New Age Of Summoners
826 Killing Derrick
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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826 Killing Derrick

'Skill enhancement'

'Weapon formation'

'Weapon enchantment'

'Weapons merge'

Cerauno didn't waste any time as he directly used all his skills in one go and created a huge lightning sword, and started fighting the huge elemental spirit with it.

'Water bullets'

As for the five elemental pentapus, even though it had five different skills, only water bullets are effective on the huge fire elemental spirit.

Skills like fire balls, mud shots will only increase the firepower of the huge fire elemental spirit. So, the five elemental pentapus used only water elemental law 'Water domain' and water elemental skill 'Water bullets'.

However, compared to the unofficial elemental spirits, the huge elemental spirit was very powerful, and before the water bullets could touch the elemental spirit, they evaporated into thin air.

"Why is that elemental spirit still alive?"

Derrick, looking at Cerauno using many powerful skills on his merged elemental spirit, frowned because, without a summoner, the elemental spirit would die.

'It looks like he is still alive; however, why can't I sense him?'

Derrick focused on the area covered with smoke; however, he felt no sign of life coming from that location.

'Did he escape to somewhere else?'

Derrick frowned as he hurriedly searched for Ajax.

"Are you looking for me? I am here."

Ajax appeared behind Derrick out of nowhere just like a ghost, and as soon as he appeared, Ajax activated, "Abyssal demon god bloodline, activate."


As soon as Ajax activated his bloodline, the five elemental pentapus looked at Ajax with a surprised look in its eyes and became excited because, for some reason, it is becoming powerful.

More powerful than it had ever imagined becoming with its current cultivation.

'Water bullets'

Without wasting any time, the five elemental pentapus used the single water elemental spirit in its arsenal.



Whenever a water bullet hits huge fire elemental spirits, a small explosion will occur; however, except for some minor injuries, the huge elemental spirit was still standing.

Even though those are only minor injuries, the five elemental pentapus were more than happy to do minor damage with a single water bullet. So, when it thought about how much damage it could do with hundreds of water bullets, it became exciting and continuously used the same skill again and again.

"How is it possible? How can you still be alive?"

As fr Derrick, with the sudden appearance of Ajax behind him, he was shocked, and he hurriedly distanced himself from Ajax.

'Dimensional shackles.'

He used the official skill he gained without any hesitation by forming a contract with space elemental spirit, which shackled Derrick by some invisible chains.

'How can a level 2 general realm cultivator stop me, a level 10 elite general realm cultivator with his skills?'

Every time Ajax used a skill or some trump card, Derrick's fear towards Ajax increased, and after seeing how he escaped the ultimate skill of his merged elemental spirit and how he shackled him with some invisible chains made Derrick even more terrified.

As for an answer to his question, there are various reasons why Ajax was able to hold Derrick with his dimensional shackles.

Two, Ajax's cultivation is completely different from other cultivators, and along with his body being tempered with various fire and lightning elements, he was very stronger than others.

There was another reason why Derrick was shackled by Ajax, and it was Derrick's carelessness. He didn't expect Ajax to appear behind him out of nowhere.

'He is definitely from one of the greater worlds. I need to inform Master Red about it.'

Even though Derrick was anxious, he tried to calm down because he knew his anxiety would bring him nothing but even more suffering.

So, he thought of informing Master Red about Ajax.

'I will crush the summoning talisman to summon Master.'

As soon as he came to this thought, Derrick summoned a talisman to crush it.

'Spatial blades'

Ajax, who was expecting Derrick to use some kind of talisman to either attack him or escape from this place, used his full-powered 'Spatial blades' and chopped Derrick's hand.


No matter how powerful a cultivator becomes, of course, they will experience pain when their hand was chopped off from their body.

With his arm being chopped off, Derrick started groaning in pain

"Do you think I will let you use any of the talismans to escape from here?"

Ajax looked pale after escaping from the earlier attack, but still, he maintained his calm as he scoffed at Derrick.

Actually, Ajax didn't escape from the earlier attack; he received the attack; however, because of his new skill, 'Emergency ghost', Ajax was able to keep his life intact.

However, because of the side-effects of using that skill, his face looked pale, and he could barely use his skills.

When Jastin used the emergency ghost, he was unable to use any skills; however, Ajax's case was different as he was able to use his skills with a lot of pain.

'Aargh..Damn you.'

Derrick cursed Ajax as he looked at Ajax with an angry look.


However, he was unable to move because of the dimensional shackles, he was unable to move, and he lost his arm.

So, he gave an order to his elemental spirit.

"Penta, Cerauno, move away from it."

Just like how Derrick was helpless against Ajax, the huge elemental spirit was also in a similar situation against the lightning elemental spirit and the five elemental pentapus.

So, Derrick didn't hesitate to order his elemental spirit to self-destruct because all his major trump cards are over, and he wanted to kill both the lightning elemental spirit and the five elemental pentapus before finding another way to escape from here.

'As long as they die, this bastard will surely be affected by it. I can then escape from here without any problem.'

Even though it was the harshest decision in his life, Derrick had to do that in order to stay alive.

"Your elemental spirit and Pentapus had no time to escape from the self-destruction range of my elemental spirit...Haha...there is no way they can escape."

The only happiest thing was that he was able to kill two powerful beings. So, he wanted to laugh out loud; however, his eyes were filled with tears because all the future he had dreamed of had shattered.

"It's all because of you. If you didn't meddle in my affairs, I would have had all my elemental spirits, but now, I am going to have no more elemental spirits after today, and my 'young chief' position will be gone."

Derrick became insane as he muttered whatever came to his mouth.

"Let me tell you one thing, if you harm someone, you should expect the same thing will come to you."

Looking at Derrick, Ajax said in a low voice.

"Then what about you? Are you going to die in the same way as you kill me?"

Derrick calmed down after hearing Ajax's words and replied to Ajax with a question.

"Isn't that the reason why we are trying our best to become stronger?"

Ajax replied to Derrick in a low voice, and at the same time, his hand turned into demon claws before piercing through Derrick's body.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》