New Age Of Summoners
767 Breaking into the general realm
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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767 Breaking into the general realm

After the battle between Ajax and Brer ended, Brer's rank was now fixed at ninth.

As for the eighth-ranked participant, he was none other than Arkor, the genius disciple of the fire sword sect.

When protector Olek asked him, Arkor didn't pick Ajax because of his low cultivation; instead, he wanted to defeat Ajax to show that the Heavengroove mercenary squad member is nothing in front of him a disciple of the fire sword sect.

"Start the battle."

Protector Olek asked them to start the battle after asking Ajax whether he wanted to fight or take a break?


'Fire god's annihilation strike'

As soon as Arkor heard those words, he didn't waste any time and rushed forward to attack Ajax.


Ajax didn't expect Arkor to attack him with a powerful skill from the start.

Before he could use the 'Teleport' effect from the lightning cloud steps, there was a cut on his c.h.e.s.t that made him groan in pain.

Even though Arkor had a technique name, he didn't use it; instead, he used a normal slash with his fire sword.

'Too slow'

Arkor mocked Ajax as he continued to slash at him without giving him any chance to escape.

Among the youngsters in the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province, Arkor has the highest cultivation, a level 6 elite general realm.

So, his speed was so fast that Ajax barely saw Arkor's attacks.

"Looks like Ajax can't win against Arkor."

"Ajax is already great that he reached until her with his low cultivation level."

"Yes. However, he will become stronger than anyone in the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province."

Nevertheless, they felt Ajax had already proved himself, and that's enough for now. 

Moreover, when he has enough cultivation level, then no will be his match.


After making hundreds of cuts on Ajax's body, Arkor kicked him before saying, "You can admit defeat if you don't want me to torture anymore."

There was a hint of disgust in his tone while saying those words.


The guild master and others didn't know what to say when they saw Arkor's speed.

'With this speed, before our personal disciples could use any of their attacks, they will be defeated by him.'

'It is his 'fire god's speed'. When he was using this skill, he can't use any of his powerful attacks or techniques; however, the speed will reach an incredible speed comparable to the peak elite general realm.'

'Looks like Ajax had lost.'

The vagrant cultivators knew that Arkor had got the fire god's inheritance, and that was the reason his battle prowess was much higher than his cultivation level.

'Damn it...he is so fast. My spatial blades can't hit him.'

Ajax cursed as he muttered to himself before saying, "Slait, earth shield."

As soon as he called out, Slait appeared in front of him, and without wasting any time, he used his earth shield skill.

"Huh? Now you want to hide in your turtle shell?"

Looking at the thin earth barrier around Ajax, Arkor scoffed at him and started attacking the barrier.

Even though Slait was only a peak elite commander realm elemental spirit, the barrier can stop the attacks of an average level 5 elite general realm cultivator...

Arkor was not an average level 6 elite general realm cultivator; however, he can't use his full strength because of his speed mode.

At present, his strength was barely at level 1 elite general realm. It was the consequence of godly speed. So, Arkor never thought about it much because he felt he could kill his opponent before realizing what was happening.


As for Ajax, he didn't delay his breakthrough to the general realm any longer as he directly crushed all the energy orbs in his spirit consciousness.



As soon as he did that, there was a huge explosion in his spirit consciousness.

The rich essence of nature and some unknown energy poured out of the energy orb.

That energy hit the borders of the spirit consciousness and started pushing the borders.


And the most important thing was the pain. 

The pain Ajax experienced is the cruelest one in his entire life, and he felt like he can't withstand it.

'Don't lose hope.'

'Enduring it, and you will gain power.'

'You can find out the whereabouts of your parents.'

However, the old voice in his head appeared from time to time and encouraged him.

At some point in time, the normal words didn't affect Ajax; however, when the old voice used the word 'Parents', Ajax's consciousness became alert.

'My parents?'

'Do you know where they are?'

'Am I going to meet them after breaking into the general realm?'

Ajax clenched his fists as he continued to endure the pain and asked various questions to the old voice in his head.

However, he didn't get any reply from the old voice, making him a little disappointed.

'As long as you are strong, you can not only know about your parents, and you can even meet them.'

When Ajax was once again losing hope in enduring the pain, the old voice in his head said another sentence that made Ajax's heartbeat increase.


Just as Ajax regained his consciousness, he heard a crisp sound from his spirit consciousness.

'What? It's broken?'

He was shocked by what he had seen inside his body.

Cracks started forming on the spherical-shaped spirit consciousness in his body, making him anxious.

When he was feeling anxious over his broken spirit consciousness, the diameter of the spirit consciousness started decreasing.

'What is happening?'

Ajax still didn't understand what was happening with his spirit consciousness; however, except for watching it, he can't do anything else.

"What is happening to him all of a sudden?"

"Isn't he alright until now?"

"Arkor didn't even attack that kid, but he was already groaning in pain."

While Ajax was groaning in pain, all the on-lookers felt something was wrong with Ajax.

The thing is, Arkor didn't even attack him yet. So, no one knew what was happening.

Some entity blocked even protector Olek's spirit consciousness. So, he was also in the same boat as others.

Soon, his spirit consciousness decreased in its size by half, but there were some changes to it.

Previously, it didn't have any colour; however, the current spirit consciousness was shining with gold colour.

'Is it over?'

After the spirit consciousness turned into a golden colour, there were no movements from it.


Just as he thought the process of breaking through to the general realm was over, the golden colour spirit consciousness once again started condensing in its size.

It continued until it became the size of a spirit stone.


The changes didn't stop there, and suddenly, a small grain-sized golden coloured core came out of the spirit consciousness.

It looked similar to the golden-colour spirit consciousness; however, it was smaller than the golden coloured spirit consciousness.


     Congratulations to the host for successfully breaking into the general realm.


Finally, the much-awaited system notification came to his head, making him heave a sigh of relief.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》