New Age Of Summoners
401 20 million spirit stones
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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401 20 million spirit stones


     Property:- Low-level spirit stone mine (Fire)

     Effect:- 20 percent chance of mining a medium level spirit stone and 1 percent chance of mining a high-level spirit stone.

    Note:- Effect was added only because of the Guardian named Red.

"Huh? Good effect," Ajax was surprised and excited by the new effect of the spirit stone mine.

Since red was a soul of the fire boulder in the fire elemental paradise, Ajax felt that keeping him as a guardian would give some results, so he was excited for being able to guess correctly.

Even in the Zrochester province, there were only a few spirit stone mines due to the less purity of the essence of nature in the atmosphere. They were also in the control of the Royal family, and the three sects.

Even the five main families don't have a single spirit stone mine under their name. From this, one could expect how rare it was to own a spirit stone mine.

What's more, all the spirit stone mines in the Zrochester province were only low-level ones, So when Ajax saw the effect of getting the medium level and high-level spirit stones, he was excited beyond his limits.


As soon as he appointed Red as the new guardian of the spirit stone mine, the boulder soul appeared in front of him from the inner world and bowed to Ajax before saying,

"Master, do you want to extract the 7520000 spirit stones?"


Ajax looked at the guardian in front of him with a surprised look and he didn't understand what he was saying and asked him, "Didn't I already started mining the spirit stones?"

"Yes, you did master. However, it can extract all the spirit stones in a second and send it to your inner world or your space ring," After becoming the guardian of the spirit stone mine and him having the 100 percent affinity with it, he gained some knowledge about the working of the spirit stone mine.

"Really? Then it's a great thing. Extract all the spirit stones and send it to me," Ajax was excited and hurriedly asked Red to do his work.

What Ajax's elemental spirits and contracted spirit beasts were doing for the past few hours? Wasn't he ordering them to do this extraction?

Even when they worked so hard for the past few hours, they had only managed to mine a 30 percent of the total spirit stones from the spirit stone mine. 

And now, Red was saying that he could extract all the spirit stones in the spirit stone mine and directly transfer them to his space ring or the inner world.

So, of course, he was excited and hurried Red to do his job.

"Yes master," Red nodded his head and disappeared for a second before appearing in front of Ajax once again.

"What happened to you, red? Why do you look fat all of a sudden?" 

The present Red in front of him looked like a fully air-filled balloon that could burst anytime now. So, Ajax hurriedly asked him with a worried expression.


     The host's property guardian wants to transfer spirit stones to you. Do you accept?

Instead of any reply from Red, Ajax got a system notification informing about the transfer.


Ajax guessed that all the spirit stones were inside Red and because of that he was looking like about to burst out his transparent soul body. So, without wasting any time, he accepted to receive the transfer of the spirit stones.


     Transferring 7520000 spirit stones into the host's inventory.

Soon, the swollen body of Red became normal and Ajax opened his inventory to check the total spirit stones.


     Fire spirit stones X 10520000

"I am damn rich. Hahaha," Looking at the huge number, Ajax was unable to control his laugh and laughed loudly.

"With this 10 million and the previous 10 million spirit stones, I can buy whatever I want in the dimensional crevice," Ajax muttered lowly to himself and looked at the guardian before saying, "Take care of this spirit stone mine from now on."

Since he was unable to take this spirit stone mine with him, he asked Red to take care of it. 

'Anyway, I have a mission to take over this Shixato wilds, so it's better to have some properties like this to maintain a large group of subordinates,' Ajax remembered the mission issued by the system when he was in the Hawk tribe and thought in his head.

According to his assumptions, he could make the fire crow tribe and lightning hawk tribe listen to his orders with little to no effort and the Netherworld ice sparrow was not a problem if he had the support of the two tribes.

'The only problem with the mission is to clear this Shixato wilds from the unevolved spirit beasts that reside in various corners in the Shixato wilds,' Ajax thought back to the time when even the older birdman was unable to win against the octopus-like spirit beast and clearly thought that these unevolved spirit beasts were a serious problem for the completion of his mission.

'Since there is no time limit for the conquering mission, I will think about that after I reach the general realm or elite general realm,' Ajax stopped thinking about those things and returned back to his elemental spirits and the spirit beasts which were looking at him with puzzled looks.

"No need to worry, red helped me to extract all the spirit stones from the spirit stone mine, Haha," It didn't take much time for Ajax to understand what was happening with these elemental spirits and spirit beasts and he briefly explained about red becoming the guardian and helped him in extracting the spirit stones.

All the elemental spirits nodded their head when they heard Ajax's words whereas the spirit beasts looked at the elemental spirits and followed their actions.

'Okay, everyone. We will stay in the five elemental world for 7-8 more days. So, if anyone wants to venture the Shixato wilds can go now and when it's time I will call for you,' 

Since the extraction of the spirit stones was completed, Ajax offered all his elemental spirits and spirit beasts to venture the Shixato wilds.

Ajax knew no one likes to be inside the inner world even if it had many elemental paradises, so he gave them a chance to roam the Shixato wilds.

'Roar' 'roar' 'roar'

All the spirit beasts were excited to hear Ajax's words and let out the loud roars.

"Thanks, master, we will do as you say," 

Just like the spirit beasts, the elemental spirits were excited but they didn't shout like the spirit beasts; instead, they bowed in front of Ajax and thanked him.

"Just come back when I call and also, there are powerful spirit beasts, so don't go and anger them," Ajax nodded his head and warned them to be careful they were alone in the Shixato wilds.

Seeing that the elemental spirits were acting cooler, the spirit beasts stopped roaring and bowed in front of Ajax while letting out small roars as though they were thanking him.

"Hahaha," Ajax laughed when he saw their actions.

"Huh?" However, his laugh suddenly came to a halt when he saw the three-eyed ghost fox which was not excited at all.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》