New Age Of Summoners
339 First guardian
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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339 First guardian

It didn't take much time for him to place his spirit mark on the boulder soul.

The process was similar to the spirit mark he placed on his spirit beasts and the elemental spirits but the only difference was he placed the spirit mark on the ghostly figure's body (soul) unlike placing it in the spirit consciousness of the spirit beasts or elemental spirits.


 Congratulations to the host for successfully contracting a soul without a body.


 Do you want to make it as the inner world guardian?

 Yes / No

'Guardian?' Even though he saw this word just a moment ago, he didn't know what was the use of having a guardian for the inner world.

After thinking for a moment, he assumed, "Maybe, he will take care of the herbs I planted in the inner world."

Due to the system's new feature, he started to think about various possibilities without depending on the system and accepted it.

'Yes, make it into a guardian,' Ajax nodded his head looking at the red-coloured ghostly figure in front of him.

As soon as he agreed, the ghostly figure disappeared from his sight completely and hurriedly looked into the inner world.

Inside his inner world, the red-coloured boulder's soul was in the mid-air as though it was becoming one with the inner world.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Ajax didn't disturb it and came out of the inner world to finish the things in the cave.

'Since there is no fire orb, can you transfer it into the fire-water dual elemental paradise?' Ajax doesn't want to waste time by manually taking the rich fire essence filled lava from the lava pool into the inner world, so he asked the system to do it for him.


 The system requests the host to completely immerse into the lava pool to transfer the lava.


Since the system was helping him, he followed it's requested and immersed himself into the lava pool.

As soon as he was immersed into the lava pool, the surrounding lava level started to decrease at a crazy level and within a few seconds, the lava pool became an empty pool.

After completely transferring the lava, he slowly came out of the empty pool and he looked at the stones around the pool.

'Since there is no fire elemental paradise now, what will you do here alone. I will take you with me,' Saying this, he continued to pick the stones and also ordered his other elemental spirits to do the same.

As soon as the lava was transferred into the inner world, Ajax's other elemental spirits came into the cave. So, he asked them to pick all the lava stores that could be used to exchange in the human world or dimensional crevice for other items.

After collecting all the stones he stored them in the inventory and it showed an exact 100 number.

He didn't bother much and came out of the cave along with his elemental spirits and the two infernal spirits.

The infernal spirit with the black flames was able to come out of the cave without any resistance making Ajax heave a sigh of relief.

"Now, let's form a contract them,"

Since he needed to form a spirit contract to let the spirit beasts into the inner world, he looked at the black kitty and said.

Ajax became a master in forming a spirit contract after forming many contracts with the elemental spirits and the spirit beasts. So, it didn't take much time for him before he got the system notification.


 The spirit contract with the Black flamed infernal spirit has formed successfully.

After that system notification, he didn't bother to check its skills or stored it in the inner and allowed it to stay outside.

'Red kitty, Black kitty, you two can roam the Shixato wilds and meet me at the Lightning Hawk tribe within 10 days,' Ajax looked at both the infernal spirits and smilingly told them to venture the five elemental world for 10 days.

He could assume how the black infernal spirit must have felt about being restricted to a small cave and thought it must see the five elemental world a little bit before he took them away to the human world.

'Roar roar,'

As soon as they heard his words, they excitedly roared at him and before jumping onto it and affectionately licked his face.

"Okay go and venture to the Shixao wilds," Ajax was unable to bear the love of the two infernal spirits at the same time and asked them to go.

'Swoosh' 'Swoosh'

After showing their affection towards him, the two infernal spirits left to venture the Shixato wilds.

'The first thing I need to do after going to the Lightning Hawk tribe is to take a bath,' Ajax sighed as he looked at the saliva on his body.

"Everyone, let's go," Ajax stood up from the ground and ordered everyone to mount Twilight.


Twilight roared after everyone climbed onto its back and flew into the sky before rushing towards the Hawk tribe.

'Damn it, the smell is unbearable,' While flying the smell on his body that had a hint of foul scent gushed into his nose and made him unbearable.

'I should make them stay away from me,' Ajax swore not to let the infernal spirits lick him ever again.

As he was swearing, he got the system notifications which made his depressed mood to elevate.


 Congratulations to the host for successfully recruiting the first guardian of the inner world.


 From now on the guardian will look after the plants, elemental paradise, spirit beasts and everything in the inner world and help the host in maintaining the inner world in top shape.


 The daily generated essence of nature is increased to 1000 units, which will be used for maintaining the inner world (Plants and others).

"Holy heck, a single guardian increased that much of the essence of nature? I should find more guardians from my inner world," Ajax was excited and looked at the red-coloured ghost in the inner world that was floating freely as though it was checking everything.

As he watched it, the ghostly figure stopped at the fire and water dual elemental paradise and looked at it for a moment before jumping into the lava portion of the elemental paradise.

'What is it doing? Is it searching for the fire orb?' Ajax thought and entered into the inner world in his spirit consciousness form and connected with the inner world to check what it was doing.

'Is this really my elemental paradise?' Ajax was shocked to see the depth of the fire-water elemental paradise.

Previously, when he connected with the inner world, he didn't observe the depths of the elemental paradises such as thunder pool and fire-water pool.

The space inside that paradise was much bigger than the fire elemental paradise he entered in the cave a few moments ago and felt excited.

He suppressed his excitement and focused on the newly appointed guardian spirit which had a small fire orb in its hands.

'Huh? What is it trying to do?' Ajax was still unable to find the motive of the guardian and waited for its next actions.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》