New Age Of Summoners
508 Celes and Oris
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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508 Celes and Oris

Somewhere in the depths of the cursed wilderness,





There were two young men, who were having a friendly spar with each other.

"Damon, is that all you got? If so, then you need to work hard to catch up to me and big brother Jason," The young man who finished the spar with a kick, jokingly said to the young man who was on the ground.

"Stop being proud Hector, you know I don't have as much attack power as you," The young man on the ground looked at the other young man and scoffed at him as he stated the fact about their strengths.

That's right!

The two young men were none other than Damon and Hector, who were Ajax's friends.

They were saved by the Elder Boron in the cursed wilderness and were moved to a simple wooden house in the depths of the cursed wilderness, which was protected by some kind of barrier.

Not only that, but they were also given many cultivation techniques and cultivation resources by the Elder Boron.

After going through the hellish training from the Elder Boron, they had turned from immature brats to fine young men and there was a look in their eyes as they were not normal cultivators.

"I know...Haha," Hector laughed as he nodded his head and continued, "Until big brother, Jason comes back, shall we have a go with our elemental spirits?"

When he said the latter part of his sentence, he revealed an excited look on his face.

Not only they started cultivating, with the help of the Elder Boron, but they also were able to enter the elemental spirit world through their dreams and successfully contracted an elemental spirit and became the summoners.

"Sure, my Oris is eagerly waiting for a fight with your Celes,"

Just like Hector, Damon also had an excited look on his face when he replied to Hector.

"Come out, Celes,"

"Oris, time to fight,"

Both Hector and Damon summoned their elemental spirits out of their spirit consciousness.

As soon as they called, a brown coloured and light azure coloured elemental spirit came out of their body and stood in front of them.

"Oris, meet Hector and his wind elemental spirit,"

Damon introduced Hector and his elemental spirit to his own elemental spirit, Oris with a smile on his face.


Oris greeted both Hector and Celes before waiting for his summoning master's orders. 

"Nice to meet you, Oris,"

Both Hector and Celes greeted back.

"Come on. Let's fight before senior brother Jason comes back with the Elder Boron," Hector hurriedly said to Damon to start their spar.

"Yes. Otherwise, they will scold us for summoning our elemental spirits," Damon nodded his head and continued, "Since you are the attacker, I will let you go first."

That's right! According to Elder Boron, they were not supposed to summon their elemental spirits and fight.

As for the reason why they should not do so was never answered back by the Elder Boron.

Both of them have formed their contracts with the elemental spirits for a while now and what's more, they have even reached the elemental spirit commander realm.

However, they were never summoned from their spirit consciousness because of Elder Boron.

"Sure, I will use the first move then," Hector nodded his head and looked at his wind-elemental spirit, Celes and ordered, "Celes, use 'Arcane air bomb' on Oris."

As soon as Hector ordered his elemental spirit, a football-size colourless orb from the wind essence of nature appeared in front of Celes.


As soon as Celes said that the football-size colourless orb started becoming smaller and stopped shrinking after it had reached the size of a fist.


Celes lightly pushed the colourless orb towards Oris with his fingers.

"Oris, you know what to do, right?" Damon didn't order his earth elemental spirit lke Hector; instead, he asked his elemental spirit about what it should do.

"Yes, summoning master. I know what to do," Oris nodded his head at Damon and hurried said, 'Body Harden'

As soon as he said that, his brown coloured transparent body became crystalline like a diamond.

 After that, he didn't even bother to dodge the incoming colourless orb.


Just as the colourless orb touched Oris, it exploded and the surrounding area around Oris also turned into gravel.

"Let's see, your elemental spirit is still alright or not?" Hector smilingly said to Damon and looked into the dust-filled area.

"Haha...what do you think, Hector?" Damon was still calm and confident as he asked Hector with a loud laugh on his face.


The smile on Hector's face disappeared when he heard Damon's words and hurriedly ordered his elemental spirit, "Celes, be careful."

'Kacha kacha'

However, it was late for Celes to be careful as Oris had already used his another skill cracked the ground and larger rocks came out of the ground that made Celes impossible to escape.

"That's the way, Oris. A fine way to use gravel around you," Damon praised his elemental spirit for using another skill 'Rock eruption'.

Rock eruption, as the name sounds the elemental spirit could summon the rocks from the earth; however, the rocks could only be formed by the gravel on the ground.

So, he could not help but praise his elemental spirit for using the gravel from the previous explosion for his use.

"Now, your elemental spirit is completely stuck in my rocks. So, what is your next step?" Damon looked at Hector as he asked him about his next step.

Although they called it a spar, it was in fact a show of their skills and they just want to get familiar with each other. So, in the future, they could rely on one other.

'Clap clap'

"Good one, Damon," Hector clapped as he praised Damon and his elemental spirit before continuing, "However, you are not the only one with powerful skills. Let me show my elemental spirit's powerful skill."

After saying that, he ordered his elemental spirit Celes, "Celes, time to show one of your powerful skills. Use Hurricane surge."

As soon as Hector ordered his elemental spirit, the wind essence of nature came out of his body and soon a colourless hurricane appeared in front of Celes which destroyed all the large rocks that were blocking his movements.

It didn't stop there but still continued to move towards Oris at its full speed.

"Who said you will not have any powerful skills. I know every elemental spirit have their own set of powerful skills. So, let me show another skill of my elemental," Damon was least bothered by the incoming hurricane and casually nodded his head at his elemental spirit, Oris.

"Come on out, my Golems," After receiving the confirmation from Damon, Oris used his second skill, 'Golem summoning'(Rock eruption is its commander level skill).

As soon as he called out, the stones from the earlier large rocks came together and formed into two large rock golems and stood in front of the earth elemental spirit, Oris.

"Huh? Rock Golems? Let's see, whether they sustain my hurricane or not?" Hector became excited as he looked at the Hurricane that was about to crash into the two rock golems.

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    《New Age Of Summoners》