New Age Of Summoners
729 Reason for Keshe“s unconsciousness
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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729 Reason for Keshe“s unconsciousness


Geron was shocked to hear Ajax's words and once again took a look at Keshe; however, he didn't find any external or internal injuries in Keshe's body.

"King Geron, it's impossible to find out with normal eyes,"

With each passing second, Ajax was becoming anxious and hurriedly informed Geron, "I have a life elemental spirit with special eyes. So, please give me a chance to prove myself."

Without any hesitation, Ajax directly summoned his life elemental spirit, Spirus. 


"Greetings to the summoning master,"

As soon as she was summoned, Spirus respectfully greeted Ajax before looking at the unconscious Keshe and Brave.


Geron didn't know what to say and since Ajax had a life elemental spirit with him, he didn't stop Ajax's actions.

Moreover, the fairy race which Geron belonged to has a great affinity with the life essence of nature and carefully looked at Spirus.

"Spirus, you know what to do, right?"

Ajax didn't give any detailed orders as Spirus was a spirit doctor and she knew what she had to do.

Nodding her head, Spirus walked to Keshe and used her 'Diagnosis eyes'.

Soon, Spirus's eyes shone with green light as she carefully searched for a reason why Keshe was asleep.

After searching Keshe's entire body, Spirus continued to search the dark lion king's body on the other stone bed.

'Huf huf'

It didn't take much time before Spirus revealed a tired look on her face and started breathing.

"What happened, Spirus? Did you find out what's wrong with Keshe,"

Ajax hurriedly asked Spirus while Geron and Ceru were also looking with worried faces.


Taking a deep breath, Spirus explained,  "Although, her condition seemed good on the surface, it is not extremely severe."


Geron and Ceru's faces were ashen when they heard her words.

Until now, they thought that Ajax was just overly concerned regarding Keshe; however, after hearing Spirus's words, they were unable to calm down.

'Thinking about it, she should have awakened by now; however, she is still asleep. Looks like they were talking the truth,'

Even though he was not good at healing, he was confident in finding whether something was wrong in other's bodies; however, he was unable to find anything and thought his daughter was just a little tired to wake up.

"I don't why, but their spirit consciousness capacities were growing at a slow pace with the help of the essence of nature; however, the essence of nature coming from the healing pills you gave to them were not able to supply the amount of essence of nature required to increase their spirit consciousness capacity."

Spirus started explaining what she had noticed from her diagnosis eyes.


Geron was shocked as hurriedly went to check on his daughter and when he entirely focused on the spirit consciousness, he was able to notice the spirit consciousness was increasing 1 unit per 10 minutes.

"If we don't give something full of life energy to them within 20 minutes, they will die because the spirit consciousness is very hungry and it will start absorbing their life essence to increase its capacity. If that were to happen, they will die,"

Although Spirus's words sounded a little rash, no one had the time to pick a fight with her and Geron hurriedly took out the cultivation resources he got from his big brother to search for items with rich life essence in them.

"Spirus, will monster peach help them?"

While Geron was searching for the cultivation resources in the space ring, Ajax asked Spirus.

Moreover, he is lucky enough to have one monster peach in his storage which he thought of using for himself when he reached the general realm.

However, compared to someone's life, increasing his own strength who knows when with that fruit made no sense for him. So, he didn't hesitate to give it to Keshe who was kind to him.


Geron and Ceru were once again shocked by Ajax's words because they knew how important a monster peach is for a human.

"Of course, it will help,"

Spirus nodded her head without bothering with the shocked expressions from Geron and Ceru.

"However, if you want to save both of them, you need to have two monster peaches, master,"

However, before anyone could let out excited smiles, Spirus's next words made them frown.


Suddenly, the system answered him without taking any essence of nature.

'Are there any other methods to save both of them?'

Since the system was helping him without any essence of nature, he asked the next question hoping the system would not take advantage of his situation.


          Yes. The host has to use the monster peach as the main ingredient and refine a pill that is capable of holding the same amount of life energy inside it and at the same time, he has to refine at least 2 pills to save both of them.


Ajax understood what the system was saying and nodded his head before saying, "Thank you" to the system.

"King Geron, is there a peaceful room for me to refine a pill?"

Since he was already a rank 4 alchemist and with a high success rate from the alchemy maniac title and the medium fire refining control technique, he had enough confidence to refine a pill.

Moreover, he had read of refining the pills with the same energy as their main ingredient in the basic alchemy king's handbook. So, he didn't hesitate to ask for a room to refine the room.

Although he could complete the mission by saving Keshe, he wants to save the dark lion king too. Since he was basically using his last monster peach, if he could produce a batch of pills with the same effects as the monster peach, then not only could he save the dark lion king, he could also use a pill for himself to break through to the elite general realm.

"You can take that room,"

Geron came out of his thoughts and pointing at a room, he replied to Ajax. As for what he was currently thinking inside his mind; except for himself, no one knows.

"King Geron, while I am refining the pills, you can give some good cultivation resources to both of them,"

"As for you Spirus, use your blessing on both of them and help me increase the time for myself to refine some pills,"

As soon as he finished his words, Ajax rushed into the next room.

Ajax had to create his own recipe by taking the example of one of the recipes from Mason's family guide book and he had to use the techniques from the basic alchemy guide from the alchemy king.

For that, he needed some time and he was sure that the entire process of thinking and refining the pills from the monster peach, would definitely take more than 20 minutes.


Geron and Spirus nodded their heads and hurriedly did what Ajax suggested without wasting any time.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》