New Age Of Summoners
366 Changes in Spirit consciousness
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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366 Changes in Spirit consciousness


 The essence of nature in the host's spirit consciousness is full.


 Do you want to remove the emergency system assistance?

'Why is it asking to remove the emergency system assistance all of a sudden?' Ajax looked at the holographic screen in front of him and pondered before slowing down his circulation speed.

Emergency system assistance was something like a mini-system feature that could help Ajax in transferring the essence of nature from his spirit consciousness to his elemental spirits or contracted spirit beasts only when the spirit consciousness was full.

In the past, Ajax had his spirit consciousness become full many times and except for the first time where the system explained about it to Ajax, it never gave notification of Emergency system assistance.

Every time, his spirit consciousness was filled, the additional essence of nature was sent to his elemental spirits or spirit beasts that he had chosen to transfer.

So, when the system suggested removing this emergency system assistance feature, Ajax felt puzzled.

Even though he was puzzled, Ajax didn't come to a decision and started thinking about why this notification.

'Why the system is giving me that option all of a sudden. I mean why now? Why not earlier?' he felt that there must be some reason behind the system's choice for him.


 Do you want to remove the emergency system assistance?

As he was thinking, the system notification came once again asking about his choice.

'System, what will happen if I remove the emergency system feature?' 

After thinking for a few moments, Ajax only thought that the reason must be because of his breakthrough which he felt was wrong and decided to ask the system.


 Sorry, the system can't help the host. The Host has to make a choice and try to figure it out on his own.

'Huh? Are you crazy or what? If something went wrong, my spirit consciousness will explode,' Ajax felt that this system was really crazy and came back to his thinking.

Although he doesn't know the benefits of removing the emergency system assistance, he knew about the backlash of removing it if something went wrong and that his spirit consciousness would explode and he would die without any doubt.

So, Ajax wanted to think for sometime before choosing his option.


 The time's up. Removing the emergency system assistant feature as the host failed to choose his option.

"What the…," Ajax blurted out loud when he saw the system notification as he was still thinking about what he should do with the emergency system assistance.

"What happened Ajax?"

"Are you alright?"

"Is your body unable to withstand the continuous lightning strikes?"

With Ajax's blurting, all the elders opened their eyes and asked Ajax with concerned looks on their faces.

In their view, Ajax was continuously absorbing one lightning strike after another, so they thought it might be affecting him now.

"Huh? It's nothing," Ajax tried to divert the topic from his earlier blurting and closed his eyes before resuming his meditation.

'Sigh...this kid is trying to act strong,' 

This was the only thought in their heads before they also started absorbing the rich lightning essence.

Even though they shifted attention for a moment, their evolved weapons and artifacts were still blocking the sixth lightning strike.

The evolved artifacts and weapons were special because they have a tiny bit of consciousness at the time of re-cultivation but with time, that tiny bit of consciousness would increase bit by bit and could turn into a soul.

Still, it was not easy for any of them to achieve that feat as there was not even a single artifact or weapon in the Hawk tribe that gained a soul.

From this, anyone could understand how difficult it is to gain a soul for an artifact or a weapon.

'What is it? Why is the earlier pain once again coming back?' After closing his eyes, Ajax felt the same pain when he had used the large energy orb and checked inside his spirit consciousness.

As soon as he entered his spirit consciousness, he felt that it was not his spirit consciousness but a grade one universal elemental paradise.

Inside his spirit consciousness, it was completely filled with the universal essence of nature that was as pure as the one in the grade 1 elemental paradise which made him shocked.

The last time he checked it, the purity was less than that but now it reached the grade 1 level.

'Maybe it's related to the lightning tempering and the rich essence of nature I absorbed from it,' 

The only thing that could have affected his essence of nature's purity was the tribulation lightning. So, he directly gave the credit to the lightning strikes he had absorbed.

Not only the purity of the essence of nature in the spirit consciousness but the spirit consciousness itself had completely changed.

It was much bigger than the last time he checked his spirit consciousness and thought about it in his head.

Soon a small system notification appeared in front of him.


 Spirit consciousness:- 7999 units/ 8000 units

'The capacity of the spirit consciousness is increased by nearly 1500 units. is too much,' He was overwhelmed by the huge increment in the spirit consciousness capacity and shuttered a little as he thought about it.

When he was in level 5 of the commander realm, his spirit consciousness capacity was around 6500 units; however, now it had now reached a terrifying 8000 units that made him feel excited.


As he was feeling excited with his spirit consciousness capacity, the previous small pain had intensified all of sudden making him release a low noise.

'I should first do my original work,' 

Only then he had remembered why he had come into his spirit consciousness and focused on his work.

Even though the pain had intensified, it still didn't reach the level where he would become unconscious. So he started checking his spirit consciousness.

As for the reason why he wanted to check his spirit consciousness instead of his body because he feared the pain from the spirit consciousness more than the pain from his body.

From his childhood to until now, his body was subjected to various pains but he suffered only a few times when it comes to his spirit consciousness. 

So, he wanted to be careful when it comes to the pain from the spirit consciousness.

'So this is the reason why I am feeling pain,'

It didn't take much time for him before he was able to find out the reason.

The rich essence of nature in his spirit consciousness was hitting the walls of the spirit consciousness that resulted in him feeling the pain.

'It will not take much time before my spirit consciousness blasts with this much essence of nature. This system is playing with me again..' Ajax cursed the system as he felt that he was being played by it.

However, he quickly shook his head as he knew that it was of no use and quickly thought about some plan to spend his essence of nature.

'Let's see where I can use this additional essence of nature,' Ajax didn't waste any time and immediately transported to his inner world.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》