soon as Krico died, Ajax got a system notification,


 The host's contracted spirit beast killed an evolved adult fire crow's spirit consciousness.


 Gained one spirit point.


Ajax was not surprised by the first system notification but the second one piqued his interest as he didn't know what was a 'spirit point'.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》