New Age Of Summoners
399 Fastening the extraction
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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399 Fastening the extraction


     Even though the host has reached 100 percent success rate in refining the rank 1 pills, he needs to focus while refining; otherwise, the pill refinement of rank 1 pills still fails.

'Yeah. I will remain focused when refining. So, don't worry system,' Ajax replied to the system and nodded his head in understanding what the system had said.

'The new effect is just like the old first effect. With 50 percent from the basic alchemy refining technique and 25 percent from this, it has reached the 75 percent which is pretty good,' After checking the first effect, he slowly glanced at the second effect and became very excited.

Since he had to refine three rank 2 pill refinements back to back without fail, he needed his success rate in refining the rank 2 pills should be as high as possible.

'Let's see how this 75 percent success rate will help in the second mission of the series mission,' Ajax stopped thinking much and decided to find out about it when he started refining.



Soon, they reached the spirit stone mine and heard the sounds of mining coming from it.

He quickly entered the spirit stone mine only to see a large pile of spirit stones in the middle of the cave.

After everyone extracted the spirit stones, they would place them in the middle and they made it into a large pill after a few hours.

"No need to greet me. Continue the extraction,"

Although he seemed cruel in making all his elemental spirits work, he wanted to complete the extraction of the spirit stones as soon as possible and leave to the Hawk tribe.

Just as they were about to stop and greet their master, all the elemental spirits heard their master's words and continued to mine the spirit stones.

While his elemental spirits were working as miners, he went to the large pile of red spirit stones and placed his hands on them.

'Go to inventory,'

As soon as he placed his hands and muttered, the large pile of spirit stones started disappearing one by one at an incredible speed and within a few minutes the mountain of spirit stones had disappeared. 

'Phew…,' Even Ajax felt tired while absorbing all the spirit stones into his inventory. Just after the last one of the spirit stones was absorbed into his inventory, he heaved a sigh of relief.

'I think, this mountain must have contained at least 2.5 million spirit stones,' Ajax was very eager to know how many spirit stones he had absorbed just now and immediately opened his inventory to check the number of the spirit stones.


     Low-level spirit stones X 3 million

'Woah! This is more than I expected,' Ajax was surprised by the number of spirit stones in his inventory and felt eager to extract more spirit stones thinking that there must be more than 10 million spirit stones in the spirit stone mine.

"All of you come out and help," Without wasting any time, Ajax summoned all his contracted spirit beasts.

Previously, he only summoned his elemental spirits to extract the spirit stones because humanoid beings were the best when it comes to extracting the spirit stones; however, now he wanted to wrap this extraction thing as soon as possible and didn't want to delay it any longer.

As soon as he summoned the contracted spirit beasts from the inner world, Black kitty and Red kitty who was playing outside the spirit stone mine came into the cave and stood in front of Ajax along with the other spirit beasts.

At present, in front of Ajax, there were more than half a dozen spirit beasts standing there and waiting for Ajax's orders.

They were four rank 5 spirit beasts, Black yetis, Black and Red flamed infernal spirits and twin-tailed lynx. These were the latest spirit beasts he had formed a contract with after coming to the five elemental world.

"Huh? All of them reached rank 5?" Earlier, when he saw the red kitty outside of the Hawk tribe, he noticed that his strength had reached rank 5 and when he reached the spirit stone mine and saw the black kitty, she also reached rank 5.

Ajax related their breakthrough to the spirit stone mine and didn't bother much about it. However, now all the spirit beasts he had tamed in the five elemental world had reached the rank 5 made him a little surprised.

Nonetheless, he was able to relate their elevation to the rank 5 was because of him reaching the elite commander cultivator. 

'This means, it's only a matter of time before they return to their final cultivations,' Just thinking about it made him excited and he wanted to break through to the general realm as soon as possible.

Along with them, the peak rank 4 Golden bear king with his child rank 3 Golden bear.

Next to the father and child duo, stood the rank 4 Netherworld ice sparrow and peak rank 4 three-eyed black ghost fox.

"Why didn't Ghost has not reached the rank 5 yet?"

Ghost, the three-eyed black ghost fox was cultivated in the mini-dark abyss for most of the time. So, Ajax felt something was wrong with this contracted spirit beast.

Moreover, the fox had absorbed the spirit consciousness of a king realm spirit beast. So, without a doubt, it should have reached at least the general realm.

'I will see what's wrong with you after we finish the extraction process,' He thought inside his head and looked at all the spirit beasts before saying, "Everyone, do your best and extract as many spirit stones as possible."

As soon as he ordered, all the spirit beasts nodded their head as though they understood what Ajax had just said.

That's right!

After the contract with the spirit beasts he had tamed in the five elemental world, they gained enough intelligence to understand human speech; however, they still could not speak even though they reached the rank 5 like the spirit beasts in the Cursed Wilderness.

'Thank god, twilight is asleep; otherwise, I don't what I had to do to pacify it,' After all the contracted spirit beasts, left to help others or mine the spirit stones on their own, Ajax thought while looking into his inner world.

In the inner world, the Destructive twilight dragon was sleeping in front of the mini- dark abyss without a care in the world.

Ajax didn't want to summon twilight out of the inner world now because the spirit stone mine would not be able to hold it as it's size was humungous.

When Ajax saw that the dragon was asleep he was able to relax as he knew it would make trouble if it knows that except for it, all the other spirit beasts were summoned out of the inner world.

All the rank 5 spirit beasts used their powerful skills to break the walls of the spirit stone mine and the elemental spirits started picking up the spirit stones carefully.

However, Slait remained single and continued to extract the spirit stones at his monstrous speed.

'With this kind of speed, the extraction will be completed much faster,' Ajax thought in his head when he saw the work of his sub-ordinates and moved deeper into the spirit stone mine to find whether there were any valuables other than spirit stones.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》