New Age Of Summoners
784 Primeval World
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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784 Primeval World

Ajax was curious to meet the strongest spirit beast in the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province and slowly walked along with Geron and Gaimont.


As soon as he entered the cave, the vines sealed the entrance and the entire cave started glowing with green light.

"Big brother, your form….."

After entering the cave, while Ajax was busy checking his surroundings, Geron asked a tree man.

Because of Geron's high cultivation, he was able to see the tree man in the distance; however, but for some reason, his senses were blocked as he could not see more than a few meters.

Earlier, Skaros looked like a dried-up tree with barely any leaves on his body; however, the current Skaros was filled with endless vigour and vitality.

Each of his branches was filled with many leaves and fruits and every branch looked very strong.

"It's all thanks to the advanced essence pill."

Soon, a tree man with many green leaves along with some fruits on his branches came into Ajax's sight.

"Your majesty."

Gaimont greeted Skaros with a respectful look on his face.

"How are you, Gaimont?"

"I am good, your majesty. I was worried about your health and wanted to bring my master to help you."

Pointing at Ajax, Gaimont replied with the same respectful look on his face.

"I was wondering why you acknowledged a young human as your master; however, after hearing Geron's words about the advance essence pill, I can see he is not a noral human."

Earlier, Skaros was surprised for a bit when he noticed that Gaimont, one of the spirit beast kings in the inner section acknowledged a young general realm human; however, he didn't bother about their master-servant relationship as long as they didn't wage war on the humans.

Later, he got to know that the advanced essence pills which helped him a lot at the end of his life, came from Ajax, he felt Ajax was not a normal human.

"Your majesty, your evaluation of me is…."

"You don't need to say anything. If not for your advanced essence pills, I would have been killed by my own subjects."

Before Ajax could finish his words, Skaros interrupted Ajax and thanked him for the advanced essence pills.

Even though he got the pills from Geron, if not for Ajax, even Geron would not have got any pills.


Ajax was speechless when he saw how sincere the powerful spirit beasts even though he basically did nothing.

Soon, they started talking about various things which made Ajax very interested as he continued to listen to them.

For the entire time, Ajax silently stood there and digested the things he learned from their discussions.

Finally, he understood that the first spirit beast king wanted to become the king of the inner section by killing the Skaros. He could not even wait for another year and wanted to kill him with his own hands.

However, he knew he was not a match for Skaros. So, he took the help of the second and third spirit beast kings.

As for the other spirit beast kings, they didn't join them but some hoped they would succeed in killing Skaros whereas spirit beast kings like Gaimont hoped they would fail.

In the end, Skaros intentionally spread rumours that his health is not good and waited for someone who dared to come to kill him.

As for Geron's sudden appearance in the inner section of the cursed wilderness, he was asked by Skaros to come to his cave to genuinely thank Geron for the advanced essence pill.

"Geron, there is another reason why I asked you to come here today."

Soon, Skaros looked at Geron and continued, "I can reach the King realm whenever I want now."


Not only Geron and Gaimont, but even Ajax was also shocked when he heard that because other than protector Olek, Skaros is the second powerful being he saw in the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province.

That's right! After seeing Skaros, Ajax got a rough understanding of the power levels of the powerful beings in the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province.

The spirit beast kings under Skaros have the same strength as the vagrant cultivators and the other leading figures of the Zroc.h.e.s.ter province.

Of course, the guild master is more powerful among the vagrant cultivators and compared to the family heads of the five great families, the sect leaders are powerful.

And Stephen Draton is powerful among all.

However, there were any other old cultivators who secluded themselves in each power who will come out of their seclusion when the sect or family is in danger.

It's just like how the power levels of the 10 spirit beast kings vary from first to tenth, the same varying power levels are applicable for the humans too.

"Yes, and I got an invitation from a greater world. So, I have to leave this normal world."

"What? Your majesty, will you be leaving this world?"

"Brother, you will go to a greater world."

As soon as they heard Skaros' words, everyone was surprised and at the same time, there were various emotions shown on their faces.

They were happy that Skaros was going to a greater world because it is what every being yearns for.

At the same time, they were anxious that if Skaros leaves this world, then the cursed wilderness will be ruled by chaos and destruction.

At that time, even humans will start killing them because there will be no one powerful enough to control all the spirit beast kings.

"Yes. With the help of that advanced essence pill, I have awakened the ancient primeval king's bloodline and I got an invitation from the Primeval world which is a greater world."

Skaros nodded his head and looking at Gaimont and Geron, he continued, "However, don't worry. I asked for a time period of one year but the envoy gave me a time period of six months to wrap things in this world before leaving." 

"So, I am depending on you two because, in this world, I can only trust you two. Within six months, whoever becomes the stronger will become the new king of the inner section of the cursed wilderness."

"Also, you don't need to worry about your training. For the next six months, I will train you to become as strong as possible and depending on your strengths, one of you will become the king."

Skaros didn't wait for anyone to reply as he continuously said what he wanted to say.

"Thank you, your majesty."

"Thank you, brother."

Soon, Geron and Gaimont both thanked Skaros because, with the help of Skaros, they were 100 percent confident that they would become strong.

Even if they were unable to become very strong, they were confident of reaching the same level as that of the first spirit beast king.

So, they thanked and without any hesitation agreed.

As for Ajax, he didn't mind Skaros training Gaimont because, at the end of the day, all he wanted was his summons to become strong.


Tristan_barron, thank you for the CROWN.

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Once again, thanks to everyone for supporting me. I will try to release an extra chapter today.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》