New Age Of Summoners
624 Lechner“s pas
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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624 Lechner“s pas

Ajax carefully started listening to the story of the mindless beggar because he felt there might be something useful for him from his story that could help him.

"My name is Lechner. I was an orphan and had to work very hard to enter the assassination circle. When it comes to killing, I would have not cared about anything. With my successful assassinations along with the rewards and money, I used every bit of time for my cultivation to increase it as high as possible.

 Finally, after years of hard work, I am finally able to become a gold-ranked assassin,"

Saying till here, the middle-aged man named Lechner paused for a bit before continuing, "When I was on an assassination mission, I was set up by a higher-up of the assassination circle for retorting his words. Nevertheless, I was able to successfully escape from the trap set by them; however, later I found out that thee trap was not set up by the higher up of the assassination circle; instead, it was a direct order from the assassination sect."

All of a sudden, the middle-aged man clenched his fists as his eyes turned red and started crying for some reason.

"Calm down calm down,"

Ajax felt that the middle-aged man was truly crying and asked him to calm down before saying, "If you don't want to say about your past, it's fine. Just inform me about the power structure of the assassination circle."

"No. Let me share it with someone. The pain is killing me," The middle-aged man shook his head as he replied to Ajax while wiping the tears off of his eyes.

Ajax nodded his head and allowed him to say.

"That damned assassination sect used my wife and my 2-year old son to bring me out of hiding. Even though I surrendered to them, they killed my family in front of my own eyes. Later, they broke my dantian and said, 'This is what happens when you don't follow the rules of the assassination sect'," The middle-aged man's knees fell to the ground as he slammed the ground with all his force.

"This is my retribution for killing all those people throughout the years. It cost me the lives of my family. I don't have the power to take revenge on the assassin sect," Finally, the middle-aged man blamed himself for the death of his wife and son.


Ajax and Darbaudr both sighed at the middle-aged man. 

Ajax didn't feel pity or anger regarding the past of the middle-aged man. He simply sighed as he asked, "What did you do that the assassin sect punished you to this extent."

No matter who evil the assassin sect was, it would not simply kill someone for no reason. Even the massacre in the Silver Orphanage by the assassin sect must have some reason and Ajax was on a mission to find out the reason and at the same time to take revenge on them.

So, he asked the reason for the actions of the assassin sect.

"Sigh...I accepted a mission but I didn't feel right to complete the mission. So, I dropped from the mission in the middle. Later, I found out that the mission was not successful and they blamed me," The middle-aged man sighed as he explained the reason for the cruel actions of the assassin sect.

"Huh? What is the mission? Why didn't you feel good about it?"

Ajax raised his brows when he heard the middle-aged man's words because according to the middle-aged man's self-evaluation, he didn't feel anything when killing someone. So many questions raised in Ajax's heart. They were

'What was the mission'

'Why did he feel it was not right'

Many questions that made Ajax wanted to know more about the mission.

"The mission was to kill every single child below 15 years old in a particular city. I don't kill children and at the same time, I will not encourage those kinds of missions in the assassination circle. That made the upper echelon of the assassin sect quite angry,' Lechner answered Ajax's question without thinking much.

The reason, he was so cooperative and answered everything about his past because, the middle-aged man felt that Ajax had some kind of grudge with the assassin sect and with the barbarian's strength, it might be possible for them to destroy the assassination circle with his help. 

Lechner knew how valuable the assassination circle was to the assassin sect. So, he was very co-operative with them.

Moreover, he even had a plan on how to destroy the assassination circle. He was just waiting to know what Ajax and Darbaudr were planning to do to the assassination circle.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click for visiting.


As soon as he heard the middle-aged man's words, Ajax raised his brows as he slowly asked Lechner, "What is the city name?"

Ajax felt like he already knew the name of the city name; however, he wanted to get confirmation of it.

"Hmm...I think it is called Valor or Volar city,"

The middle-aged man thought for a moment before saying that name of the city; however, he didn't know the exact name.

"So, the assassin sect used the assassination circle for the massacre," Ajax clenched his fists as he nodded his head.

"No, the assassin sect ordered me to lead the mission with the assassin sect disciples for their practice; however, I didn't like it and tried to spread about the event. But my luck was very bad and before I could even spread about the incident, the assassin sect acted first," Lechner shook his head.

"Damn pigs. Did they use the lives of the children for a practice? How cruel. This kind of sect should be destroyed," Ajax clenched his fists as he felt frustrated.

"They wanted a gold-ranked assassin to overlook and complete the mission; however, since I don't kill children, I dropped in the middle without prior notice to the sect," The middle-aged man felt that the young man in front of him was acting weird all of a sudden; however, he said that reason they wanted him to overlook the mission.

'If he really came to the Volar city that night, I think, I and my friends would have not escaped,' Ajax felt the middle-aged man's principle of not killing children had saved him and his friends on that particular night.

Even though Lechner was a cold-blooded assassin that didn't feel anything when killing others, he stayed true to his principle which made Ajax nod at the middle-aged man.

The reason he became an assassin was that he was good at that and since he was an orphan with no one to take care of him, he believed the killing was the only thing that could provide him food and money.

However, his perspective changed after he married a woman he loved and with the arrival of a third member into his family, he lost interest in killing.

From that moment, killing others didn't interest him and only killed those who truly deserved to die and as for others, he kept on rejecting the missions.

Until he fell into the eyes of the assassin sect and with his actions of dropping the mission from the assassin sect itself, it successfully brought the catastrophe to him and his family.

"The reason we brought you here because I need some information regarding the assassination circle. So that I can destroy it. Moreover, in the future, I am going to destroy the assassin sect," 

Ajax felt like giving some information about what he was going to the middle-aged man which might help them get even more information from him.

"What? You are going to destroy the assassin sect?" Lechner didn't believe his words and said, "With your strength, it is impossible to destroy the assassin sect."

"I know; however, I am not going to destroy it now. For now, let's destroy the assassination circle," Ajax revealed a small smile as he replied to Lechner.


Lechner nodded his head as he didn't take Ajax's words on destroying the assassin sect seriously because the assassin sect is a behemoth that could not be destroyed by anyone.

"You will for yourself," Ajax didn't bother to explain as he asked, "Now, say the power structure of the assassination circle."

Finally, Ajax came to the most important thing about his visit.

"The power structure of the assassination circle is very simple. One level 5 elite general, five level 1 elite generals. So, in total 6 gold-ranked assassins. Along with 100 general realm assassins also known as lite gold-ranked assassins, thousands of silver ranked assassins and countless bronze ranked assassins," Lechner nodded his head at Ajax before saying about the complete power structure of the assassination circle.

"Holy heavens,"

Ajax was shocked when he heard the number of assassins that were working in the assassination circle as he didn't expect these many numbers.

"I know the numbers are very high but the revenue generated from this assassination circle is compared to the remaining assets of the assassin sect," Lechner explained the reason for the high number of the assassins in the assassination circle as he continued, "However, you don't need to worry about it because there is good news for you that might help you destroy the assassination circle."

All of a sudden, the middle-aged man revealed a slight smile after he finished his words.

"What is it?"

Ajax asked with a curious gaze because currently, he felt it was impossible to destroy the assassination circle without taking some damage for himself. So, he asked the middle-aged man about it.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》