New Age Of Summoners
360 Krail“s Dreams
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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360 Krail“s Dreams

'Isn't that Elder Krail?'

Ajax stopped his thoughts about Ancient cultivators and looked at the direction the pained noise came from.

He saw Krail on the ground and in front of him, there was a sword that had lightning sparks around it blocking the similar type of lightning strike that Ajax had that absorbed into his body.

The sword in front of Krail was barely blocking the lightning strike and with just a simple glance Ajax was able to say that the swords won't be able to block the lightning strike much longer.

'Three more minutes before 'Special merge' skill cancels out,' Ajax didn't dare to waste any more time before rushing towards Krail.

From the moment he had combined with Cerauno, Ajax was keeping track of his time because the skill 'Special merge' would only last for five minutes. So, Ajax's plan was to absorb as many lightning strikes as possible before the skill came to cooldown.

If the skill comes to the cooldown, then he had to wait for an hour before he could use it once again.

'My evolved weapon won't last much longer against this lightning strike,' Krail looked at his shaking sword in front of him and sighed in his head and continued thinking, 'If the lighting strike lands on me, I will be seriously injured in the best case and in the worst-case scenario I will die.'

Just thinking about death made his heartache and looked at his brother's direction who was also barely able to manage the lightning strike with his own evolved weapon.

However, he was in a much better situation compared to Krail.

"I hope at least you will succeed our dreams, big brother Kraiww," Krail lightly muttered as he looked at his brother.

After evolving from a normal lightning hawk, Kraiww and Krail learned about greater worlds from the tribe leader Qwerek and swore that they should travel to one of the greater worlds and start a new lightning dragon hawk tribe in there and raise to the top level of that greater and they also had many dreams about it.

However, now he was unable to accompany his big brother in their dreams as he would be seriously injured by the lightning strike or even die.

"Why don't you two brothers succeed in your dreams together," While he was thinking about their dreams, Krail was interrupted by Ajax from his thoughts.

"Ajax, say sorry to my brother for me," Krail didn't hear Ajax's words clearly as his mind was still in a daze as his dreams were about to shatter in the next moments and asked Ajax to apologise in his place to his big brother.

"Instead of that, you two should achieve your dreams together," Ajax confidently smiled before taking the hovering sword that was blocking the lightning strike and allowed the attacking lightning strike to be landed on him.

"Ajax, what are you doing? Stop it. You don't have to risk your life for me,"

Although he noticed Ajax was different from before, he felt that what Ajax was doing was right was suicidal and hurried towards him to stop.

In his view, Ajax had already done more than enough for his tribe and doesn't want his tribe's saviour to be dead in his place.

However, before he could stop Ajax, he saw the lighting strike enter into his body like a normal energy.

After entering into his body, Ajax's body was completely surrounded by lightning sparks.


From a look, Krail was able to say that Ajax was completely fine other than making a few pained noises.

"Sigh...this human kid has some many unbelievable tricks," Krail muttered as he saw Ajax gritted his teeth for exactly a minute before he saw him heave a sigh of relief.

"Over? Just like that?" Krail was shocked at the magic trick that Ajax had done in front of him.

It was not more than a minute that the lightning strike had entered into his body before it disappeared completely from his body.

'But where did that much energy go all of a sudden?'

After the lightning strike had entered into Ajax's body, Krail was able to feel the rich lightning essence of nature in his body but just after 1 minute, the rich essence of nature had disappeared without any trace making Krail puzzled.

"Phew….Finally, it's done," After absorbing the second lightning strike, Ajax heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the confused Krail.

"Elder Krail, don't think much about it. Go and help your brother. You two can block that lightning strike easily, right?" Ajax stretched his body and asked Krail.

"Yes, I will do it now," Krail had a lot of questions in his mind but his brother's life was more important than any other thing at the moment.

"Thanks, Ajax,"

After thanking Ajax, he rushed towards his brother to help them.

"Still 90 seconds to go," Ajax looked at the system timer, he had set and looked at the elders, who needed his help.

At the moment, Eica and the Hawk captain were easily blocking the lightning strike and absorbing its energy slowly.

At the other than, Krail joined Kraiww and they would soon gain advantage over the lightning strike that Kraiww was blocking.

Elder Erek's condition was better than Kraiww but after Krail joined Kraiww, Kraiww's fighting against the lightning strike had eased up.

Tribe leader, who was strongest amongst all the elders, was still looking good even after managing the fight and sixth lightning strike when compared to other elders.

So, after observing everyone, Ajax finally decided to help Erek, as he was the only one who was having trouble in blocking the lightning strike amongst all the elders.

'80 seconds,' Ajax thought about the remaining time and rushed towards Elder Erek.

In front of Erek there was a shining mirror that was blocking the lightning strike.

The mirror was skillfully controlled by Erek that helped him to barely gain an upper hand against it.

However, just from the looks, anyone could guess that controlling the mirror in front of him was very consuming for him and with each passing second, Elder Erek's face turned pale.

"Sigh...just why is this happening," From his face, sweat beads started to roll down as he thought about the current situation.

According to the tribe leader's plan, everything should have come to an end by now. However, due to some unexpected issues, the whole plan had been messed up.

'Is he Ajax? But his appearance seemed to change a lot?' With his tired eyes, Erek looked at the familiar yet distinct face from a distance that was rushing towards him and thought in his head.

Due to Ajax's merging with the Cerauno, there were changes to his features that made it hard to recognize him with Erek tired eyes.

"Hello Elder Erek, can you please recall your evolved artifact?" As soon as he came in front of Elder Erek, he asked him to summon back his mirror that was blocking the lightning strike.

"Ajax, it's dangerous. Don't try anything funny," 

Even though Elder Erek was tired, he could still think clearly about it and asked Ajax to not to try anything funny.

"Hehe" Ajax gave a smile towards Erek before touching the mirror.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》