New Age Of Summoners
779 Elemental spirit store
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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779 Elemental spirit store

After a couple of hours, the blood elemental spirit returned with a water elemental spirit who said that the elemental spirit is interested in forming a contract with Ajax.

'Let's form it.'

As for Ajax, how could he not form a contract with him? He directly formed a contract with his second water elemental spirit.


 Elemental spirit name:- Claris (Water-type).

 Skill:- Water healing (level 1)

'With Claris, now I have three healing-type elemental spirits...Good.'

After seeing the skill of his new elemental spirit, Ajax muttered to himself with a slight smile on his face.

Spirus, Lumin and Claris. These three elemental spirits have healing skills. So, they could be considered healers of his army.

'It is all thanks to Blood's 'Blood king' skill's effect.'

Ajax knew how the blood elemental spirit was able to convince Claris within a short amount of it.

Soon, they started talking about some things regarding the elemental spirit world and time continued to pass.

In a flash, Ajax's time to leave the elemental spirit world is about to come to an end. So, he transmitted his voice to the elemental spirits which went to search for other elemental spirits.


To Ajax's surprise, there were two new elemental spirits which were brought by Lumin and Septon.


 Elemental spirit name:- Ignis

 Skills:- Fire shield (level 1)


 Elemental spirit name:- Qurris (Earth-type)

 Skills:- Ground split.

Without wasting any time, he formed a contract with the two new elemental spirits and saw their details.

'In this trip, I formed a contract with 12 elemental spirits….freaking 12 elemental spirits in a single trip.'

Ajax counted the total number of elemental spirits he formed contracts in this trip and he was shocked.

For a summoner, getting one official elemental spirit is already good and if he was able to form unofficial contracts with one or two extra elemental spirits, they would be considered as a genius summoner.


 Congratulations to the host for successfully forming a contract with more than 20 elemental spirits.


 A bonus is added to the previously unlocked feature. Please check it after you leave the elemental spirit.

While he was lost in his thoughts, Ajax received a couple of system notifications that made him unconsciously smile from ear to ear.

'I will wait until I exit the elemental spirit world.'

Ajax was not in a hurry to check them as he knew that he would leave the elemental spirit world in a few minutes.


Soon, Ajax's time to stay in the elemental spirit world was over and he disappeared along with his new elemental spirits.

'This trip is very rewarding.'

The moment he came out of the elemental spirit world, Ajax muttered to himself with a slight smile on his face.

'I wonder how Darbaudr's luck with the elemental spirit.'

Next, he thought of his first follower because Ajax gave him a summon crystal that can allow any non-summoner to form an unofficial contract with an elemental spirit.

Before entering this small cave, he gave Darbuadr and asked him to form a contract with an elemental spirit.

Since Darbaudr had an elemental affinity with the space element, he would be teleported to the space elemental spirit's territory.

So, Ajax was hoping Darbauadr would get a spatial elemental spirit.

'Anyway, I will check the new feature.'


 The new system feature 'Elemental spirit store' is now available to the host.

'Elemenetal spirit store?'

Ajax focused on it and the complete information about it appeared in front of him in the form of system notifications.


 An elemental spirit store is a shop where the host can buy items related to the elemental spirits.


Ajax was excited after seeing the system notification and hurriedly opened the feature.


Elemental spirit stones (From soldier realm to general realm).

 Elemental paradises ( All types of elemental paradises.)

 Elemental spirit skill crystals (Random skills)

 Elemental spirit weapons (All weapons)

As soon as he opened the 'Elemental spirit store', a holographic screen appeared in front of him with four options.

'So, I can buy anything from these four sections. Excellent.'

Except for the first section, Ajax is in need of the remaining three sections. So, without any hesitation, he selected the second option 'Elemental paradises'.

<Regular grade 1 elemental paradises like Fire, water, wind, earth:- 100 spirit points>

<Auxiliary grade 1 elemental paradises like Lightning, poison, blood, etc:- 200 spirit points>

As soon as he selected the second sections, there were two different prices for the elemental paradises. One is regular and another one is auxiliary.

'Wait for a second….to buy the items from the elemental spirit store, I need spirit points?'

Ajax frowned a little when he saw the prices for the grade 1 elemental paradises and thought about the spirit points.

Earlier, when he went to the five elemental world, Ajax gained a spirit point from the system for killing a demi-king realm cultivator and later on, he gained another spirit point for killing the avatar of a demonic king from a greater world.

He got another spirit point from one of the mission rewards. So, in total, he had only three spirit points.

'But why is there 103 on the corner of the holographic screen?'.

Ajax was confused a little and focused on the number.

Even though he didn't know much about the store, he was sure that 103 on the corner of the screen is the total number of spirit points in his account.

Soon, he got the information on how he got extra 100 spirit points.


 The system rewarded the host with 100 spirit points for successfully forming contracts with 20 elemental spirits.

'So, it is like this.'

After understanding the reason, Ajax nodded his head and browsed for the elemental spirits.

Just like the system mentioned, in the elemental paradise section, there were various elemental paradises.

However, each one of them cost 100 spirit points and at the same time, all the elemental paradises belong to the lowest grade.

So, Ajax felt he will wait and see for other items from the other sections before buying a suitable elemental paradise for his elemental spirits.

Because he got many elemental spirits in his recent trip to the elemental spirit world, he wanted to get at least one elemental paradise which he didn't have in his inner world.

So, it will help the elemental spirits to progress in their cultivation.

'Let's see the elemental spirit stones section.'

Next, Ajax focused on another section of the 

<Elite soldier realm stone:- 5 spirit points>

<Commander realm stone:- 10 spirit points>

<Elite commander realm stone:- 50 spirit points>

<General realm stone:- 100 spirit points>

<Elite general realm stone:- Host need to break through to the elite general realm to buy this stone>

As soon as he opened it, he saw the prices for various elemental spirit stones, which was very expensive compared to the stones he used to get before. 

'I will not buy these elemental spirit stones even if I have the spirit points.'

Ajax decided not to buy these stones in the store and focused on the next section in the elemental spirit stone.
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