New Age Of Summoners
687 Void transportation array
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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687 Void transportation array

In the assassin sect,


"Damn's been around five days since the assassination circle had been destroyed,"

The assassin sect leader was so angry that he slammed the table in front of him and turned it into dust.

Even after spending a lot of spirit stones to keep the posters of Lechner and his perpetrators, there was not a single clue on them so far.

Moreover, many greedy cultivators wanted to take advantage of their situation making the sect leader Gerg even angrier.

'Along with that, the headquarters is continuously asking about the mission which had no progress at all. Should I go myself to assassinate him?'

Currently, among all the top powers of the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province, only the assassin sect's situation is not so good and as soon as the other powers learn that their headquarters had abandoned them, then it was the start of their destruction. 

Thinking about all these things, the sect leader Gerg could not help but bitterly shook his head.


Finally, after some time, he suppressed his emotions as he called his servant, who was standing at the door.

"So, how did the so-called disciple selection ceremony of the vagrant cultivators have gone?"

After his servant entered his cultivation chamber, the sect leader Gerg asked him.

"Sect leader Gerg, it went well and everyone got the invitation to join the Champion's contest from the royal family,"

The servant gave a glimpse of what happened in the event that made the sect leader Gerg raise his brows.


The sect leader Gerg nodded his head, "You can go now."

Since the servant explained everything he wanted to say, the sect leader Gerg asked him to leave.

"Leader, leader"

Just as the servant turned around to leave, another servant came coming into the room.

"What is it?"

The sect leader Gerg didn't like it when people came into his cultivation chamber without asking. So, he released his cultivation pressure and asked that servant with a scoff on his face.

"Se...sect le...leader...I...have…,"

The servant was just a general realm assassin and he could barely endure the pressure from the sect leader Gerg as he replied while gritting his teeth.


"It's from the headquarters,"

The servant heaved a sigh of relief when the pressure was gone and taking a deep breath, he said to the sect leader Gerg.

"Stop keeping me in suspense and say it already,"

The sect leader Gerg was shocked by those words as he warned the servant to say the news already.

"They sent an item through the void transportation and asked me to give it to you as soon as possible,"

While saying that, the servant gave a box to the sect leader.

Void transportation is the long-distance transportation of items using an array along with a huge amount of spirit stones.

As for exactly how many spirit stones were needed to activate that 'Void transportation array', even the sect leader Gerg didn't have a clue.

'This is…,'

Taking the box from the servant, the sect leader Gerg was puzzled as he didn't know what the headquarters had sent.

"You may leave now,"

However, no matter how curious he was, he would not open the box in front of a lowly servant. So, he asked him to leave.

"Haha...I can finally give this thing to my disciple and then I will ask him to kill the disciples from the other power and mainly the personal disciples of the vagrant cultivators,"

As soon as the servant entered his cultivation chamber, the sect leader Gerg waved his hands and the doors were closed on their own, before opening the small box.

In that box, there were only two items; however, one item already gave the sect leader Gerg quite a satisfaction as he started laughing.

For him, as long as the talented young cultivators from other top powers were killed, it was a good thing.

However, how could it be that easy?

Nevertheless, compared to the young cultivators from the top powers, the sect leader Gerg felt killing the personal disciples in the champions contest was an easy thing.

'Even though the headquarters seemed dissatisfied with my assassin sect, it was quite generous by giving this thing,'

It was none other than the monster peach that could increase the cultivation of a whole major realm if consumed by a level 1 or level 2 general realm cultivator.

So, the first thing, he thought after seeing the monster peach in the wooden box was his personal disciple who was in the general realm.

"Let's see what is there on the scroll. It must be definitely the instructions,"

The sect leader Gerg could guess what would be in the scroll because giving a monster peach for his sect was already a very generous thing in a situation like this.

'Sect leader Gerg, the headquarters is very disappointed with your assassin sect over and over again. So, finally, the headquarters is giving you a final chance along with a pre-bonus for your sect,'

Soon, the sect leader Gerg started the scroll without wasting any time; however, in the beginning, his expression was not good because the headquarters were not satisfied with them.

However, as he continued to read it, he was able to heave a sigh of relief because the headquarters was once again giving them another chance to prove their worth to the headquarters.

'Use the monster peach imbued with the dark essence of our ancestor and give it to one of our talented disciples. As long as they consume it, there would be definitely more than one major realm increment in their cultivation along with dark energy that could temporarily increase the strength of the cultivator by another 2-3 minor realms.'


'Calm down and let's see what the headquarters wants from us,'

Soon, the sect leader Gerg calmed himself as he continued to read the scroll, 'So, all you have to do now is make that disciple kill as many talented young cultivators from the other top powers. As long as you can kill them, their next generation would be weak and then the assassin sect would be the sole ruler of the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province.'

By the time he reached the end of the scroll, the sect leader Gerg understood the true intention of the headquarters.

Also, at the same time, he was quite excited when he thought about becoming the sole ruler of the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province.

"From my assassin sect, there are only three disciples got the royal invitation of which two were disappeared and only one is remaining,"

The sect leader Gerg didn't have to think much about whom he should give the monster peach to because currently, there was only one disciple in the sect who could participate in the champion's contest and he was none other than his personal disciple.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》