New Age Of Summoners
610 Ancestor“s plans
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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610 Ancestor“s plans

The five old men didn't bother with anything as they left the meeting hall leaving everything to the sect leader.

'I will complete this mission and let the headquarters know our value,' After hearing the five old men's words, the sect leader Gerg silently swore to himself.

"Third elder, come with me. Let's awaken the 12 undead assassins for this mission. Before anyone noticed what we did, that young man should die," The sect leader Gerg looked at each and everyone for a moment before asking the third elder to follow him.

'Yes, sect leader Gerg,'

The third elder nodded his head and silently followed behind the sect leader Gerg.

'Damn it. The sect leader Gerg is doing this on purpose,' Looking at the sect leader Gerg and the third elder, who were leaving the meeting hall, the second elder clenched his fists; however, he knew that he could not do anything when it came to the sect leader Gerg.

As for the third elder, he could kill him if he used all his trump cards; however, there was no benefit in doing so except for losing his trump cards.


In an unknown location,

In a dark room,

"Why the hell did you contact the assassin sect once again? Didn't I say sever all ties to that sect?"

A very weak looking old man in black robes angrily shouted at a middle-aged same who wore the similar looking black robes.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click for visiting.

"Ancestor, let me explain you that reason for once again activating the communication with the assassin sect,"

The middle-aged man was entirely covered in sweat as he stammeringly replied to the angry old man.

The old man was none other than the Ancestor who ordered the massacre on the Silver Orphanage.

A few days back, he ordered the middle-aged man to sever all ties with the assassin sect. So, when he sensed that their organisation was still communicating with the assassin sect, he became angry and shouted at the middle-aged man.

"Say it. If I don't find the reason is sufficient, then you will bear the consequences of not following my orders," The old man scoffed at the middle-aged man.

"Yes yes," the middle-aged man hurriedly nodded his head as he continued, "Do you remember the guest elder that I invited him just after you entered the seclusion?"

"Yes. Isn't he the one that helped us destroy a couple of lesser organisations without a single casualty?" The old man nodded his head as he recalled the help of the guest elder of their organisation.

"Yes, he greatly helped our organisation and moreover, we still have use of him. So, the thing is he sent his son to the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province for training in the assassin sect; however, he was killed by someone named Ajax," The middle-aged man took a short breath as he continued, "So, in order to satisfy that guest elder, I have to once again open our communication system for the assassin sect."

After finishing a lengthy reply, the middle-aged man looked at the old man and waited for him to decide whether what he had done was right or wrong.

"Okay then. Let them finish the mission and later stop communicating with them,"

Finally, after hearing the reason for the re-communication with the assassin sect, the weak looking old man nodded his head and at the end of his words, he revealed a cruel smile which made the middle-aged man shiver.

"Yes, yes. I will do as you say, Ancestor. I will take my leave now," As soon as he finished his words, he hurriedly left the darkroom.

'Such a bunch of weaklings. They can't even bear injured cultivation. If those old monsters sleeping in the other organisations know that I was injured, then they will definitely join together to destroy my organisation,'

Looking at the leaving middle-aged man, the old man shook his head because he felt that his current organisation is too weak compared to the past.

"Anyway, before that young man enters this province, I have to recover my strength; otherwise, even if I could get that item after killing the young man, I can't use it 100 percent,"

'With this many high-level spirit stones, I can recover 70 percent of my strength,' Soon, he closed his eyes as he rapidly absorbed the rich essence of nature from the high-level spirit stones.

If someone from the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province sees the actions of the old man, then you would be very angry because the old man casually threw 100s of high-level spirit stones as though they were some normal rocks.


Back in the assassin sect's secret chambers.

The sect leader and the third elder entered a dark room which was completely covered with dust and cobwebs.

In front of them, there were 12 black coloured coffins with some mysterious runes on them, lying on the ground.

"Sect leader Gerg, I have a doubt regarding these undead assassins for a long time. Can you clear it?"

Looking at the 12 coffins, the third elder mustered his courage and asked the sect leader Gerg to clear his doubts.

"Ask it,"

"What are these undead assassins? Where did we get them from?"

The third elder took a deep breath as he asked the sect leader Gerg regarding the undead assassins.

"Haha….you want to know about these undead assassins?" The sect leader looked at the third elder for a moment before started laughing as he asked him.

"Yes, sect leader. I know it is a top-secret matter. But if you don't mind, can you talk about these undead assassins?"

The third elder nodded his head without any hesitation and waited for the sect leader to give a reply to him.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》