New Age Of Summoners
397 Mission 1 completed
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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397 Mission 1 completed

According to the knowledge from the Mason family's alchemy handbook and the information he had gained about the properties of the herbs from the alchemy king's handbook, he did nothing wrong; however, the pill explosion has occurred making Ajax's head dizzy.

'Since I mix the essence of the ingredients at the wrong time?' This was the only place where Ajax thought he would go wrong and starting analyzing the properties of those herbs.

'That's right! How can I forget about this thing,'

After pondering for a few minutes he had finally found the reason where the pill refinement had gone.

'The Mage leaves contain the essence of nature that was almost similar to a rank 2 ingredient, so that control that I have to use only half the separated essence of the ingredient,' Ajax smiled a little as he felt that learning alchemy is more and more interesting.

With each failure, he was learning something new that made him feel good.

Since Ajax was thirsty for the knowledge from his childhood, alchemy was a tailor-made profession for him that requires learning continuously even in the most basic things.

'Let's do it right this time,'

Ajax was not injured even a bit from the earlier pill explosion due to his carefulness. So, he was ready for the next pill refinement.

'Maybe I am becoming more and more like an alchemy maniac, haha,' Ajax laughed a little as he started separating the essences from the ingredients.

He hands controlled the fire skillfully as he was used to separating the essences from the ingredients and mix the essences at an appropriate time before closing the lid of the fire cauldron.


Soon, he got the sound from the fire cauldron which indicated that the pill refinement was completed.

'Remain calm, the fire cauldron is not going anywhere,' Ajax calmed himself and slowly dispersed the cauldron that was formed from the fire.

Soon the fire cauldron disappeared leaving behind the 18 green coloured shining pills in his hands.

'Phew...finally it's a successful one. Even though there are only 18 pills, it's a good thing to refine 18 pills,' he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the 18 green-coloured pills in his hands.

Although the refinement this time didn't give him 21 pills, he was satisfied with the 18 pills, since it was also a rare thing to refine 18 pills in a single refinement.

If any alchemist hears Ajax's words, then they would kill him even at the cost of their lives. Because even in the other provinces, it was a rare thing for an alchemist to refine 15 pills in a single refinement and not to mention he was able to refine 18 pills per a single refinement recently.

After keeping the 18 low-level healing pills into a small glass bottle, the first thing Ajax did was to check the time.


 Remaining time:- 11 minutes

"Ok. It's 11 minutes. I have enough time to refine another batch and a little extra," While refining this fifth rank 1 pill recipe, it took him nearly 10 minutes and Ajax hoped to refine the next batch successfully and complete the mission in time.

So, without wasting time, he adjusted his spirit consciousness which still contained more than half of the essence of nature in it.

Soon, he started refining the next refinement just like the previous one and he was focusing more when compared to the previous time as he was in a lot of stress.

He had to remain focused because if he failed the pill refinement this time, he would definitely fail the mission and his reward to become the rank 4 alchemy master would be delayed.

One second after another, time passed on and soon 5 minutes were passed in a blink of an eye and Ajax had completed separating the essence from the ingredients and thrown them into the fire cauldron at an appropriate time and maintained the continuous heat supply.

At one time, he would increase the heat supply and at another time he would decrease the heat flow. 

All this process was done with his eyes closed and he was using his senses to manage the heat supply.


After another 3 minutes, he finally heard the sound from the fire cauldron which made him open his eyes and heave a sigh of relief.

From the energy fluctuations from the fire cauldron, he was confident that the pill refinement was a success but he didn't let his heartbeat raise and suppressed all the emotions and slowly made the fire disperse.

Soon the fire turned into the essence of nature and returned into Ajax's body leaving behind 18 green-coloured pills in his hands.

"Yes," As soon as he saw the pills he immediately stood up from the ground and shouted at the sky expressing all his pent up emotions which he had suppressed all this while.

"Yes, I did it. I did it," He didn't stop there but continued to shout at the sky making Snow and Dabrus worried.

'What happened to the master? Why is he behaving like a maniac all of a sudden?' Snow asked Dabrus in the voice transmission while looking at Ajax with a concerned look.

'I don't know,' Dabrus, who was also observing Ajax from a while, shook his head and replied to Snow in the same voice transmission.

"Master, what happened to you? Are you okay?" Snow slowly walked towards Ajax and asked him.

"Huh?" Only now did Ajax realise that he was behaving like a maniac in front of his subordinates and stopped shouting.

"No, nothing happened. I was just excited with the successful pill refinement," Ajax explained to Snow with an embarrassed look on his face.

"Oh, it's good then. I was worried that you were possessed by some kind of old demon," Snow covered her mouth as she smiled making Ajax even more embarrassed.

"Okay okay," Ajax hurriedly sat in the meditative posture to escape this embarrassing situation and observed Snow with his left eyes slowly.

'Phew… she left,' he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw she had moved away to guard to her original place.


 Congratulations to the host for completing the mission 1 of the series mission.


 Unsealed the knowledge of the rank 2 alchemy master in the host's mind.


 Additional reward:- A monster peach is sent to the host's inventory (Losses its effect in 10 days).

"What? The additional reward is a monster peach?" Ajax was excited with the additional reward from mission 1 of the series mission.

Monster peach was a fruit that could be consumed by the general realm or higher realm cultivators to make a breakthrough from a single minor realm to a single major realm depending on the constitution and the strength of the consumer.

This was not the first time he got the monster peach, so Ajax didn't bother to check its information. Last time, he got the monster peach he decided to give it to Captain Edmond since the peach would lose its effectiveness in one day.

However, now the system said that the effect of the monster peach would be lost in 10 days which gave Ajax enough time to decide what he had to do with it.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》