New Age Of Summoners
675 The plans of Vagrant cultivators
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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675 The plans of Vagrant cultivators

While Geron was attacked by the three guardians of the King of the inner section of the cursed wilderness, Ajax along with others reached the mercenary guild.


Looking at the huge stage in front of the mercenary guild, all the young cultivators were surprised.

'It this how they are going to announce the entire province?'

Moreover, they also sensed that many cultivators from the top powers of Zroc.h.e.s.ter province along with many low-level cultivators.

With a glance, they were able to tell what was the huge stage for any why many cultivators were rushing to the mercenary guild at this early hour of the day.

"Guild master, I completed everything you asked me to do,"

The beautiful receptionist of the mercenary guild, Sarah came out from the building and with a bow, she said to the guild master.

Actually, the event was already planned many days before and when they were leaving to the secret realm, the guild master ordered her to take care of everything related to the disciple-selection event.


The guild master knew what she was capable of and that was the reason why he chose her to be the receptionist of the mercenary guild.

"Everyone go and freshen up inside before taking a rest for a while. Come here within three hours because that is when the event is going to start,"

The guild master looked satisfied with the arrangement he left for his beautiful receptionist and turned his head to the young cultivators, he said to them.


Everyone nodded their heads as they went into the building.

After a day full of trials from the vagrant cultivators and travelling through the portal four times within a short period of time made them tired.

'Yes, guild master,'

Even though the sleeping hours are very less, they felt it was okay because a big thing was waiting for them in three hours. They hardly doubt they could sleep.

"You too,"

After the young cultivators left inside the building, the guild master looked at Edmond and others before asking them to take the rest too.

Soon, except for the guild master, no one was left in front of the mercenary guild.

Even though they were other cultivators, they didn't dare to approach them and maintained some distance because if any cultivator angered the vagrant cultivator, they might be killed along with that cultivator.

So, they only glanced at the vagrant cultivators from a distance.


Still, the guild master didn't want others to spy on their conversation and with a wave of his hands, an invisible barrier surrounded them.

'What do you think? Will our actions make the top powers assassinate our disciples openly?'

Once the barrier is formed, Elder Ramon asked the guild master without any expression on his face.

'If I am right, they will be given the chance to enter the 'Champions contest' by the royal family. In the contest, every power would try their best to kill our disciples,'

The guild master answered Elder Ramon's question without much thinking.

Currently, except for Ajax and Paulin, no one among the personal disciples of the vagrant cultivators got an invitation to that contest. So, the guild master could think about what the royal family would do.

'That's right! Once our personal disciples participate in the contest, all other top powers would try to kill them,'

The veiled matriarch agreed with the guild master.

'Let it be, it will allow them to see how cruel the world is and how important it to have the power to protect others or even to protect their own life,' 

Elder Seward said his thoughts on the guild master's words.

'Yes, it is was I am thinking too; however, the royal family is intentionally taken out all the rules of the contest and even if someone kills his opponent, he would be not punished,'

The guild master was having some second thoughts about allowing the young cultivators to participate in the champion's contest.

The thing is there was not much time before the contest started and they could not train them within these 10 days. So, he was feeling a little hesitant.


Soon, every other vagrant cultivator fell into a dilemma as they started evaluating their options and everything related to it.

'So, how about we take a little help from him?'

All of a sudden, Elder Ramon got an idea as he blurted it out.

'No no no...let's not use that for now. We only have a single thing to ask. So, it is a waste to ask help from him for this case,'

However, before anyone could say something, he himself rejected the thought as he felt he was using the most valuable thing for something less important.

'How about we share all our resources in training them?' Elder Esmund, who stayed silent till now, said something that piqued everyone's interest.

'How did I forget such a simple solution and thought about asking for help from him?'

'Yes. we can do that. I hope all agree with that idea,'

The guild master nodded his head as he said to other vagrant cultivators.

The guild master never forced someone in his team to do something against their wishes. Even though he was the leader, he would wait for everyone to agree and if someone in his team didn't want to do that particular thing, he would try to convince them for some time.

Still, if the teammate was against the idea, then he would drop the idea and go for another better idea.

'We have no problem at all,'

However, all the vagrant cultivators agreed without any hesitation.

'Let's start with Elek's secret realm and make them cultivate with everyone's special resources for a day before finally putting them in Esmund's battle tower. What do you say?'

The guild master didn't take much time for planning how they should use the special cultivation resources in each vagrant cultivators' secret realms and briefly explained them.

'Yes. So, we will allow our personal disciples to take the invitation and let them show their battle prowess to the entire province,'

Actually, Elder Ramon wanted his personal disciples to become a top cultivator and everyone should revere them in admiration. So, he wanted to make them as strong as possible within these 10 days.

'So what about, Ajax? Shall we give him our cultivation resources too?'

All of a sudden, Elder Ramon remembered Ajax as he asked others about him.

Since he was not the personal disciples of any of the vagrant cultivators,  Elder Ramon felt it was a waste to give him their precious cultivation resources.

'I know what you are thinking, Ramon. But, just think about it? With such a powerful master, he is bound to become a powerful character in the history of the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province. So, even if we help him a little, he would help us and our disciple when the time arises,'

The guild master knew how stingy Elder Ramon was. So, he said some things about how Ajax could be useful for them in the future.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》