New Age Of Summoners
587 Dao enlightenmen
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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587 Dao enlightenmen

Inside the battle tower,

"Now, let's talk about business. Shall we?" Ajax looked at the beautiful hall guardian, who was utterly shocked by the barrier protecting Ajax as he asked her with a slight smile on her face.

"How is this possible? at..ttack, it's never failed,"

The Elegant walker woman stammered in her words as she muttered and looked at Ajax in a different light and at the same time, she controlled her emotions and asked him, "How did you do that?"

"Haha...that was not our deal," The current Ajax showed a winner's expression as he continued, "Since I blocked your so-called powerful attack, give me a clearance to this hall."

Even though the barrier was not his skill and used the system to cheat the hall guardian, Ajax didn't feel anything wrong with his action as he was doing what he needed to do.

"Sigh...I can't give you a straight away clearance to this hall. The only way to clear this hall is to complete the trials,"

Compared to before, the beautiful woman's arrogance was very less as she replied to Ajax with a sigh.


When he heard those words, Ajax was shocked and felt all his previous acting was nothing.

"Haha...even though there is the deal, I can't give you something which I don't have control over it,"

It didn't take much time for the beautiful women's arrogant behaviour to come back and she mockingly replied to him.

"Really? So, you can give something which you have control and power...Good good,"

Seeing the arrogant look on the hall guardian's face, Ajax calmed down his emotions and looked at the beautiful woman as though he was thinking something vulgar in his mind.

"Youu...what are you thinking?"

Finally, the beautiful woman flinched at Ajax's gaze towards her body and unconsciously moved back a couple of steps.

"What am I thinking? Of course, I am thinking of a way to clear this hall...hehe,"

"Wait... wait...wait,"

Just when Ajax was only a couple of steps away from her, the beautiful woman asked him to wait.

Even though she was more powerful than Ajax, she could not do anything if Ajax really asked for her body according to their previous deal. So, she thought of a plan to change Ajax's thoughts towards her.

"What is it? Do you know a way to clear this hall or …,"

"Yes...yes. I have a way for you to clear this hall,"

Before Ajax could finish his sentence, the beautiful woman interrupted him.

"Nice...nice. Say it,"

Ajax knew that this hall could not be cleared in a normal way because it was impossible to gain the bow dao in just three hours. So, he just acted as though he was after her body and it worked.

'They are all the same,' However, the beautiful woman cursed all the men inside her heart before taking out a small longbow that was identical to the one that Ajax had just placed his spirit imprint on.

"Swallow it and you can directly enter into an enlightenment state and as for whether you can comprehend the longbow dao or not is up to you,"

After finishing her words, she threw the 5 centimeters longbow at Ajax before disappearing from her place.

'Huh? What is this?'

Ajax was not worried about the beautiful woman as he knew she would continue watching him from the distance and focused on the small longbow in his hand.


 Item name:- Dao enlightenment (Consumable)

 Weapon type:- Longbow.

 Effects:- Helps the consumer in gaining the comprehension in the specific weapon dao.

 Description:- It is not always guaranteed to help the consumer reach the level 1 weapon dao. Sometimes, they might not even reach level 1. So, it always depends on consumer comprehension capacity.

As he focused on it, the information regarding the small longbow appeared in front him making him excited.

'I knew that there will be another way to clear this hall,'

Ajax revealed a big smile on his face as he swallowed the longbow without wasting any time and there was no hesitation on his face when he did that.


 Consumed a Dao enlightenment.


 The host will enter an enlightened state for the next one hour. As for how much he comprehends, it will be dependent on him.

As soon as he consumed it, a couple of system notifications appeared in front of him before his consciousness became blank as he stood in his position like a statue.

"Hm...not bad not bad. He entered into the enlightened state in a couple of seconds...not bad,"

As Ajax expected, the beautiful woman was watching him from the distance as she nodded her head when she saw the Ajax entered stood still in only a couple of seconds.

'Maybe he is truly capable of something. That's why it picked him as his master,'

Seconds turned into minutes and soon one hour passed by in a flash.

"Huh? Why are there no fluctuations coming from him even after the time is completed? Did he fail to gain the longbow dao?"

The beautiful woman hurriedly jumped from the tree as she walked towards Ajax while thinking many questions in her head.

'If he failed, then it is a waste of the Dao enlightenment?'

The beautiful woman shook her head as he reached Ajax before calling him, "Hey little prick, wake up. You have successfully wasted a heaven grade item."

The only thing she was getting whenever she saw Ajax was anger and irritation with his each and every action.

"Is it over already?"

Ajax was woken up by the beautiful woman's shout and slowly opened his eyes.


"That is…,"

The beautiful woman was shocked by what she had just seen in Ajax's eyes.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》