New Age Of Summoners
583 Magical Quiver
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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583 Magical Quiver

Before he could place his spirit imprint on the weak soul of the longbow, he just wanted to show it that he could take care of a weapon and at the same time, he could help it restore its strength.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click for visiting.

However, he didn't expect that the heaven destroyer spear would completely dominate the soul of the 'Nameless walker's longbow'.

"You don't need to fear it anymore and moreover, I will help you restore your grade and strength,"

Ajax lightly c.a.r.e.s.sed the longbow as he gave some words to help it fight its fear against the heaven destroyer spear.


The longbow lightly shook after hearing Ajax's words.

'However, I still don't understand why would an Elegant walker's longbow participate in the great human and demon war?'

After helping the longbow with its fear, Ajax thought in his mind.

In that great war, the heaven destroyer spear was a human cultivator's weapon and it fought against the demons which meant the longbow participated in the war and fought against the humans because it was destroyed by the spear. So, Ajax felt there was much to learn about the great war than what was said to the human cultivators.

'Since the Elegant walker's race hates humans so much. So, it's no wonder they took the side of the demons to fight against the humans,'

Soon, he concluded the matter with the Elegant walker's hate towards the human.

"Even though it only has two skills at the moment, they are very good," Next, Ajax shifted his attention to the two skills.

"With accuracy, I will never miss the target and with the multiple targets, I can use it on the group battles. Moreover, once I restore it's strength back to the legendary realm, it will gain even more skills,"

'As for the information regarding the Elegant walkers and the great war between the humans and the demons, I will ask about it after I completely clear this hall,'

Nevertheless, he felt that thinking about these matters would only cause him a headache. So, he decided to stop thinking about it and shifted his focus towards the trials because he could get answers for three of his questions if he successfully completed the three trials.

'Heaven's destroyer, you can go back now,'

Since there was no need to fight anyone, Ajax sent the shining white spear back into his inventory and clutched the longbow.

'Let's see how is my aim,'

Ajax knew it was impossible to comprehend the Dao of archery just by taming a powerful bow weapon and according to him, the dao would only be increased by the continuous training. So, he decided to test a theory of releasing arrows using the longbow.

"So, will you listen to my words or should I use force on you?"

After getting that thought in his head, he looked at the quiver full of arrows and asked it with a slight smile on his face.

Just like the longbow, the quiver is also a heaven grade item which has awakened its consciousness. So, he asked it even though he already knew the answer to his question.


Seeing that the quiver was not showing any retort, Ajax nodded his head and focused on it.


 Item name:- Magical Quiver.

 Grade:- Heaven.

 Effects:- 1) It continues to replenish its arrows as soon as an arrow is taken out of it.

 2) Produces a single powerful arrow once in a month that has the power of the quasi-legendary grade weapon.

 Description:- It is created using the wood from the ' Magical Everlasting Tree' that can continue to grow even after it was cut off.

"Huh? Such a nice item. This hall is the ric.h.e.s.t hall in the entire first layer of the battle tower so far," 

Seeing the generous items in front of him, Ajax excitedly muttered to himself.

Moreover, there was another item waiting for him. It was none other than monster peach.

Overall, he felt this was one of the ric.h.e.s.t halls in the first layer of the battle tower.


Controlling his excitement, he took out one of the normal-looking arrows from the magical quiver and searched for a target.

"Found it,"

He didn't search for much time before he found a suitable target for his bow practice.

"This little prick is selecting me as his target. How audacious,"

When the beautiful woman saw that Ajax was using her as a target for his bow practice, she became angry and released an arrow at Ajax without any hesitation.


'Looks like I am about to fail this hall,'

Ajax knew he was not strong enough to deflect the arrow because he could sense that this arrow was completely different from the earlier arrows he had deflected with his spear.

'Anyway, I will take care of this hall after taking some rest,'

Soon, he didn't bother to move from his place and at the same time, he was completely tired. So, he decided to return after taking a little rest.

'Even if I have to spend 10000 units of the essence of nature, I will come back soon to get my revenge,'

Ajax didn't expect that the events would turn out like this for selecting the hall guardian as his target; however, he clenched his hands and swore to take care of this hall.

"Do you think I will endure your audacious actions in my hall? Just die for now and come back later for revenge. Then things will be interesting...Haha,"

Looking at the helpless look on Ajax's face, the beautiful woman laughed with a scoff.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》