New Age Of Summoners
404 Qwerek“s excitemen
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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404 Qwerek“s excitemen

Even if he knows about the actions of his elemental spirits and spirit beasts, Ajax would not be shocked as he had already known about the characters of each and every one of his summons and what they would do, if they were left alone.

Volcanis, the fire elemental spirit always wanted to increase his battle prowess,

Slait was still a child and cared a lot about little fuzzball, so he would definitely try to help the little and special golden bear king to improve his strength.

Spirus, Sparrow wanted to live peacefully.

The couple, Red kitty and Black kitty were just enjoying their time together in viewing the different locations in the Shixato wilds.

Like this, every single spirit beast and Elemental spirit had their own things to do in this free time that Ajax had given them.

Ajax wanted those that wanted to fight to experience some battle experience without him or other groups of elemental spirits and spirit beasts.

'Nite, let's find some dark elemental spirit beasts to fight. What do you say?' Dabrus asked Nite in a friendly manner.

"Sure," Similarly, Nite replied to Dabrus in the same tone.

Among all the teams of Ajax's contracted spirit beasts and elemental spirits, Ajax's least expected team would be this one, in which Nite and Dabrus were the members.

Because before Ajax formed the official contract with them, they were about to kill one another and Ajax had expected that it would take time for them to get along; however, they were already behaving like long lost friends within a short time.


"Finally, I am here,"

As all the elemental spirits and spirit beasts were on their ventures, Ajax had finally reached the Lightning Hawk tribe.

"Huh? It's sooner than I expected," As Ajax entered the hawk tribe, he was shocked by the renovated tribe which was completely filled with new houses.

It had been less than 10 hours from the time he had left the Hawk tribe; however, the tribe was completely renovated and there were no traces of any damage left behind from the lightning tribulations making Ajax shocked.

He didn't waste much time outside the tribe and immediately rushed into the tribe leader's house fearing that he might be surrounded by the Hawk tribe members.

"Hello there, Ajax,"

As soon as he entered the tribe leader's house, Qwerek politely greeted him.

"Hi, Elder Qwerek," Ajax also replied in a polite way.

"I need to apologize for something, Ajax," All of a sudden, Qwerek apologised to Ajax and continued, "Because of this lightning tribulation and the repairing works, no tribe member had left the tribe, so I need one more day to deliver your promised rank 3 ingredients."

"Huh?" Ajax was puzzled at first and later understood the reason and hurriedly stopped Elder Qwerek by saying, "No need to apologize to me, Elder Qwerek. I know about your situation. Moreover, I am not in a hurry."

Since Ajax still needed 1-2 days to become the full-fledged rank 2 alchemy master, he said he was not in a hurry.

"Thanks for understanding, Ajax. Still, I will try to deliver the rank 3 herbs as soon as possible," Tribe leader, Qwerek thanked Ajax and promised to deliver the herbs as soon as possible.

"Elder Qwerek, I have something to ask. Can we go to some other place?" 

Ajax shook his head when Qwerek thanked him; however, all of a sudden he thought of something and asked Qwerek to go somewhere alone.

Because the main hall was filled with Elders and some high-level members of the Hawk tribe.

If he asked about it in front of everyone, he might become the enemy of the Hawk tribe. So, he doesn't want to take a chance.

"Sure. Let's go to the meeting room," Qwerek looked at the seriousness in Ajax's eyes and turned around before moving into the meeting room.

'Snow, let's go,' 

From the beginning, Snow and Ghost were beside him because he didn't send them into the inner world as he wanted them to be outside.

Soon, Ajax and his team followed Elder Qwerek and entered the meeting room.

"What do you want to ask, Ajax?" After everyone entered the meeting room, Qwerek sealed the entire meeting room and asked Ajax about what he wanted to ask.

"Th...that…," Ajax was unable to ask what he wanted to ask as it might anger Elder Qwerek also. So, he hesitated a little, before mustering his courage he asked, "Elder Qwerek, what would you say if I ask that I wanted to unify the Shixato wilds?"


When he heard Ajax's words, Elder Qwerek raised his brows and looked at Ajax with a serious face making Ajax terrified.

The last thing he wanted now was to anger Elder Qwerek as he was the most powerful one in the three tribes of the Shixato wilds and he also needed his help to travel to other regions in the Shixato wilds. So, he doesn't want to anger him.

"You can. But the other two tribes are not that easy to deal with," Elder Qwerek lessened the seriousness in his face making Ajax heave a sigh of relief.

"Okay. There is another thing I wanted to ask," Ajax didn't wait for Qwerek's reply and continued, "Will your Hawk tribe follow my orders?"

After saying this, Ajax looked at Qwerek's face for his reaction; however to his surprise, Qwerek was not angered even a bit.

Instead, he looked at Ajax for a while before saying, "Sorry Ajax, it's not possible. Even though you saved our tribe many times and we owed you too much, asking us to follow your orders will not be accepted by many members of the tribe."

'As expected of one of the ancient tribes,' Ajax thought in his head when he heard Qwerek's calm reply.

It's not like the hawk tribe turned their back against their benefactor but most of the ancient tribes don't accept the master from other tribes or other races. So, Qwerek stated the fact.

"Then, if I let Snow become your tribe's hope? Or something like that?" Ajax came here fully planned, so he used his other card which might possibly be accepted by Qwerek and other elders of the Hawk tribe.

"Really? You will leave behind Snow here and allow her to become our tribe leader?" Qwerek became excited all of a sudden because if Ajax did what he just asked, then the prophecy might become true and they could go back to their homeworld.

"Hmm...let's say, I did that, isn't that the same thing as following my orders?" Ajax slowly asked Qwerek about his doubt.

"It doesn't matter. As long as Snow becomes our tribe leader, she can do anything she wants to do with the tribe," Qwerek shook his head and replied to Ajax.

"Aren't you really the future of your tribe in the hands of others now?"

Ajax felt that there was something wrong with the tribe leader Qwerek today.

Usually, Qwerek would stay calm and cool; however, now he was behaving like an excited kid that just got a candy.

"That's right. I am leaving the future of the hawk tribe in the hands of Snow," Qwerek nodded his head with a smiling face as he looked at Ajax and Snow.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》