New Age Of Summoners
589 High-grade spirit stone
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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589 High-grade spirit stone

'Damn it...I wasted my one year of life span just to act as a transmitter between these master and disciple duo,'

After the entire main hall became silent after whispering for a moment, the old minister silently thought in his head regarding the earlier words in the king's head.

That's right!

The words spoken in the king's head earlier belonged to the king's master, who was in the form of golden mist. After hearing those words, the king didn't waste a single minute before suppressing his anger and sitting back in his seat without any hesitation.

'Maybe we went too far with our behaviour just now. I think. It's enough,'

Even though the guild master didn't fear the king, the battle would definitely cause huge losses on either side. So, he decided to stop his earlier arrogant behaviour and didn't anger the king anymore.

Moreover, he asked others to remain calm and don't laugh for some time.

"Okay then. I will let you off on my minister's words," He looked at the guild master while saying that and next he looked at the great families and said, "Quickly finish your item-giving."

However, none of the family heads didn't give any reply to him, making him curse the family heads in his heart.

"Dustthorn family gives three spirit essence gems of the rank 6 spirit beast kings,"

Nevertheless, after the king finished his words, an old man with average build stood up from his seat while taking out three colourful gems from his space ring and passed them towards the guild master.

"Not bad, not bad. Spirit essence gems of fire, water and wind. Not bad,"

The guild master took them into his hands and carefully observed them before continuing, "However, these three essence gems belong to the common element types. So, if you want to show your sincerity, it's not enough, Family head Gebar."

With almost no expression on his face, the guild master replied to the old man with an average build.


Hearing the guild master's words, Gebar became shocked as he shook his head before taking out two more colourful gems and passed them to the guild master.

"Now, it is good with the addition of the life and dark element essence gems," Taking another two colourful gems into his hands, the guild master revealed a satisfied smile on his face.

'How did he become satisfied with the exact number of spirit beast king's essence gems that the headquarters said? Something is definitely not right here,'

Gebar was shocked because his backer said to give five essence gems; however, he wanted to keep two rare essence gems for himself but the guild master indirectly asked for the two essence gems he had kept for himself.

'With these five essence gems, my 'Spark of crushing' will become even more powerful and last for even longer,'

As for the guild master, he was silently thought to himself.

"Five spirit beast kings essence gems. Your Dustthorn family has truly hidden your richness,"

"Looks like you are being taken care by them so well,"





All the family heads looked at Gebar and started saying different things to him.

"So, why don't you join us then. I will put a good word about you to my backer...Haha,"

Gebar directly asked the other family heads to join their back to enjoy just like them because he knew no one would join their family backer.

If they do that, they could not live to enjoy their benefits at the backer of the Dustthron family.


After his counter, no one replied anything before an old man with a thick moustache stood up and threw a shining crystal at the guild master.

"My Covenheart family is giving you a High-grade spirit stone as compensation. I hope this removes the bad blood between us,"

After finishing his words, he sat down with no expression on his face as though that High-grade spirit stone was nothing for him.

'What the hell!'

'He didn't even bat an eye while throwing a High-grade spirit stone at the guild master,'

Once again, the crowd started whispering at the nonchalant attitude of the Covenheart family's head.

'Damn it. Even I didn't use a high-grade spirit stone in my entire life. Now I have to give it to a mercenary as compensation with my own hands,'

However, what they didn't know was that the family head Wenog's heart was aching when he threw the high-grade spirit stone.

He was literally cursing the seven generations of the guild master for that; however, he didn't show it on his face.

Compared to the five spirit beast king's essence gems, the high-grade spirit stone was not as valuable as those five essence gems; however, it's value increased with the rarity.

Because, in Zroc.h.e.s.ter province, a medium grade spirit stone was formed very rarely with the purity of the essence of nature and it was impossible for a high-grade spirit stone to form in the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province.


The guild master was satisfied with the high-grade spirit stone.

'Although it was not my first time having a high-grade spirit stone, it is very good for my cultivation as I can heal my injuries a little sooner than I expected,'

The guild master hurriedly kept the stone in his space ring before looking at the last great family head with some great expectations.

'I hope, he will not disappoint me,'

While thinking in his head, the guild master looked at the Terratide family head.

"My Terratide family specializes in taming the earth-type spirit beasts. So, I hope a pair of grey behemoth's eggs will satisfy you,"

While saying that, Jekaros, the family head of the Terratide took out two grey coloured eggs from the thin air and gave it to the guild master.

'Huh? They look nothing special from their appearance' The guild master raised his brows as he looked at the eggs which were grey and nothing special, before looking at Ramon and asked, "What do you say?"
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    《New Age Of Summoners》