New Age Of Summoners
466 Misunderstanding?
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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466 Misunderstanding?


However, to Edmond's surprise, he saw Ajax shook his head in response to Darbaudr's look.

'What? Is he asking not to give blood essence to me,'

All of a sudden, Edmond felt disappointed with Ajax and thought that he still didn't understand Ajax completely.

'Sigh...why should he order his sub-ordinate to give the blood essence of saving a person who he had recently met,' 

Soon, Ajax felt that it was not Ajax's fault to deny his permission for the barbarian to give his blood essence.

As he knew that, after taking out the concentrated blood essence from the body of the cultivator, that cultivator would be in a weakened state for a certain time. Unless it was meant to be used for himself, the cultivator would never take it out of his body which could heal any severe injuries on his body.

'Sorry Captain Edmond, I ...,'

'No need to apologize, Ajax. I know you have something important to do with Darbaudr's strength and taking out the blood essence from his body would only make him weaken. I would do the same if I was in your place,' Before Ajax could say anything through the voice transmission, he was interrupted by Edmond.

He even used his own reference to make Ajax not guilty for not giving the blood essence as he knew that Ajax was about to something important and that needs the strength of someone like Darbaudr.

'Huh? What is he saying? What did I do?' 

Ajax was puzzled at why Edmond was saying all those things and confusedly looked at Edmond, who was not looking at Ajax anymore, and turned to the demon servant before he started talking.

"I can only give two drops of blood essence and as for that last one, he has no relation with him and he doesn't even bother about him. So, just take two drops of blood essence and leave him," Edmond said to the demon servant with a real nonchalant expression on his face and said that he could only give two drops of blood essence.

"Huh?" The mutated demon servant looked at the barbarian for a moment before nodding his head as he understood that Darbaudr wasn't bothered even a little for the life of the hostage in his hand.

'I will just take those two drops of blood essence and kill this young cultivator before escaping from here,' the demon servant cunningly laughed inside his heart at his inner thoughts.

"By the way, you must be thinking that you can escape without completing our deal. I already sealed our surroundings and you can't escape unless I unseal it," Edmond replied with the same nonchalant expression on his face that made the mutated demon servant's inner thoughts come to an end.

 'Damn did he know? Right! It must be because of my race,' The demon servant shook his head because his race was famous for not completing the deals made with others.

"Udo, take your blood essence out," Edmond asked Udo to take out one drop of blood essence from his body before closing his eyes.

The demon servants that were attacking the remaining eight young cultivators were already cleared by Edmond and others earlier and the demon army no longer bothered about them and continued to march towards the exit of the cursed wilderness.

Except for Ajax and Justice, no one was fighting the demon servants.

After the continuous killing of many demon servants, Justice had multiple breakthroughs and reached level 8 of the commander realm. As for how the system converted his killing into cultivations, Ajax had no idea. For him as long as Justice's cultivation increased it was a good thing for him.

So, he didn't bother the system about Justice's cultivation method.

"An outsider is an outsider as we can't rely on him when we needed some help from them," Udo nodded his head at Edmond and mocked Ajax indirectly in front of the barbarian.

The outsider that Udo mentioned was none other than Ajax, who didn't even think much before directly telling his sub-ordinate not to give his blood essence.


When he heard that, Darbaudr raised his brows at Udo's words; however, he didn't say anything and kept an eye on the demon servants from the demon army that might attack the remaining eight young cultivators.


Udo scoffed at Darbaudr before sitting cross-legged to retrieve his blood essence from his body.

The storage place for the blood essence was different for different people. For most cultivators, it was stored above the area where their spirit consciousness lies (That is above their dantian).

However, some people could store them in other parts of their bodies. Like in their head or some other places.

'Huh? Did Edmond misunderstood me just now,' Finally, Ajax managed to find out the change in Captain Edmond's behaviour and shook his head.

'I thought they had some kind of plan to save King killer. Looks like they don't have one,' Ajax also noticed another thing when he saw both Edmond and Udo sat on the ground to take out their blood essence from their bodies to give it to the demon servants and thought inside his mind.

'I need to stop them; otherwise, if they take their blood essence out of their body, it will be impossible for us to fight against the demon army,' Ajax hurried communicated with Edmond and Udo at the same time saying, 'Captain Edmond, you misunderstood me earlier. The reason, he said Darbaudr not to give his blood essence because I have a plan to save the King killer.'


Both Edmond and Udo were shocked to hear Ajax's words because even themselves were unable to save the King killer and how a level 1 elite commander realm cultivator could help them.

Nevertheless, they believed Ajax's words as they knew Ajax was not an average cultivator and had some mysterious skills and techniques in his arsenal. 

'What is the plan and what we need to do?' Edmond didn't waste any time and asked Ajax about his plan. He didn't even waste time to talk about their earlier misunderstanding.

From this, one could understand how anxious he was to save the King killer.

'You just need to distract the demon servant for a moment when I am within 100 meters away from him and the rest of it, I will take care,' Ajax didn't explain about his plan completely and stopped his voice transmission with Edmond and Udo.

'It will take a few moments for Captain Edmond to open his eyes so that the demon servant would not doubt anything. I will use that time to move closer to him,' Ajax looked at Edmond and Udo, who were acting as though they were retrieving the blood essence from their bodies. So, Ajax used this time to move closer to the demon servant without raising any suspicions.

'Captain Edmond, start disturbing him,' After moving a sufficient distance to the demon servant, Ajax asked Edmond to do this thing.

Edmond made some mysterious hand symbols and made the demon servant assume that the blood essence from Edmond's fist.

Similarly, Udo also followed Edmond's actions and closed his fist as though the blood essence of in his hand.


Before Edmond and Udo could even open their eyes, the demon servant fell to the ground and cried in pain.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》