New Age Of Summoners
588 Longbow Dao
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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588 Longbow Dao

The light escaped Ajax's eyes and was very bright that blinded the beautiful woman for a moment before she shockingly looked at Ajax.

"What happened to you? Are you mesmerized by my handsomeness?"

Ajax jokingly said the beautiful woman with a slight smile on his face.


After hearing Ajax's words, the beautiful woman replied with a scoff as she continued, "You have only 10 minutes left for the completion of your three hours trial time."

As soon as she finished her words, she left from there and didn't bother with him anymore.

'Damn it! Why is he so lucky?'

While returning back to her tree, she cursed Ajax's good luck.


 Congratulations to the host for comprehending the Longbow Dao.


 Congratulations on successfully reaching the level 2 Longbow Dao.


 Congratulations on successfully completing the second trial.


 Please complete the remaining trial within the next 10 minutes; otherwise, the host will lose all the rewards he got in this hall.

Just as the beautiful woman left in front of Ajax, his head was filled with a series of system notifications that made him excited and at the same time, he became anxious as he had to finish the last time within 10 minutes.

"Calm down. You can do it, Ajax,"

Ajax calmed himself down as he looked at the distant monster peach as he readied himself.

Even though the trial looked very simple to him, Ajax felt there was something wrong with the trial because the last two trials were also difficult.

'I hope, there will be not much difficulty in this trial,'

Soon, he aimed at the monster peach using the arrow from the magical quiver with the help of the longbow.


Without wasting any more time, he released the arrow at the monster peach; however, just when the arrow was within a few meters, it was deflected by something invisible to his eyes making him anxious.

'Here comes the difficulty of the trial,'

Ajax was not surprised much by the sudden deflection of the arrow as he had already expected this kind of thing to happen.

' to hit the monster peach with the arrow?'

Ajax was trying to find a way to complete this trial and started thinking of various possibilities for the deflection of the arrow.


 Less than five minutes to go.

As he was in his thoughts, the system sent a warning notification to remind him of the time.


With the system notification, Ajax became even more anxious as he finally came to a conclusion.


While Ajax was busy clearing the halls in the battle tower, inside the main hall of the mercenary guild, there was a tension environment.

"Guild master, I have had enough of your actions. Today, if I don't erase your mercenary guild, I will change my name,"

Looking at the guild master, five old cultivators, Edmond and others' happy expressions on their faces, Stephen Daraton could not endure them for much longer before he snapped at them with a face full of rage.

'Here comes the interesting part,'

'Let's see what the guild master will do?'

'I hope both side fight and injure themselves then I can have my chance to rule the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province,'

Sensing the powerful energy fluctuations from Stephen Draton's body, everyone started whispering to each other or muttered to themself.

As for the leaders of the top powers, they were thinking of replacing the royal family, if the mercenary guild injures the royal family.

Even a cat would fight back if it is cornered and injure the attacker before dying. Just like that, all the heads of the top powers hoped the mercenary guild to injure the royal family as much as possible and it would make the royal family reveal all its trump cards.

"Your majesty, this is not the royal hall or the royal city. It is my mercenary guild and I will laugh however I want. If you don't like it then you can leave it," Even then, the guild master showed no fear at all as he spoke in a calm tone that made all the leaders of the top powers excited.

'Holy heck,'

'Even though the king is not very powerful, those old monsters sleeping in the royal tombs can't be taken lightly.

'Excellent guild master. Make the king even more angry,'

Hearing the words of the old guild master, everyone sitting in the main hall started their whispering once again.

"Really? Then I will erase this mercenary guild,"

As soon as he finished his words, the king rushed at the guild master in an attempt to take his life in a single attack.

'Your majesty, don't do it,'

However, before the king could even take a couple of steps towards the guild master, he was stopped by the old royal minister.

'Hey old man. Leave me; otherwise, I will make you beg me for your death,'

The old royal minister's cultivations were a little higher than the king. So, he was able to stop the king without much difficulty. That was the reason why the king didn't force himself towards the guild master; instead, he asked the old minister to remove his hand from his shoulder.

'Let me say something first; after that what you want to do I will leave it to you,'

However, the old minister didn't take his hand off the king.

"Say it,"

Stephen angrily replied to the old minister.

He was very angry that his minister had placed his hands on his shoulder in front of everyone.

'Stephen, if you mess things up, I will leave the royal palace and then you will be on your own,'

All of a sudden, a familiar voice resounded in Stephen's head that made him shuttered as he immediately suppressed his anger and calmly returned back to his seat.


Seeing the king's actions, everyone became flabbergasted as they didn't understand what happened to the king all of a sudden that made him calmed down.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》