New Age Of Summoners
346 Prophecy
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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346 Prophecy

"Sorry, tribe leader I forgot," The Hawk Captain sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

" are not that young man and you have the duty to protect the tribe," Qwerek shook his head looking at the Hawk.

"I know that tribe leader but I still don't understand why I should not call you uncle now?" This doubt had been in his heart for a while and he decided to ask now since there was no one other than the first elder, Cretual, who was also his elder cousin by blood.

"Hear carefully and don't forget this ever again in your life. Once a hawk tribesman enters the 12 guardian Hawk, they should cut off their blood relations and treat the whole tribe as an equal. Even after this many days, you still don't understand this basic rule...sigh," Qwerek ended his answer with a sigh.

His last sentence was barely audible to others as he doesn't want the Hawk Captain to hear those words.

Similarly, the 15 crows unit from the Fire crow tribe and 10 true sparrows unit from the ice sparrow clan also cut off their relations with their families and they would start treating all the tribe members equally.

Even though they were cutting off their blood relations, it was a great honour to enter that specific unit for every tribe member and their family members also support them wholeheartedly.

This doesn't mean anyone could enter these units. Each individual was required to have sufficient strength and skills to join.

One can imagine only 10, 12 and 15 tribesmen from the entire tribe were chosen by the tribe leader and elders of the tribe of Ice sparrow, Lightning Hawk and Fire crow tribes respectively.

This was one of the ancient rules that were set by the ancestors of their tribes.

As for why the Hawk captain does not know about the rule and still became the Captain of the 12 Hawk guardians was because he was extremely talented in cultivation and artifact making.

Also, he could make wise decisions in tough situations and could lead the other guardians without much difficulty.

"Ok, I understood now. Then what about the prophecy?" After getting his lesson from Qwerek, he asked about the prophecy.

In his view, it's better to learn how to make complicated artifacts than learning the history of the tribe. So, he was not attentive when he was taught about the prophecies and other past events of the tribe.

"According to the prophecy, our tribe will be led to glory by one of our own. So, it is definitely not by a human," Qwerek explained as he looked at the attentive Hawk Captain and thought, 'If he was this careful when I taught him in his young age, he would be the one to lead this tribe to the glory.'

Even though the Hawk captain was talented in cultivation but he doesn't have any other goals other than increasing his knowledge in the artifact making.

'It's not his fault though. Everyone has their goals. Let him complete his own goals so I can be satisfied as his uncle.' Qwerek smiled thinking back to the Hawk captain's childhood.

He didn't want to force anyone to lead the tribe towards glory. According to him, it had to come from the bottom of the heart. Only then that person won't stop when they were hindered by some obstacle while leading the tribe to glory.

"Oh..then it must be his contracted spirit beast that has high purity of bloodline and along with the 100 percent inheritance of our ancestor, she can lead us to the glory," 

The Hawk Captain knows about Snow as he observed it when Ajax came to the Hawk tribe for the first time and he could still remember Snow clearly as she had the highest purity of the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor's bloodline.

"Maybe or maybe not. We can't be sure about this thing. Let's wait and see," Qwerek didn't want to keep his hopes high and didn't want to feel heavy disappointment.

"Okay, tribe leader," the Hawk captain nodded his head.

"Hmm," Qwerek smiled at him and said, "Continue to make more artifacts for the younger generation."

The Hawk captain had another job other than protecting the Hawk tribe when needed. That was he had to make artifacts for the tribe. So, Qwerek once again ordered him to make artifacts for the young elites in the tribe.

"Yes, tribe leader," The Hawk captain nodded his head and left the meeting hall along with the first elder, Cretual.

'I hope what he said about Ajax's contract spirit beast leading us to glory will come true,' After both the elders left the meeting hall, Qwerek thought in his head.

No matter how much he wanted to not keep any expectations, he could not help but think about it and finally hoped it to become true.


Somewhere in the five elemental world,

"Master I sense the scent of a few new elemental spirits," An elemental spirit said to a middle-aged man who was in meditation.

The elemental spirit looked like two half elemental spirits attached together. One side of the elemental spirit was in brown colour whereas the other side had azure colour.

"Huh? In this five elemental spirit?" The middle-aged man opened his eyes and asked his elemental spirit.

The middle-aged man's face looked handsome with a light black beard and his body was tightly wrapped by black clothing.

"Yes, master," the elemental spirit nodded its head.

"Sigh...we can't test him and recruit him into our group now," The middle-aged man shook his head before closing his eyes and said to his elemental spirit, "Try to find out what is the element type of the elemental spirits."

"Yes master," The brown and azure coloured elemental spirit looked into the distance and nodded its head.

After giving his orders, the middle-aged man didn't say anything and continued to cultivate and the elemental spirit in front of him released something into the land beneath him and closed his eyes.


Inside a room in the tribe leader's house,

"Phew….finally, I am free,"

After entering his room, the first thing he did was relax on his bed and heaved a sigh of relief.

"The rank 1 to rank 3 herbs might come anytime now until then let me read Mason's family alchemy techniques book," 

As he waited for the ingredients that were promised to him by Qwerek, Ajax wanted to look at the alchemy tips and techniques book from Mason's family.

After saying that, Ajax took out a medium-sized book and glanced at the cover.

In the dimensional crevice, Ajax competed with Barret and bought this book with a high price.

From the book cover, Ajax was able to guess that this book must cost a lot just for making it.

Because the book cover was made up of a rank 5 spirit beast's hide. So, Ajax's expectations were raised to its peak.

'I hope this book is worth the price I paid,' With a thought like this, he slowly opened the book;

'Knock' 'Knock'

 However, before he could check its contents, he heard a knock on the door.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》