New Age Of Summoners
756 Abyss Devil King“s plan terminated
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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756 Abyss Devil King“s plan terminated

The battle between elemental spirits became stable and after Ajax got the cooperation of the elemental spirits, he ordered his elemental spirits to not fight with their powerful skills.

So, the battle between them became a little slow.

'Huh? Are my eyes playing a joke on me or the battle prowess of Ajax's elemental spirits decreased for some reason?'

It didn't take much time for Jastin to notice that the attacking speed of Ajax's elemental spirits became slow and thought, 'Maybe, they temporarily increased their battle prowess. Looks like my elemental spirits will take care of them.'

Soon, Jastin felt satisfied and hoped that his elemental spirits would stall the time for an hour.

Even though he had a backup, he didn't want to use it unless it was absolutely necessary.

So, he kept an eye on Ajax and the battle between the elemental spirits with another eye.


Inside the peak general realm elemental spirit's spirit consciousness,

Ajax floated in his spirit consciousness form as he searched for the spirit mark left by Jastin.

'Damn it'

Since the dark elemental spirit was continuously moving, Ajax was having a difficult time searching for the spirit mark.

The dark essence of nature in the elemental spirit's spirit consciousness was violently moving here and there.

Ajax felt like he was swimming in an ocean filled with huge waves that continuously changed his sense of direction.

'Phew...finally, I found it,'

More than 10 minutes later, Ajax finally found the place where Jastin had placed the spirit mark.

'Let's do it.'

As soon as he found the spirit mark, he didn't waste any time as he positioned himself at that place before working on it.


Generally, when something touched the contracted both the elemental spirit and the summoner could sense it; however, because of the barrier created by the elemental spirits, Jastin didn't have a single clue regarding what was going to happen.

'Even if we don't take care of the elemental spirits, it's best summoners should not treat them badly.'

After learning that the elemental spirits can form a barrier to stop the summoner from sensing the thoughts of the elemental spirits, Ajax thought like that.

As for the removal of the spirit mark, the essence of nature will take care of it; however, Ajax had to endure the pain and at the same time he had to be focused enough to control his essence of nature.

'The pain has started.'

Ajax clenched his fists as he endured the pain which was increasing at a slow pace.

Also, he used 10 times more units of the required essence of nature to increase his success rate.

By any chance, if he loses his focus because of the pain, the huge amounts of the essence of nature will erase the spirit mark from the spirit consciousness wall.

Some might think that erasing the spirit mark is just by placing the essence of nature on it; however, in reality, it is not.

With the help of the universal essence of nature inside that universal spirit stone, the spirit mark can be erased after a year or so if they didn't remove the universal essence of nature from the spirit mark.

However, Ajax was using his main cultivation technique, Heaven and earth refining technique to absorb the spirit mark through the essence of nature to speed up the process from a year to minutes.


Within less than a minute, the pain increased so much that made Ajax groan.

'I can endure it….as long as I successfully remove this spirit mark, my mission will be completed by 70 percent.'

The pain he was currently enduring was equal to the pain he endured when his spirit consciousness's capacity was forcefully increased.

However, thinking about the rewards he would get after completing the mission, Ajax motivated himself to endure the pain.


In one corner of the royal city, Zroc.h.e.s.ter Province.

'Damn it...looks like our plan failed with the appearance of the Protector Olek,'

The family head of the Hammergust family, Holor said to other family heads through voice transmission.

Until today morning, they thought that as soon as they found the right time, they could lure Edmond and Udo to the corner of the royal city to kill them.

However, with the appearance of Olek, they didn't dare to execute their plan.

Even though the protector Olek will not interfere in the internal affairs of the province, that doesn't mean they could openly collude hands with the abyss devil king.

As long as there was no involvement of the abyss devil king, the protector Olek that mattered to settle the humans.

As for the abyss devil king, the protector Olek can't kill him unless he tries to harm other humans.

Protector Olek will only destroy the beings that come from the outer world and the abyss devil king and his race were the beings belonging to the cursed abyss which is in the human world.

So, he can't openly kill the abyss devil king and his subordinates either.

'It is good that the abyss devil king left as soon as we received the information of Protector Olek's arrival.'

'Yes...let's plan for some other time.'

Soon everyone decided to execute the plan some other time.

For the whole time, they only talked through the voice transmission fearing that the protector Olek might hear their words.

Compared to these family heads and the sect leader of the Assassin sect, the abyss devil king was very angry.

He was running out of time and he had to get the bodies of powerful elite general realm cultivators.

'Should I kill one of the family heads and use them?'

The abyss devil king even thought about using them, but if he really kills one of the family heads, he will not have any more support in the human world.

Moreover, even though the family heads' cultivation level was much higher than Edmond's, their battle prowess will not be compared to Edmond's battle prowess at his current cultivation.

'Sigh...if worst comes to worst, I will just kill one of the powerful rogue cultivators in the elite general realm.'

He was just waiting for someone like Edmond; however, there was no one like Edmond in the entire province who had the potential to reach the king realm.

As for Ajax and others, they are still weak and he could only use the bodies of the elite general realm cultivators. So, he didn't think about the younger generation yet.


At the center of the royal city,

'So, this is your plan,'

Protector Olek, who was watching the battles in the bronze demon world in his personal mirror, muttered suddenly and thought, 'You still underestimate Edmond though. I will let you see his true battle prowess on your own...Hehe.'
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    《New Age Of Summoners》