New Age Of Summoners
456 Breakthrough
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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456 Breakthrough

"I have seen that already, Captain Edmond,"

To Edmond's surprise, Ajax didn't even bother to dodge the sneak attack from his back and replied to Edmond with a cool expression on his face that made Edmond surprise.


Before the spear from behind could touch Ajax, he disappeared from his place and appeared behind the demon servant that sealed upon him and snapped his neck with a simple hand crush.

'This is interesting. I like the feeling of killing the demon servants in a single attack,' Ajax's blood started boiling with excitement as he killed the demon servant.

'Progress,' he didn't bother to suppress his excitement and silently thought in his head.


 Progress:- (86/100)

Every once in awhile, Ajax checked the progress bar to have a clear idea of how many he had left to kill.

'Only 14 more to go,'

With the help of his bloodline, killing the demon servants became an easy thing for Ajax and within a few minutes, he had already killed more than 30 demon servants.

'I need to hurry up and complete the target before the bloodline is stopped,' 

He knew that he was having an easy time only with the help of his bloodline; however, once the bloodline falls under cooldown, he would become even more exhausted as an after effect of the bloodline.

 'Shadow clone,'

Without any hesitation, he used one of his skills that could be used with the least amount of the essence of nature.

Soon, his shadow started moving from the ground and formed into a being that looked just like Ajax.




Ajax's shadow clone didn't wait for his orders as it knew what to do in a situation like this and started killing the demon servants.


 The host killed a demon servant (Elite commander realm)

 No essence of nature is gained


 Progress:- (87/100)

' this counts into the target,' 

Only when he saw the progress bar after his shadow clone killed one demo servant, Ajax was able to heave a sigh of relief.

'Now, let's reach 100,' Ajax didn't waste any more time and directly rushed into the demon army that was continuously moving towards the exit of the cursed wilderness.

That's right!

The demon army never stopped moving even when Ajax and others were attacking them. Their first preference was to destroy the mercenary guild and then they should start killing the humans.

"Another skill...Ajax's is becoming more and more mysterious," Edmond and Udo looked at each other before bitterly shaking their head at Ajax's mysteriousness.







Ajax counted the number as he killed the demon servants along with his shadow clone.



As for the final number of the target, Ajax used his shadow claw as his pitch-black right hand had pierced the chest of a demon servant through his heavy armour without any resistance.

While using that skill, he shouted out loud and with great excitement took out his hand from the body of the dead demon servant.


 The host killed a demon servant (Elite commander realm)

 No essence of nature is gained


 First target:- (100/100), completed;


 Congratulations to the host for completing the first target. Please wait for the reward.

As soon as he took out his hand from the demon servant the system sent a series of notifications that were congratulating him.

'Huh? Isn't the reward to be given instantly?' When he saw that system asked him to wait, he was puzzled and looked at his surroundings.

In the bonus mission description, it was clearly mentioned that the rewards were given instantly; however, now the system was asking him to wait.


Just as he was thinking about that, he suddenly felt a sharp pain coming from the spirit consciousness that made him cry in pain.

Seeing that, all the demon servants surrounded him hoping to kill the human in front of them before he could kill more members of their kind.

"Huh? What is happening to him?"

Edmond looked worried and tried to rush towards Ajax to bring him out of the demon army.

"No need to rush, Captain," However, Edmond was stopped by Darbaudr with a slight smile on his face.

"Huh? Why? Darbaudr, he seems in a lot of pain,"

From the shout earlier, everyone could guess that Ajax was going through a lot of pain. So, Edmond didn't worry about training for Ajax anymore and decided to help him.

"Young master is fine. He asked me not to worry about him," To Edmond's words, Darabudr said to him while looking in Ajax's direction.

"What? But…,"

"He said that he is about to breakthrough in his spirit cultivation," Before Edmond could finish his words, he was interrupted by the barbarian and briefly explained about Ajax's present condition.

That's right!

As Ajax was still puzzling about the reward, the system had already given him that reward without any prior notice and forcefully increased his spirit consciousness.

As the pain came out suddenly he shouted out aloud but the pain was not even half bad as he had endured.

Although the elevation to the level 6 of the commander realm in spirit cultivation had still not been done, he contacted Darbaudr through the voice transmission and hurriedly said that he was okay and asked them not to worry about him.

"What? He is breaking through amidst the demon army? Is he crazy or what?" Edmond became serious and anxious after hearing Darbaudr's words.

It was very dangerous to a breakthrough in chaotic situations like fights or something. Even the body cultivators don't dare to do that as it would make their foundations unstable if they were careless for even one moment.

Moreover, what Ajax was doing now was the same thing but it was even more dangerous as it was related to spirit cultivation. Even if he was careless for a single moment, he would become crazy and mindless.

"Don't worry, Captain. He will not become crazy, he is not like others, he is different," Darbaudr calmed down Edmond while briefly saying about Ajax.

Darabaudr knew that his young master didn't need to worry about unstable foundations as he had noticed that whenever Ajax broke through a realm, his foundations were at a perfect stage that made him not worry about Ajax.

What Darbaudr said was right. 

When cultivators required focus to stabilize their foundation while breaking through their cultivations, Ajax only needed that focus to endure the pain and he needed not to worry about the foundations as the system ould take care of it.


Edmond also knew that Ajax was different from others but still there was some worry that it might cause his foundations unstable; however, looking at the calm expression on Darbaudr's face, Edmond calmed down and nodded his head while carefully observing Ajax.

'Pheww...finally the pain is gone,' Ajax heaved a sigh of relief when the pain from his breakthrough had disappeared and looked at the surrounding demon servants and said, "Huh? Your fear is gone already?"

Previously they were even feared to go near to him; however, now, they dared to surround him in order to kill him even when his bloodline was still on.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》