New Age Of Summoners
708 Third level...Completed
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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708 Third level...Completed

Inside the battle tower,

"The fisrt hall is cleared"

"The second hall is cleared"




"Tenth hall is cleared"

"For completing the second, the participant is rewarded with a reward"

The female voice resound after every time, Ajax cleared a hall and finally after clearing the tenth hall, he heard what he wanted to hear.


However, Ajax frowned because the main important announcement didn't come from the female voice.

"Is there no special reward?"

Since the female voice was not saying anything about the special reward, he himself asked.

"Someone had already claimed the special reward. Better luck next time,"

The female voice replied with the same cold tone making Ajax shook his head.

"Looks like, I was fully focused on testing my new spear technique,"

He didn't doubt the female voice because he tried different combinations with his spear technique to fully understand the technique and tried to increase his mastery over it.

"Please proceed to the next level,"

Soon, familar stairs appeared in front of him leading to the next level.

"I think 10 rank 5 spirit beasts appear in each hall in the third level,"

Ajax understood the working of Esmund's battle tower because, in the second level, he met the same type of spirit beasts from level 1; however, the number of spirit beasts increased to three.

So, he guessed that in level 3, each hall would have 10 rank 5 spirit beasts guarding it.

'However, I don't know whether my battle tower would follow the same pattern as this battle tower or not,'

With that thought in his mind, he started climbing the stairs and continued thinking, 'but for some reason, I feel the guardians in my battle tower live real things, unlike this battle tower.'


Outside the battle tower,

"Once again Ajax become the first one to ascend to the third level,"

Elder Ramon revealed a slight smile as he continued saying, "Until now, I thought I am the stingiest one; however, it looks like I found another one today."

While saying that, he looked at Esmund.

"Who are you calling stingy?"

Elder Esmund became a little angry as he asked Elder Ramon.

Actually, Ajax was the first participant to complete the second level; however, Elder Esmund had done something with the battle tower in order to skip the special reward.

As for the other vagrant cultivators, they were not surprised much at Elder Esmund's cunning ideas to save some cultivation resources.

Moreover, this training session is for the young cultivators to fight the spirit beasts in the battle tower. So, no one said anything.

"Damn you….don't give me that look,"

When he saw the looks on the faces of the vagrant cultivators, Elder Esmund became furious as he shouted at them.

"Do you even know how much it costs me to operate that battle tower?"

"Just the female voice to guild the participants in the battle tower costs me one hundred thousand spirit stones and not to mention to create the rank 5 spirit beasts with the same battle power,"

For the first time in his life, Elder Esmund was not stingy with the cultivation resources and they were looking at him as a stingy person.

So, he was furious and explained everything.


After hearing his words, they didn't say anything because they already know that operating a battle tower costs too much. The higher the levels that participants ascend, the cost to operate the battle tower increases.

Nevertheless, they didn't forget that Elder Esmund is stingy with the special rewards.

"Anyway, let's stop talking about the special reward and did you see Ajax's new battle technique?"

The guild master just wanted to divert the topic. So, he asked something.

"From the looks of it, he was testing various combinations. It will not take him much time before he reaches the pinnacle stage in the technique,"


Everyone nodded their heads and looked at their personal disciples' battle in the second level of the battle tower.


As Ajax ascended to the third level, except for Levi, everyone was still on the second level feeling a little troubled to clear the halls.

However, judging from their attacks, they were also not using their strongest attacks; instead, they were only using the less powerful attacks and saved the strongest attacks for the third level.


"Kill all the spirit beasts,"

As soon as he entered the third level, Ajax heard the female voice in the hall along with 20 raging steel bears rushing at him at an incredible speed.

"Mighty puncturing thrust….Full power"




With just a single thrust, the five raging steel bears blasted into pieces and the remaining bears were thrown away from the impact.


Ajax was excited when he saw how powerful the spear technique could be.

Even though the current hall has more spirit beasts than he expected, he was not bothered in the least. 

In his view, more spirit beasts are good for him to practice his skills and techniques.

"Time to finish it,"

Since he had missed the special reward at the second level, Ajax wanted to make sure that he would get the special reward at this level.

As for the normal reward he got in the second level, it was 5000 spirit stones making him shake his head.

After receiving two normal rewards, Ajax lost interest in those rewards and currently, he only aimed for the special rewards which he would get for completing the level as soon as possible.



He three the bloodl.u.s.t spear at the two raging steel bears in the distance and killed them before using his demon claws to kill another two raging steel bears.

In the end, before any of the bears could recover from the earlier impact, they were all killed by him.

"Next hall,"

He didn't want to waste any time and as soon as the door to the next hall appeared he rushed into it.






"Huf huf"

"Finally, cleared all the ten halls in less than 20 minutes,"

Ajax breathed heavily as he held his bloodl.u.s.t spear and waited for the female voice to announce the rewards.

"These armoured minotaurs have tough skin just like armours. I have to use the level 3 spear dao along with the full-powered spear technique to kill a single minotaur,"

By the time he reached the last hall, Ajax noticed that the spirit beasts' cultivation started increasing.

In the first hall, there were 20 early rank 5 spirit beasts and by the time he reached the fifth hall, it was 10 mid-rank 5 spirit beasts and 10 early rank 5 spirit beasts.

And for the tenth hall, 5 early rank 5, 10 mid-rank 5 and 5 peak rank 5 spirit beasts.

Moreover, his cultivation was only level 9 elite commander realm. So, of course, he would be tired after continuously fighting from the start.

"The participant has completed the third level and he will be rewarded with a normal reward,"

'Huh? No special reward?'
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    《New Age Of Summoners》