New Age Of Summoners
531 Ancestor“s plans
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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531 Ancestor“s plans

When the middle-aged man said those words there was no hesitation in it as though he didn't care much about the assassin sect.

"It's just a little sect. Why bother destroying it when every single move of ours was watched by the other organisations?"

The old man named Ancestor shook his head and stopped the middle-aged man from destroying it with a calm expression on his old wrinkled face.

"But, they dared to fail their missions back to back and if it is known by other sects or organisations under us, they will start failing their missions too,"

However, the middle-aged man continued to persuade the old man with his words.

"Haha....who said it will be not destroyed but just not by our hands," 

All of a sudden, the old man started laughing as he replied to the middle-aged man who was persuading him in destroying the assassin sect.

The mighty assassin sect in the Zrochester province was seen as a little ant in the eyes of the middle-aged man and the ancestor. If the people of the Zrochester province were to hear their words they would definitely think that they were just some cultivators.

Nevertheless, what they didn't know was these people were not only capable of destroying the assassin sect but they could also destroy the royal family of the Zrochester province without much difficulty.


When he heard his ancestor's words, the middle-aged man raised his brows as he didn't understand the meaning behind the words of the old man and asked, "Then, who is going to destroy the assassin sect?"

"Who else? The person we are searching for from the beginning we do it for us," Ancestor revealed a cunning smile as he said who was going to destroy the assassin sect.

"What? Is he that powerful already?" The middle-aged man was shocked when he heard the ancestor's words.

Because how could a young man of around 15 years old, destroy the assassin sect that was guarded by many elite general realm cultivators? Even with the help of the 'item' he had in his possession, it was impossible for that young man to become that powerful already.

So, the middle-aged man felt it very hard to believe the ancestor's words.

"What? You are doubting my words now?"

When he saw the expression on the middle-aged man's face, the old man scoffed at him.

"No no no, ancestor. It's just I can't believe that the young man had become that powerful already,"

Soon, the middle-aged man tried to cover his previous shocked expression while agreeing with the old man.


The old man shook his head as he sighed while looking at the middle-aged man and said, "You still have no idea of that treasure in the young man's possession."

"Although he is still not that powerful enough to go head to head with the assassin sect, he will reach there soon,"

Ancestor took a small pause before touching his chest and continued, "Did you forget his parents already?"

After he finished his words, the old man looked at the middle-aged man and waited for an answer to his question.

"How can I forget his parents. Within a short time period after their appearance, they turned all the organisations upside down,"

The middle-aged man answered with a terror in his eyes.

"Since he is their son and along with their treasure, it is only a matter of time before he comes here. Before that, he would definitely take revenge on the assassin sect because of their failed attempts on killing him,"

The old man slowly explained his assumptions about Ajax.

"Ancestor, so let's eliminate him before he becomes even more powerful,"

The middle-aged man felt that it was better to kill the genius before he could become powerful.

"Sigh...the chance to kill him has already passed and all we can do is to wait for him to come to us and as soon as he steps foot on our land, let's kill him," the ancestor sighed as to reject the middle-aged man's idea about killing Ajax.

"But, why ancestor? We can still..."

All of a sudden, the middle-aged man thought about something and stopped his words abruptly.

"Now you got it, right? With the other organisations keeping an eye on us, it is not good to move against that young man; however, even with the help of the treasure in his possession, it is will take more than a decade to catch up to me," the ancestor revealed a smile as he had already thought about many possibilities of how to kill Ajax.

"I understood what your plans are, ancestor," Soon, the middle-aged man revealed a cunning smile on his face.

"Good," the ancestor nodded his head and continued, "So, don't disturb him until he becomes powerful enough to come here."

After finishing his words, the old man silently thought in his head, 'The more powerful he becomes the more value he will have.'

After discussing about Ajax for a while, they started discussing the organisations that were keeping their eyes on them and some other matters.

"Yes, ancestor. I will take my leave now,"

They talked for an hour before the middle-aged man stood up and left the room along with the small light orb in front of him.

Once he left the room, the room turned pitch black and the old man closed his eyes and started his mediation.

'Once I absorb his blood essence and take that item from him, then I will see who dares to stand in my way...hehe,'

Before he started his meditation, the old man revealed an eerie smile on his face and silently thought in his head.

The old man knew that Ajax must have already integrated with the treasure. Moreover, he also became powerful enough to protect himself in the Zrochester province. So, he changed his strategy.

Instead of letting others kill Ajax, he wanted to kill him with his own hands and wanted to use Ajax's blood essence for his own use along with the system.

That was the reason he wanted Ajax to become more powerful and come to us. So, he could kill him and enjoy his blood essence.

'No matter how powerful, you become in the Zrochester province, you will not reach my level that soon,' The ancestor continued to think in his head and finally entered into his deep meditation.


Inside the dimensional crevice,

Ajax didn't know that there was someone waiting for him to become powerful and he was completely oblivious to the ancestor and the middle-aged man's plans.

At the moment, he was walking in a tunnel-like structure along with the old man Inys.


Ajax carefully observed the patterns on the walls of the tunnel and raised his brows, before silently thinking in his head, 'There are definitely not some normal drawings.'

For some reason he felt they had a deep meaning; however, he was unable to find that meaning and continued to follow the old man Inys.

"Is this the core of the dimensional crevice?"

After walking for a few minutes, both Ajax and the old man Inys reached a cave-like structure and Ajax saw something in the cave as he asked in a surprised tone

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    《New Age Of Summoners》