New Age Of Summoners
780 Lightning Fruit, Thunder Law
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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780 Lightning Fruit, Thunder Law

Other than elemental paradise and elemental spirit stones, there are two more options in the elemental spirit store.

'Elemental skill crystals.'

Soon, Ajax selected the third option.

<Skill crystal for regular elements:- 1000 spirit points>

<Skill crystal for auxiliary elements:- 2000 spirit points>

'Looks like this is the costliest section so far. Anyway, I will so for the next section'

Without a doubt, it is asking him the highest spirit points and Ajax knows that he can't afford the items for now.

So, without thinking much, he went to the last section in the elemental spirit store which is the weapons section.

<Elemental earth grade weapons:- 10 spirit points>

<Elemental Heaven grade weapons:- 100 spirit points>

'As I expected, with my current spirit points, I can only buy a weapon or an elemental paradise.'

After seeing the weapons' prices, Ajax shook his head with a bitter look on his face.

Also, thinking about how he got the three spirit points, Ajax felt there was almost no hope for him to buy some good things from the elemental spirit.

'Unless I kill demi-king or king realm cultivators, I can't gain the spirit points. Maybe I should increase my cultivation as soon as possible and kill some king realm cultivators.'

Ajax felt if he wanted to get some spirit points, he had to kill the king realm cultivators or demi-king realm cultivators.

To achieve that, he had to destroy some world.

Once again, to do that, he needs strength,

So, everything comes down to strength.

'As long as I find a way to kill a king's realm cultivator, I can enter any evil, smaller world and destroy it.'

Since he has many elemental spirits and contracted spirit beasts, he had to form a good attack strategy that is capable of killing a king realm cultivator with his army.

'I can break the remaining seals from Darbaudr's spirit consciousness and bring him with me. Also, I can even bring Gaimont. With his peak rank 6 strength, he will be very helpful.'

'However, before I can go on the world-destroying spree, I have to enter the five elemental world to conquer the western fox lands.'

With his current strength and army, Ajax felt he could complete the mission without much difficulty.

'Also, I have a special lottery chance from the bonus missions and a couple of normal lottery chances in the roulette feature. I will use them when I am in need of any items.'

From the roulette feature, Ajax noticed that the chance of an item being needed in a particular situation is high.

So, he wanted to use them when he really needed some good item.

'Anyway, it's time to level up my new elemental spirits.'

Without wasting any time, he entered his inner world to meet his new elemental spirits.

Except for Blood, all the elemental spirits mingled with others and introduced themselves with each other.

"Summoning master, can you give me some elemental spirit stones."

"Everyone gather around and take these elemental spirit stones."

With a slight smile on his face, Ajax started distributing the elemental spirit stones to the new elemental spirits.

However, he only gave the general realm elemental spirit stones to nine elemental spirits and didn't give them to three elemental spirits namely, Ignis, Claris and Novis respectively.

Because he only had 10 general realm elemental spirit stones and there were 12 new elemental spirits. Moreover, he wanted to save one general realm stone for Halo because Halo is different from others.

Nevertheless, Ignis, Claris and Novis can increase their cultivation in the fire-water dual elemental paradise.

'I will save the spirit points and buy a blood elemental paradise.'

While everyone was using the elemental spirit stones, Ajax thought about the elemental paradise and decided to wait until he had enough spirit points to buy the blood elemental paradise.

Actually, the thing is, finding a regular elemental paradise is possible and there were rumours that there was a grade 2 water elemental paradise in the royal family.

However, finding the elemental paradise for the auxiliary elemental spirits is almost impossible.


          One of the host's elemental spirits has completely established a link with the 'Tree of blessing'.


          The 'Tree of blessing' bore fruit for that elemental spirit. It can only be plucked and eaten by that elemental spirit.

While Ajax was looking at the glowing elemental spirits in front of him, he received two system notifications in his head.


As soon as he got the system notifications, he didn't bother with the levelling up of elemental spirits and hurriedly moved towards the place where he planted the 'Tree of blessing'.

The 'Tree of blessing' had grown to a height of three meters and there were various coloured leaves.

Beside a white leaf with purple marks on it, there was a small fruit which had a mixed colour of white and purple.

'So, it is Cerauno who completely formed a link with the 'Tree of blessing'.'


          Fruit name:- Lightning fruit.

          Effect:- Help a peak general realm lightning elemental spirit to breakthrough into the elite general realm.

        Note:- It is only effective on Cerauno.

'Woah. It's such a nice fruit.'

After seeing the effect of the small fruits, Ajax became excited because it was what Cerauno needed right now.

'As expected, the 'Tree of blessing' will give what the elemental spirit wanted.'

He thought about the myth about the 'Tree of blessing' and could not help but wait for the day where it would give legend grade or even mythical grade items to his elemental spirits.

"Cerauno, this fruit is for you. You will break through to the elite general realm after eating it."

Looking at Cerauno, who was waiting for Ajax's order to pick the fruit, Ajax ordered him to eat it.


Soon, Cerauno finished eating it within two bites before his body started glowing with white light.

At the same time, Cerauno's power started increasing at an incredible rate.

Lightning and thunder appeared in the inner world and made all the other elemental spirits and contracted spirit beasts look at Cerauno with a curious look on their face.

As for Blood, he didn't know what to do with Cerauno's rapid progress and clenched his fists before using the elemental spirit stone to increase his cultivation.

The lightning and thunder roared in the inner world for a couple of minutes before disappearing into nothingness.


          Congratulations to the host's elemental spirit, Cerauno, for learning the 'Thunder law'. With his, the elemental spirit is one step closer to the king realm.


After the lightning and thunder disappeared, the aura emitted by the lightning elemental spirit also stabilized.

At the same time, Ajax received a system notification that made him drop his jaws because of what Ceranuo learned after eating the lightning fruit.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》