New Age Of Summoners
821 Mirror artifac
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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821 Mirror artifac

"Huf Huf"

After running for more than 100 miles in the underground tunnel made by Errol, everyone started breathing heavily and gasped for air.

"Why is he taking so long?"

As soon as they came out of the underground tunnel, Errol asked Cerauno about Ajax.

"Master said that he would be here within a minute."

Cerauno replied with a confident look on his face.

"He has to come out as soon as possible because I need to destroy this tunnel to cover our tracks."

Errol was a little anxious because he just wanted to leave this western fox lands for a few years now.

However,  the mirror artifact said that he had to wait in this spirit stone mine for his son's future.

So, he was waiting for his son to come and since he met his son, he wanted to leave the western fox lands as soon as possible because almost all the places in the western fox lands were under the surveillance of the summoner's group.

"I am here."

Soon, fifty seconds passed in a flash as Ajax came out of the tunnel.


Errol was excited when he saw Ajax and without wasting any time, he took a black-coloured sphere out of his space ring which was around the size of an a.d.u.l.t human's head before throwing it into the tunnel.


After ten seconds, the entire underground tunnel was destroyed which made Errol heave a sigh of relief.

"Let's go."

"Uncle Errol, aren't you worried about the summoner's group who watches everything from their base?"

Ajax and Cerauno also followed behind Errol and at the same time, Ajax asked Errol about the surveillance of the summoner's group.

"You don't have to worry about it because this path is the safest one where the summoner's group can't watch it."

Errol replied with a confident look on his face as he continued to run with the three-eyed ghost fox in his arms.

"So, where are we going?"

Ajax didn't know why Errol was so confident that they would be safe by following this path but he didn't say anything as he followed behind Errol while asking where they were going.

"After meeting you, the mirror suggested that we need to go to Shixato wilds and the summoner's group will not enter our region."

Errol replied as he continued to run.

'Shixato wilds? Why?'

Ajax frowned when he heard those words and while running he thought, 'Is it because of Ren?'

All of a sudden, Ajax remembered the powerful summoner he met in the Shixato wilds and thought he might be the reason why the summoner's group would not enter that Shixato wilds.

However, he didn't say anything as he became a little excited to see what the summoner's group will do when they enter the Shixato wilds.

"By the way, Uncle Errol, someone said that you found three artifacts which belong to the summoner's group. You only showed one where the other two artifacts are."

Soon, Ajax remembered the words of the old guardian belonging to the grey furred tribe and asked Errol about the artifacts.

"Hm...uh...that is…."

When he heard Ajax's words, Errol stuttered as he struggled to answer Ajax.

"Is there something wrong, Uncle Errol? If there is any problem, you don't need to talk about it."

Since they only know each other for less than a hour, Ajax didn't want to ask about something which Errol was not comfortable with sharing.

So, Ajax said it is okay and there is no need to talk about the artifacts.

"It is not like that."

Errol shook his head as he started talking about the artifacts, "Actually, the mirror artifact that I showed you swallowed the other two artifacts."


Not only Ajax, but even Cerauno and Ghost were also shocked when they heard Errol's words.


Errol started explaining what happened to the other two artifacts with a bitter look on his face.

"When I got the artifacts, a face formed in this mirror artifact which suggested that as long as I place the other two artifacts on its reflecting surface, it will show a glimpse of my son's future."

"Even though it showed you and my son meeting me in the spirit stone, it absorbed the two artifacts into the mirror. At that time, I didn't care about the other two artifacts because I was excited that my son is going to be fine and he will come to me after a few years."

Saying until here, Errol looked at his son in his arms and revealed a slight smile as he continued, "However, what I didn't expect was that these artifacts belong to the summoner's group."

"You should have told the truth to them."

"Do you think I didn't say that?"

With a bitter look on his smile, Errol said, "Initially, I thought since the summoner's group was a bunch of good people who help the poor; however, when I explained what happened to the two other aritfacts, they didn't believe and directly killed my soldiers."

"At that moment, I understood one thing that the so-called summoner's group is not as good as we thought they were. They even said that if he didn't hand over all three artifacts, they would destroy my entire tribe. I tried my best to save as many tribesmen as possible from the mass killing of my tribe who were scattered all over the western fox lands; however, later I found that all my tribesmen who went into hiding were killed by the newly formed fox tribes."

By the time he finished his words, Errol clenched his fists because he thought he was powerful enough to save his tribe, but he could not save a single one of his tribesmen.

'Looks like my guess is right! The summoner's group clearly had other intentions in acting all good and helping the inhabitants of the five elemental world.'

After hearing everything about what happened after Errol finding those three artifacts, Ajax nodded his head because he felt that the summoner's group is up to something else. So, why would they come to this five elemental world from a greater world?

"Anyway, after seeing their true power, I know I can't even take revenge on them."

While maintaining his pace, Errol sighed as he knew he was completely powerless against a single young man from the summoner's group.

If a more experienced member from the summoner's group appeared here, they don't have to think about retorting because those cultivators belong to the king realm and beyond that.


          New system missions are generated in multiple quest tabs.

All of a sudden, Ajax got a system notification and without opening them, he could guess what one of those missions would be.

But he didn't know what kind of missions were generated in the quest tab that belongs to elemental spirits and spirit beasts. So, he opened the system's quest tab to check the missions.



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    《New Age Of Summoners》