New Age Of Summoners
765 Rise of King Killer
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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765 Rise of King Killer

Alhan's master was none other than the assassin sect leader Gerg. He had two personal disciples, Jastin and Allah. 

When the headquarters sent the cultivation resources that can allow only one disciple to enter into the elite general realm, he said that he would kill at least five participants in the champions contest.

However, with the appearance of the protector Olek, his plans were spoiled.

He was not worried much in the beginning.

But, after the death of his first personal disciple, Jastin, he started feeling worried because he had to answer the headquarters for all the resources he had taken from them.

From Alhan's secret voice transmission, the sect leader Gerg got to know that Jastin's death had something to do with Ajax.

'And still, this idiot wants to fight Ajax.'

He scolded his second personal disciples for his foolishness and asked him to fight others.

"I want to fight Heavenly raven."

After hearing his master's angry voice in his head, Alhan changed his option without thinking much.


The protector Olek only said a single word as he interestingly watched the fight.

Heavenly Raven, his name only became famous a few days back when the vagrant cultivators announced their personal disciples to the entire province.

Alhan, one of the personal disciples of the assassin sect's sect leader.

He is the second-best disciple in the assassin sect, and if he were to sneak attack someone unless the cultivators were very alert, it was impossible to dodge his sneak attack.



As soon as they climbed the huge stage, the small raven on Heavenly raven's shoulder turned into a huge raven and rushed at Alhan at full speed.


"Too slow."

'Now, die.'


Without giving any time for Heavenly raven to dodge, Alhan slashed his small dagger at his opponent's vital parts.

Heavenly raven already knew the attacking style of the assassin sect's disciples. So, he intentionally sent his contracted spirit beast at his opponent so that his opponent will come after him.

"You fell for it."

Before Alhan's dagger could hit Heavenly raven, Alhan felt a slight pain on his back

"Alhan, you lost."

Alhan heard the protector Olek's voice beside his ears and knew that the protector Olek had saved him and turned back to look.

As he guessed, the protector Olek c.a.r.e.s.sed the huge raven's head as he announced the result of the battle.

If not for the protector Olek, Alhan would have died right in front of his master's eyes.

Just thinking about it made Alhan's back cover in sweat.

Nevertheless, other than accepting the announcement from the protector Olek, he can't do anything else. So, with a bitter smile on his face, he went down from the stage.

'What? The match is over already?'

'It's been less than a minute?'

'Also, how can a peak general realm cultivator defeat the level 3 elite general realm cultivator?'

Looking at the battle, which was completed in a minute, the on-lookers were shocked.

"No change in ranks."

Soon, the protector Olek flew back to his seat in the sky as he continued, "Heavenly raven, you can rest."

"King killer, are you ready for your next battle?"

Protector Olek asked King killer.

As for King killer, he didn't waste any time because climbing the huge state.

"I wanted to challenge Alhan; however, since he just finished a battle, I will go for Brer from the combat king sect."

At the same time, he didn't wait for the protector Olek and directly selected his opponent.

"Okay then. Start the battle."

Protector Olek wanted to finish things as soon as possible. So, he liked King killer for being straightforward.

Brer from the combat king sect who excels in fighting techniques. As for his cultivation, it has reached level 4 elite general realm with the help of the resources sent by their backer.

Soon, the battle between them started as both of them used very powerful skills and attacking techniques.

"Once again, King killer is the winner of this battle."

After 30 minutes of an intense battle, the protector Olek announced the fight's result, which once again caused heated discussions among the on-lookers.

However, the protector Olek proceeded for the next fight.

"King killer versus Alhan."

"King killer wins."

"King killer versus Arkor."

"King killer wins."

King killer didn't take any break as he fought two battles back to back.

Even though he didn't want to fight Alhan because he already had a high ranking compared to Alhan.

However, Alhan intentionally provoked King killer.

Killer killer is an arrogant young man when someone humiliates or mocks him, and If he had enough confidence, he would accept the challenge without any hesitation.

The same thing happened when he was about to select his next opponent. So, he selected Alhan instead of Arkor.

Nevertheless, in a row, he fought two battles and won them back to back.

His last battle was not an easy one. He won just because he had additional information on Arkor; otherwise, he would have lost it.

Actually, the reason for Heavenly raven's easy win was also because everyone in the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province with little strength knows about the most commonly used attacks and skills.

And the reason was because of the arrogance of the young geniuses from the top powers. They used to say, 'If you can just withstand one of my attacks, I will give 10000 spirit stones.'

Today, that arrogance made them defeated in the champions' contests because of the King killer and Heavenly raven.

"Congratulations, King killer, for reaching rank 7. Do you want to challenge anyone, or do you want to rest?"

Protector Olek was impressed by King killer's battle style, which was almost similar to Edmond, who he thought to make the next guardian of the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province.

"Thank you, Protector Olek, for your kind words. I don't want to challenge anyone anymore. I am quite satisfied with my current rank."

Since the top six places belong to his friends, King killer didn't want to fight them. Moreover, he didn't have the confidence to win against Fearless gorilla and Silver goliath.

As for Heavenly raven, they have equal battle prowess. So, he didn't want to fight anymore.


Protector Olek nodded his head and announced the new top 10 participants interchanged ranking.

1. Ajax

2. Levi

3. Fearless gorilla

4. Dark flame

5. Silver goliath

6. Heavenly raven

7. King killer

8. Arkor

9. Brer

10. Alhan

Soon, a huge screen appeared on the huge stage where everyone could see the top 10 participants of the champions contest.

"Looks like the personal disciples of the vagrant cultivators are going to become powerhouses of the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province."

Everyone thought the same thing in their heads.

"Brer, whom do you want to fight?"

Since Alhan had already lost the chance to challenge others, the protector Olek asked Brer, who is currently in ninth place.

"I want to fight Ajax."
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    《New Age Of Summoners》