New Age Of Summoners
710 All Special Rewards At Once
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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710 All Special Rewards At Once

On the fourth hall of the battle tower,


"You are tough,"

Ajax looked at the armoured minotaur in front of him while gasping for breath.

That's right!

He cleared the nine halls on the fourth level and each hall was guarded by an early rank 6 spirit beast from the earlier halls of lower levels.

This is his final hall on the fourth level and the spirit beast's strength was the same as the earlier halls.

However, there were two factors that were affecting his battle prowess.

One, he was too tired from all the battles; however, he felt excited because this was his first time battling like this without the help of anyone.

Two, the armoured minotaur's defence was so high that it made it impossible for him to penetrate his spear into the body of the spirit beast.


Nevertheless, he made some minor injuries on the spirit beast that made it even angrier.

"So, you want to die sooner? Ok then...I will fulfil your wish,"

Ajax revealed a grin on his face as he silently muttered, 'Abyssal beast god bloodline'

As soon as he said those words, his bloodline activated and along with that, his earlier tiredness disappeared.

At the same time, he felt his body becoming stronger slowly and steadily.

"Time to end this,"

Ajax didn't even bother to move from his place and waited for the rank 6 armoured minotaur to come near him.

'Absolute darkness'

The armoured minotaur paused just for a moment when Ajax used the skill and he used that one moment to use his spear technique 'Might puncturing thrust' into its mouth.


Until now, Ajax tried doing the same thing; however, the armoured minotaur was clever enough to know that its weakest spot was its mouth. So, it continuously guarded its weakest spot.

However, the 'absolute darkness' which received a little boost from the abyssal beast god bloodline along with the two times of his original power made it easy for him to kill the armoured minotaur.


The spirit beast blasted into pieces before disappearing into nothingness.

"Congratulations to the participants for clearing the fourth level. A reward is  on its way and there is no special reward."

Just as Ajax deactivated his bloodline and sat down to take a small break, the female voice announced the result.

However, what made him raise his brows was the special reward. 

'No special reward for the fourth level too,'

Ajax sighed as he thought about Levi because he was the only strongest cultivator to complete the fourth level.

As for why he believes Levi's battle prowess was high because he never saw his batting style. Moreover, he came from a province with a rich essence of nature compared to Zroc.h.e.s.ter province.

"The participant can take some rest before proceeding to the last level of the battle tower,"

While he was taking some rest, the female voice gave him some time to rest and Ajax started adjusting his breath and entered into deep meditation to assimilate everything he had gained so far from the battle tower.

As for the reward, he didn't even bother to open it because he was almost sure that there will be only spirit stones into it.


"Damn it….I give up,"

" it even possible to clear this hall?"

"I need to kill this spirit beast and clear at least one hall on the fourth level,"

The personal disciples of the vagrant cultivators started dying one after another just from the eighth and ninth halls of the third level.

Only a few were able to enter the fourth level with much difficulty.

In the end, Levi, Silver Goliath, Fearless Gorilla, King killer and Dark flame were able to enter the fourth level; however, they were soon killed in the beginning levels on the fourth level except for Levi.

'Finally, I was able to break through to level 3 elite general realm under the pressure of the armoured three coloured python,'

In his last hall, Levi finally had a breakthrough that instantly healed all his injuries and increased the essence of nature in his spirit consciousness.

With the help of his breakthrough, Levi was easily able to kill the three coloured python before taking the break just like Ajax.


"Esmund, Ajax will find out about the special reward. I think it's better not to fool him,"

Outside the battle tower, the guild master, who glanced at Ajax on the mirror screen and said to Esmund.

"Yes, Esmund. Just think about it. We are investing so much already and if he finds out that you fooled him just for a little special reward, it might not be good for any of us,"

Soon, Elder Sandra also supported the guild master's words.


After hearing their words, Elder Esmund felt there was some truth to their words and sighed before saying, "Okay...wait."

As soon as he said that, he took out the same talisman from earlier out of thin air and said some words into it.


Elder Esmund revealed a bitter smile on his face as he said to his fellow cultivators.

The guild master and others nodded their heads with a slight smile and consoled Elder Esmund because they knew that he was spending too much on this special training program.

As for Ajax killing the rank 6 spirit beasts with just cultivation of level 9 elite commander realm didn't shock them much before they were used to it.

And all the credit went to the powerful cultivator in Ajax's dream.


Inside the battle tower,

On the fourth level,

"There was a small error in my functioning earlier,"

"The special reward for second, third and four levels are sent to the participant,"

"Because of this inconvenience, there is another special reward added to the list. Thank you,"

While Ajax was circulating the level 3 heaven and earth refining technique to increase his essence of nature with the help of the spirit stones, he heard the female voice announce one thing after another in the hall.


Ajax was shocked when he heard those words; however, he felt like he misheard because his focus was not on the female voice's announcements.

However, when he saw four huge gift boxes in the centre of the hall, Ajax was excited as he hurriedly ran to those rewards.

'Elder Esmund is really generous,'

Ajax totally forgot that the same Elder Esmund gave the normal reward for clearing a level in the battle tower and started praising him for all the special rewards he gained.

'Let's see what are the good items waiting for me inside these boxes,'

Ajax already knew that the special rewards from the battle tower were good. So, he was really excited to check all the rewards.

'Th...this is….'

Ajax was shocked by the item he found in the first box before becoming excited even more compared to before.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》