New Age Of Summoners
391 Bone Restructuring Pills
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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391 Bone Restructuring Pills

According to the system's first series mission, he had to refine 5 types of rank 1 pills and each of them should be a minimum of 20 pills. So, that's only 2 times he had to refine each rank 1 pill if he was successful.

Otherwise, he had to waste more time.

That's the reason he wanted to find a peaceful place so that he could have the highest success rate and finish the mission as soon as possible.

'Since blood cleansing pill recipe is over, next it will do this,' Ajax opened Mason's family alchemy book that contained many pill recipes and selected another easy pill recipe called Bone restructuring pill.

When he started the mission, Ajax had already selected the five easy pill recipes and cross-checked for the ingredients that were given to him by the tribe leader Qwerek. So it didn't take much time to take out the required ingredients from the space ring that contained the ingredients for refining rank 1 pills.

Bone restructuring pills, as the name suggests, helps the consumer to restructure his bones and make them strong and powerful.

However, it could only be consumed by the people below the commander realm.

In fact, most of the rank 1 pills were effective to the people below the commander realm.

Just like how blood cleansing pills help the beginner cultivators, these bone restructuring pills also help them to increase their chances of breaking their cultivation cap.

Here, cultivation cap means, it's a limit for a cultivator in his cultivation realm and when he reached that stage, he would not level up no matter how many resources or pills he used. Unless he gains a fortuitous encounter, he would not pass that stage.

So, all the main families and sects would use these beginner-level pills that would have so much for the beginner cultivators or children.

Although these two types of pills were very cheap in Mason's province, they were very rare in the Zrochester province and what's more, they were highly cost.

So, when Ajax said he had his way of earning spirit stones, it was to sell his refined pills in the Zrochester province.

'Bone grass, Fire grass, Netherworld root,' Just like the blood cleansing pill, the bone restructuring recipe also needed only three ingredients which were not very rare and they could be easily found in the Shixato wilds.

While muttering the names of the ingredients, he spread all the ingredients in front of him in batches.

'Unlike the blood cleansing pill ingredients, these three ingredients needed three separated temperatures,' Before starting his refining he was recalling all the knowledge he had gained from the system and the alchemy king's handbook carefully.

He doesn't want to fail his refining by a single silly mistake, so he was being careful while refining this bone restructuring pill.

'All things are done. Now I will start the refining,' 

After remembering all the things, without wasting any time, he used the basic alchemy fire technique and made a cauldron from the fire, which hovered in front of him as though it was eager for the essences of the ingredients to make pills.

Within no time, he stabilized the fire cauldron and took the ingredients for the bone restructuring pill, one by one and carefully refined them as he separated the essences from them at different temperatures.

"Phew...essence separation is done successfully," After separating the three essences from the bone grass, fire grass and the nether world root, Ajax heaved a sigh of relief.

Next, he took a deep breath and carefully threw the three ingredients essences into the fire cauldron that was eagerly hovering in the mid-air in front of Ajax.


As soon as the three ingredients essences were thrown, Ajax slowly muttered and the fire cauldron was closed by a lid.

With this, 60 percent of the refining had been done but the next 40 percent of the refining was very complicated when compared to the initial 60 percent of the refining.

Although the complications for the lower rank pills were less, they would increase as the rank of the pill refined increases.

Because it requires one to be fully concentrated and needs to supply the required heat only. Even if it's a little bit more or less than the required heat, then the refining would fail without a doubt.

What's more, Ajax wanted to finish the first mission from the series missions as soon as possible, so that he could observe the spirit stone mine with ease.

That's right.

Even though it was only a low-level spirit stone mine, he wanted to check it and analyse its source of the fire elemental essence of nature.

If he could find the source then he could use it to increase the strength of his fire elemental spirit and fire elemental spirit beasts.

With that thought in his mind, he was fully focused on the fire cauldron in front of him and supplied the required heat to it.

At times, he would increase the fire and some other times, he would decrease it.


The process continued for a few minutes before a 'Ting' done came from the fire cauldron.

However, Ajax didn't show any expression on his face and slowly decreased the heat supply to the cauldron.

'Please...please...please,' Before opening the lid to the fire cauldron, Ajax continuously muttered and hoped his refinement would succeed.

'Th...this is …,' Ajax became surprised, speechless and many other expressions were going through his face as he could not believe in what he had just seen inside the fire cauldron.

Inside the fire cauldron, there were 18 shining grey coloured pills that indicated they were all high-grade bone restructuring pills.

Seeing the 18 bone restructuring pills in the fire cauldron, Ajax doesn't know whether he should laugh or cry.

Generally, while refining, 12 pills were common to be seen in the cauldron from a single successful refinement and 15 pills could be said to a rare thing and there was also a myth that in the ancient age, many alchemists used to refine 18 pills in a single successful refinement.

So, this was a good thing; however, he had to refine another successful pill refinement just for 2 pills.

Since he had to refine a minimum of 20 pills per each pill recipe, now he had to wait for another successful refinement for those 2 pills which made Ajax bitterly smile.

Nevertheless, he was not worried much as this was still an easy pill recipe to refine when compared to other pill recipes.

'I will take rest for a few minutes and stabilize my condition,' After the first successful pill refinement, he didn't let his excitement and overconfidence consume him; instead, he waited for a few minutes to stabilize that successful pill refinement thoughts and relaxed before starting the next batch of pills refinement.

Soon, he started his second pill refinement.

Just like before, he was able to refine the three ingredients without much difficulty.



Before he could throw them into the fire cauldron, a small explosion occurred as the fire cauldron exploded with a loud sound making the two guards, Snow and Dabrus hurriedly rush towards Ajax.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》