New Age Of Summoners
498 Instakill
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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498 Instakill

'Who is he? Why don't we have any information about such a human with dual elemental spirits?' The main demon general still felt there was something wrong with the human in front of him as he continued to question himself.

'Also, how can he train his two elemental spirits to have such a terrifying attacking power?' 

All the high-level demon generals valued their life very much. Even if there was a small probability of them dying in a fight against someone, they would directly escape.

Just like how Edmond was unable to kill an elite demon general in the past but kill him in the fight a few hours ago.

He killed that elite demon general before he could even think about his defeat. So, Edmond was able to kill him.

Here, the main demon general still thinks that, if he wants to escape, that human could not stop him. That's why he was still waiting for a chance to kill him and waited for that human to show his other trump cards.

"Huh? Still not coming? Looks like, what I heard about demons is true. They don't have any emotions even towards their friends and family," Ajax mocked all the demon generals in a single line before continuing, "Fine then, if you don't make a move, I will initiate that move."

After saying that, with a smirk on his face, Ajax looked at each and every demon generals before loudly saying, "Monkey, Red kitty, Black kitty and Lynx, come out and stretch your muscles a bit."

'What? He still has four more elemental spirits?'

The main demon general was shocked by Ajax's words and without any hesitation, he thought of escaping from here.

Not only him, but all the remaining demon generals also felt the same and thought of escaping.



Soon the four rank 5 spirit beast appeared in front of him and roared at the demon generals, who were thinking of escaping.

'Huh? Only a low and medium-level rank 5 spirit beast? seems, I felt anxiousness over nothing,' 

However, as soon as he saw the four spirit beasts in front of him, his thoughts about escaping vanished into thin air as he heaved a sigh of relief.

Just like him, all the other demon generals also heaved a sigh of relief as they have enough confidence in killing the summoner spirit beasts.

"Do you have any more elemental spirit beasts and the elemental spirits to summon?" The main demon general laughed at Ajax before being acting mysterious from his arrival.

"Actually, I have three powerful contracted spirit beasts and an elemental spirit; however, those three spirit beasts are on a mission whereas the elemental spirit is injured and still resting," Ajax didn't feel angry at all when the demon general mocked him because he had enough confidence in defeating all the demon general and that's the reason why he decided to confront the demon generals.

"By the way, I still have some elemental spirits and spirit beasts; however, they are not strong enough to kill you in a single strike...Haha", Ajax didn't give any chance for the main demon general to speak as he continued, "Anyway, these are spirit beasts and elemental spirits are enough for me to kill you."


All the demon generals were unable to control their anger anymore and rushed towards Ajax.

How could a high-level demon general endure a mocking from a level 1 elite commander realm human? So, before their leader could give his order, they already rushed at Ajax.

'Let's see how you will survive now...Haha'

Once the main demon general knew that Ajax was no longer a threat, he didn't bother to stop his subordinates anymore and let them kill Ajax.

"Since I am in a hurry to go away from this place, I will not play with you guys for much longer. All of you, select one demon general and try to kill them in a short time possible,"

Looking at the seven incoming demon generals, Ajax said in a serious tone and immediately ordered his summons to attack the incoming demon generals.

 As for the main demon general, he didn't move from his place as he felt it would be an overkill if he also attacked Ajax.

'Yes, summoning master,'

'Roar roar'

When they heard Ajax's orders, all the summoned creatures replied to him in their own language before selecting a demon general and starting their fight with them.

Volcanis picked the strongest one from the incoming demon generals with peak level 9 general realm strength and Bane picked a level 7 demon general.

As for the four rank 5 spirit beasts they picked the remaining level 6 demon generals.

"Since your leader wants to watch the fight, then let me entertain him by fighting you," Ajax picked the last incoming level 8 demon general.

"You will not have that much time to fight me because I will kill you in a single strike," that demon general took out his huge sword and cleaved at Ajax while scoffing at him.

"Haha...good joke," When he heard the demon general's words, Ajax could not help but laugh and nodded his head while praising the demon general for his joke.

Ajax didn't even move from his place and allowed the demon general to cleave at him.

'Spatial blades'

However, just when the huge sword was about to land on him, Ajax casually took two steps towards the demon general and used his 'Spatial blades' skill by placing his hands on the chest of the demon general.

Since the demon general was already in motion, he was unable to stop his attack and at the same time could not stop Ajax from placing his hands on him.


A huge explosion occurred as the demon general's body was blasted into pieces and the black blood from the demon general's body splattered everyone.

That demon general didn't have any time to cry in pain before he was blasted by Ajax's spatial blades


 5000 units of the essence of nature are consumed in using the spatial blades.


 Killed a demon general

 Gained 1000 units of the essence of nature. As usual, the system sent the battle report for him to check; however, he didn't bother to check them as he already knew about them.

'Spatial blades of 5000 units of the essence of nature are truly great. I wonder how powerful it will be if I use 10000 units of the essence of nature,' Ajax didn't feel any pity towards the demon general and marvelled at the power of his spatial blades with a huge amount of essence of nature.

"How is it possible?"

All the demon generals paused their battle and were shocked by the death of their teammate in a single attack.

"Everyone, be careful. He is hiding his true strength. Kill his summons as soon as possible and we kill him by combining our forces and consume him,"

The main demon general immediately ordered his subordinates to finish Ajax's summons as soon as possible and then they joined together to kill him.

"Good luck then. I won't move from here and wait for you to kill my summons," Ajax looked at the main demon general and challenged him before sitting on the ground.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》