New Age Of Summoners
353 Re-Cultivation
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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353 Re-Cultivation


 The host's contracted spirit beast is trying to break through to the rank 5 which is not possible due to the host's low strength.


Ajax didn't understand what the system was saying as he pondered about the meaning behind those words.

'From the words, I can understand that because of my low cultivation, Snow is unable to break through to the rank 5; however, Raweth successfully breakthrough to the general realm and even reached level 2 in that,'

Ajax thought back to Raweth how he had no problem in reaching the general realm that had a similar strength as that of rank 5.

So, he was unable to understand the logic behind the system's words.


 Only one of the host's spirit beasts can have a 2 major realm difference and all the other spirit beasts are limited to one major realm difference.

"Huh? So, it's like this," All his doubts were clarified after looking at the latest system notification.

Earlier when he formed a contract with the black kitty, its rank 6 cultivation was also limited to peak rank 4 which he thought that the system sealed it just like the other three rank 6 spirit beasts and he did;t think much about it as he was already very annoyed with the smell.

"Snow, don't force yourself," Ajax bitterly smiled as he stopped Snow to forcefully break into the rank 5.

Snow looked at him and didn't understand why her master was stopping him from breaking through into rank 5.

'You can't break through to the rank 5 unless I reach level 1 of the elite commander realm,' Ajax communicated with her.


She nodded her head as though she understood something and once again closed her eyes before starting her cultivation once again.

'Huh? What is she doing?' Ajax didn't understand what Snow was doing and wanted to ask her.

Just when he was about to ask her, Ajax got a couple of system notifications that surprised him.


 The host's spirit beast initiated the re-cultivation process.


 Do you agree?

 Yes / No

"Re-cultivation?" Ajax was surprised and happily agreed to the process.

As soon as he agreed to the process, the rich lightning essence of nature surrounding them was sucked into Snow's body and formed a thin layer.

It didn't stop with a single layer but the process was repeated as layer after layer stacked on the first layer and finally formed into an egg shape that completely covered Snow.


Ajax was shocked to see the egg in front of him; however, that shock didn't last for much longer as he remembered about the re-cultivation process.

Re-cultivation was the process in which a spirit beasts starts cultivating once again from the beginning.

However, the second time they follow the major cultivation realms instead of ranks.

And the most important benefit of this process was that the spirit beast would get a humanoid form.

So, Ajax was excited to see the humanoid form of Snow.

It didn't take much time for the egg to break before Ajax saw a little girl of around 10 years age covered in white feather clothing with two tiny wings behind her.

As soon as the little girl came out she immediately closed her eyes and started observing the rich lighting essence from the surroundings.

'Woah, she is cute,' Ajax looked at her and thought in his mind.

She had small white hair with light blue eyes and fair skin. Just looking at her one could get a little sister vibe from her. 

When she came out of the egg, her previous cultivation was entirely gone and she now had the strength of level 1 of the soldier realm.

However, within just a few seconds she had a breakthrough and reached level 2 and then level 3 and that flow continued.

'Woah, the speed is much quicker than me,' While observing her cultivation speed, Ajax thought back to his initial cultivation level-ups where he levelled up using the system.

It was much faster than using the system to break through which made him excited.

'Buzz' 'Buzz'


'Kacha kachaa'

As he was feeling excited with the process of re-cultivation of Snow, the fourth lightning strike buzzed and came out of the tribulation cloud as it landed on the bottom barrier.

The bottom barrier blocked the lightning strike for a few seconds before small cracks started forming on it and it exploded all of a sudden.

However, the good thing was the pure energy from the fourth lightning strike was successfully dispersed into the Hawk tribe which increased the cultivation speed of all the cultivators.

Except for the elders, all the Hawk tribe members opened their eyes to look at their surroundings before resuming their cultivation.

As for Ajax, he didn't cultivate as his spirit consciousness was filling on its own and he knew it would be filled in a few minutes without him cultivating.

'Come on Snow, you can reach your cultivation back,' Ajax encouraged the 10-year-old little girl and wanted her to reach the elite commander realm which was equal to the rank 4 strength.

When the essence of nature from the fourth lightning strike filled the hawk tribe, Snow directly broke through to the elite soldier realm and the speed at which she was breaking through also increased, making Ajax happy and hoped to see how far she could go with this essence of nature. 


As soon as he breakthrough to the elite soldier realm, her looks and height also changed from 10 years to 12 years which made him Ajax wonder, 'Will she become more aged after every breakthrough?'

This doubt didn't last much longer as Snow already reached the peak of the elite soldier realm and was about to enter the commander realm and eagerly observed any changes in her.


In the next moment, Snow successfully entered the level 1 of the commander realm and her appearance changed into a 15-year-old young girl.

Her small white hair had grown long and her face became more beautiful. The most important thing was the dress. 

It was a pure white feather gown that fitted to her body as though it was made for her.

"What? An artifact?"

As Ajax was focusing on her dress he got a system notification that made him shocked and he didn't expect that gown was an artifact.


 Artifact name:- Feather Gown

 Grade:- Heaven grade

 Effect:- 1) Blocks 50 percent of the lightning attacks. 

 2) Absorbs the energy from the lightning attacks to heal the owner of the gown.

 Description:- A Gown that was birthed by the feathers of the Lightning Dragon Hawk with a unique technique during the re-cultivation process.

"Is it just for Snow or all the other lightning hawks had that ability?" Ajax blurted out loud after reading the effects and description of the Feather Gown.

He was shocked by what kind of concept this was. If every spirit beasts use the re-cultivation process, they would truly dominate the other worlds.

Once imagine, if every unevolved spirit beast from the three tribes evolved into their humanoid forms and received an artifact, then they were truly scary.

"I will say," As he was wondering, Ajax heard a voice and turned towards the direction of the voice and was surprised.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》