New Age Of Summoners
774 Time elemental paradise
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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774 Time elemental paradise

Ajax started checking one skill after another at his own pace without any hurry.

Complete beast transformation  (level 3):- When this skill is used, the elemental spirit will turn into a huge wolf with its battle prowess multiplied by three times.

Beast healing (level 2) (Passive):- No matter how severe the injuries to its body, they will be healed even without any medicinal herbs, healing pills or spirit beasts' meat. All it required was time.

Beast summoning (Level 1):- Summons two medium-sized wolf beasts with 90 percent of its original battle prowess and skills (except for 'Beast summoning skill').

'Nite has all-round development. He had high damage skills along with a self-healing and a supportive skill 'Beast summoning.'

Ajax gave a slight nod after checking the skills of the Nite and next looked at his second official elemental spirit.


          Elemental spirit name:- Dabrus (Dark-type)

          Skills:- Damage exchange (Level 5), Damage control (Level 4), Magical dark vines (Level 3), Stealth (Level 2), Necromancer (Level 1).

Damage exchange (Level 5):- As long as the elemental spirit is alive, it can swap all its injuries with its enemy.

  Damage Healing(Level 4):- The injuries it received can be turned into a temporary energy boost to increase its battle prowess for a specific time.

Magical dark vines (Level 3):- Magical black colour vines will be summoned out of the ground that can bind the enemy and absorb their essence of nature before converting it into dark elemental essence of nature used to replenish the spirit consciousness of the elemental spirit.

Stealth (Level 2):- Can cover its tracks and sneak attack on the beings with the same cultivation as that of the elemental spirit.

'Good skills.'

Once again, Ajax nodded his head at the skills of his two official elemental spirits and later focused on the two of his oldest elemental spirits, Slaith and Spirus.


          Skill name:- Earth boost (level 1).

          Effect:- When the elemental spirit is on the ground, it will gain three times increment in its strength.


        Skill name:- Green pool (Level 1)

        Effect:- The elemental spirit can create a 100-meter radius pool with green liquid in it that helps any beings instantly recover their injuries and their essence of nature will be filled by 50 percent within ten seconds.

Earth boost belongs to Slait whereas 'Green pool' belongs to Spirus.


After checking all the new skills of the elemental spirits, Ajax remembered a special reward from one of the recently completed missions.


Without wasting any time, he directly entered his inner world to finish the work he delayed till now.


However, he was shocked by what he had seen in his inner world.

The current inner world is much bigger than the earlier inner world. It is not 1000 kilometres and Ajax can't even see the other end of the inner world; however, as long as he is connected with his inner world, nothing escapes his eyes.

'Let's choose a good place for the new elemental paradise.'

That's right!

'System, I want the time-elemental paradise here.'

After coming away from all the elemental paradise that were closely packed, Ajax selected a place where he felt it was a good place for the time elemental paradise.


          The time elemental paradise will be created in ten minutes. Please wait.

As soon as he selected the place and ordered the system to construct the time elemental paradise, it asked him to wait for 10 minutes.

'Until then, I will check out senior fuzzball.'

For him, 10 minutes is not long as he decided to see the progress of the golden bear king because the last time he entered the inner world, the little golden bear completed the re-cultivation process.

And he was sure that his father, the golden bear king, would complete the re-cultivation process by now.

'Dan, you completed the re-cultivation process already? Good.'

However, compared to the little bear king, there was one major change to the senior golden bear king and it was the head of the beast.

Unlike the little bear king who had the human head, the senior golden bear had a bear head. As for the remaining body, it was the regular human body.


Zan and Dan both respectfully called out Ajax when they saw him walking towards them.

Zan and Dan were the new names of the little golden bear and senior golden bear king respectively.

Because of the system upgrade, Zan's cultivation increased to rank 5 and looked powerful despite his body's still a 10-12 years old kid.

'But why is there such a difference between Zan and Dan when they used the same re-cultivation technique?'

However, Ajax didn't understand the difference between the re-cultivated forms between Zan and Dan.

One looked like a pure human whereas one had the head of a bear attached to the human body.


        When the re-cultivation technique is used by a young spirit beast, they would take a purely human form; however, they can't gain the pure human form for the older spirit beasts.

Soon, the system explained how things worked with the spirit beasts.

But he was sure about one thing, having a purely human form is better than a half-human form.

Nevertheless, he didn't bother about it much longer as he checked their skills before taking a troll to check his elemental spirits and the contracted spirit beasts.


Finally, his eyes landed on the 'Tree of blessing'.

Currently, the 'Tree of blessing' has four leaves.

One was white in colour with a hint of purple lines in it. 

As for the other leaves, they were in red, black and light green colours respectively.

'Looks like every elemental spirit understood the value of the tree of blessing...Good.'

In the past, he only had four elemental spirits that had the cultivation greater than the general realm; however, all his elemental spirits were general realm and they can refine their spirit essence to form a connection with the 'Tree of blessing'.

'Every elemental spirit, your first task is to give three drops of your spirit essence to the 'Tree of blessing'. Do you understand?'

Without wasting any time, he directly gave an order to every elemental spirit to refine their spirit essence.

"Yes, summoning master."

Soon, he got the reply from all his elemental spirit. Even though some of the elemental spirits didn't know why their master wanted to waste their spirit essence, they didn't dare to disobey and nodded their heads.


It's been nearly 10 minutes and he thought the creation of the time elemental paradise will be completed by the time he reached that place.

So, he slowly walked towards the time elemental paradise.


          The grade 1 time elemental paradise is successfully created.

As he expected the time elemental paradise is successfully completed and without wasting any time, he muttered, "Halo, come out."
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    《New Age Of Summoners》