New Age Of Summoners
477 Rulf comes to the rescue
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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477 Rulf comes to the rescue

The mutated demon generals that came out of the demon army didn't attack the young cultivators as though they were waiting for something.

'Aargh' 'Aargh'

All of a sudden, those 100 mutated demon servants started shouting in pain. At the same time, their strength started to increase from the peak elite commander realm and entered the level 1 general realm.

However, it didn't stop there and continued to increase one level after another and finally stopped at level 5 of the demon general realm. 


As soon as the increase in their strengths stopped, all of them started laughing with their rough voice and looking at the young cultivators in front of them, they licked their lips as though they were looking at some fine delicacies.

"What? How did they become that powerful all of a sudden?" When he looked at the 100 mutated demon servants turn into the level 5 demon generals, he was shocked and let his guard down.



As soon as he let his guard down, a spear pierced into his left shoulder that made him shout in pain.

"Damn you, you have successfully made me angry,"


Edmond's face became red with the anger and with his crystal sword, he broke the spear that pierced into his left shoulder.



After breaking the spear, he punched the elite demon general on his chest and broke his black armour.


However, he still could not kill that elite demon general in a single punch, so he used his crystal sword to slash at him and successfully killed him.

"Huh? Not bad, not bad. You have some great battle prowess," the demon chief was surprised by Edmond's strength and nodded his head before continuing, "But the bad thing is you will die today."

"Finish all the humans here and move towards the mercenary guild," The demon chief moved towards Edmond before ordering all the elite demon generals and 100 mutated demon servants, who received a boost in their strengths.

'Damn it, finally, he is going to make a move,' When he looked at the demon chief moving towards him, Edmond looked anxious as he knew he was an opponent that he could not defeat that easily.

'Time to finally use him...Hehe,'

However, all of a sudden his anxiousness turned into excitement as this would be his first time using his secret trump card.

"You seem very happy. Looks like you have become crazy after thinking about your death in my hands," the demon chief was very confident in killing Edmond, so he mocked Edmond for laughing at a time like this.

"Let's see who is crazy," Edmond's smile grew, even more, when the demon chief came closer to him.

"Looks like I came at the right time...Haha,"

However, just when he was about to use his secret trump card, he heard a familiar voice from a distance and soon a figure appeared in front of him.

The newcomer was a middle-aged man in his early thirties with a long sword behind him.

Looking at the sudden appearance of a human, the demon chief halted in his tracks and he secretly gauged his strength.

"Huh? Rulf?"

He was none other than Rulf, the follower of the guild master.

"Huh? You look disappointed with my arrival?" Rulf became dissatisfied with the look on Edmond's face and said, "Since you are disappointed, I will leave from here then."

Rulf smiled after finishing his sentence and hoped that Edmond would beg him to stay back and help him.

"Who asked for your help, anyway. If you want to go back, then no will stop you. I only want the guild master's help," However, Edmond didn't beg Rulf as he expected; instead, he was simply asked to leave from here.

'Damn you, Edmond. Why do you always maintain that arrogant look as though you are more powerful than me,' Rulf cursed Edmond for a while before saying, "The guild master asked me to help you. Since you are not a match of this demon, I will take care of him. You go and help those young cultivators."

Nevertheless, he decided to help Edmond as it was the guild master's order and in his whole life, he never once disobeyed the old man.

"Hehe...I know you can't abandon your duties," Edmond cunningly smiled before rushing towards the 100 mutated demon servants who surrounded his nine adopted children and Justice.

However, before he could reach them, he was stopped by the earlier elite demon generals.

"Udo, Darbaudr, let's kill them as soon as possible," 

Edmond knew that he could help his children without killing these elite demon generals, so he asked Udo and Darbaudr to kill them as soon as possible.

Soon, Edmond and others started fighting the elite demon generals.

"You are only at level 7 of the elite general realm, you don't stand a chance against me. So, why do you bother about others when you're not a match for me?" The demon chief only worried for a moment with the sudden appearance of Rulf; however, when he saw his cultivation was only at level 7 of the elite demon general realm, he stopped worried and asked Rulf about it.

"Who said I am not a match for you?" Rulf shook his head as he said that and all of a sudden he disappeared from his place and appeared in front of the demon chief.


Without wasting any time, he slashed his thin long sword at the demon chief.

'Huh? He is very fast,' the demon chief was a little slow in dodging the slash and it made a small cut on his face.

"Damn you sneak human, I will kill you for injuring my face," the demon chief became angry all of a sudden and immediately took out a short sword from his waist and slashed back at Rulf.

"You are too slow, Demon," Rulf smiled when he saw the demon chief's attack and disappeared from the front and appeared behind him before slashing on his back.


'You sneak pest, just see how I will kill you,' Demon chief successfully became angry after getting slashed by Rulf a couple of times and he distanced himself from Rulf before closing his eyes and muttered something in a low voice.

"I will not give a chance for you to become powerful," Rulf was careful and hurriedly moved towards the demon chief and slashed his long sword at him.

"Finally, I caught you," Just when Rulf's long sword was about to touch him, a tree root came out of the ground and binded Rulf's movements and made him immobile.

"Who said I needed time to boost my strength? I am already more powerful than you. It's just that you have more speed than me and I needed to use this trick to catch you," The demon chief laughed and caught Rulf's neck.

"Any last thing, do you want to say before you die?" The demon chief didn't exert force and asked for his last words.

"Yes, I have something to say," Rulf looked calm even in a situation like that and nodded his head while looking at the demon chief.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》