New Age Of Summoners
495 The choosen one
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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495 The choosen one

"Don't do something stupid, Naethan. It's beyond your capability to help me now," Commander Reid, who moved away from the group of young men, stopped in a distance and muttered while looking at the leader of the group of military young men.

Commander Reid Knew about Naethan and what he would do; however, he hoped that he would not do something reckless in an attempt to help him.

'Damn this...somebody's watching me from the shadows. Only one power can do that. I need to hurry up,' Commander Reid didn't want to alert the person that was watching him. So, he casually went to do his routine work in order not to raise any suspicions; however, in his mind, various thoughts and plans were continuously made to save his and his family members' lives before the royal family made their move.


The Guild Master, Rulf and other mercenaries, who were expecting a back up from the top three sects and the five great families didn't know that they were not getting any reinforcements from them except for a loyal team under Commander Reid.

"My essence of nature is completely used up. I need a small break,"

"I can still hold onto another 10 more minutes until then you can recover,"

"I have around 30 percent of the essence of nature in my spirit consciousness. So, those who want to take rest can take it now,"

All the mercenaries killed the demons with their fellow squad members. So, they have better coordination with one another.

Moreover, they backed up each other's backs and allowed their weakened squad member to take some rest to recover their essence of nature.

Similar things happened in each and every squad in which their strongest squad members helped their weakest squad members.

"Why are they taking so long?"

The old guild master, who was looking at the battle between mercenaries and the demons felt something was not right when they still didn't get the reinforcements from the other powers of the Zrochester province.

"Guild master, if this goes on, my spirit consciousness will be completely depleted by the time the third batch of the demon army arrives," Rulf came out of the demon army and said to the guild master while grasping for some air.

"I know. Just save at least 40 percent of your essence of nature; otherwise, I need to enter the fight. And you want what will happen if I enter the fight, right?" The guild master looked at nearly 1000 demons in the demon army as he asked Rulf.

"Yes, Guild master. I know," All of a sudden, Rulf became serious and nodded his head as he knew the consequences of the guild master entering the fight.

'Although, we might win this small scare demon invasion; however, the guild master needs even more time to heal his injuries and that would make the mercenary guild invulnerable,' Rulf silently thought about the consequences in his head.

"So, as long as your spirit consciousness is emptied by 60 percent, you should come back to me and recover your strength," The guild master said in a serious tone.

"I will do as you say, guild master," Rulf nodded his head before asking, "Why are the reinforcements taking too much time?"

It had been hours since Edmond had sent the information to the Guild master and who in turn sent it to the mercenary guild building to inform all the top sects, great families and royal families.

So, just like the guild master, Rulf also sensed something was wrong with reinforcements, which were supposed to join them already.

"Haha...what happened to you, guild master? You are still waiting for the reinforcements?" Before the guild master could give a reply to Rulf, Edmond came out of the demon army to take a short break from the killing while asking the guild master about the reinforcement with a loud laugh.

"Edmond, stop it. Do you think it is funny? Do you know, if we don't stop the final demon batch, they will kill not only us but all the humans, who were living near the cursed wilderness," Rulf became angry at Edmond as he shouted at him.

"And do you think I am joking with you?" Edmond stopped laughing and became serious all of a sudden and said, "This should be the result of placing your trust in those so-called sects and great families, who want nothing but power to rule the entire Zrochester province."


The old guild master was unable to retort his words because he knew what he was saying were the facts.


Rulf, for the first time in his life, saw the guild master stay silent when someone was arguing with him and clenched his fist.

"Rulf, what he said are the facts that I can't retort. But I still believed them because they have the power to change the fate of the Zrocehster province," The guild master patted the shoulder of Rulf and agreed to Edmond's words and said his reason for believing those top powers of the Zrocherster province.

"If only there was a high-level human cultivator that truly cared for humanity and merged all those powers into one, then that would have helped us in becoming as strong as the Ylercester province," The guild master shook his head while saying that.

"Bring them together? They are evil to the core and it is impossible for them to unite and become a single power," Edmond shook his head and disagreed with the guild master.

"You think you know many things but you still don't understand all of them, Edmond," The guild master looked at Edmond before saying, "What if a king level cultivator emerges and forces all the top powers into one? There is still a possibility of that happening and don't forget it has happened in the past and it will happen once again."

"Whatever. As long as everything goes as I expected, then I don't have anything to worry about," Edmond left after saying those words and started attacking the demon army.

"Guild master, this Edmond is becoming more and more brazen," Rulf looked at Edmond's attitude and complained to the guild master.

"Let him be. Edmond is one of those who have the power to change the fate of the Zrochester province. So, there is nothing wrong in him behaving like this," The old guild master laughed as he explained, "Don't forget the role of a chosen one from the hidden families. The more he denies in helping the Zrochester province, that much higher his help will be to our Zrochester province."

"He better helps the Zorchester province; otherwise, I will show him what I can do," Rulf scoffed while looking at Edmond, who was killing the demon servants and demon generals with a simple slash from his sword.

"Haha...don't make me laugh, Rulf," The guild master could not help but laugh when he heard Rulf's words.

"What happened now?" Rulf became irritated and asked with an annoyed look on his face.

"As I said earlier, you can't do anything to him. Even though he looks less powerful than you, he can kill you without any difficulty."

"Huh?" Rulf raised his brows as he looked at the guild master for an explanation.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》