New Age Of Summoners
827 Summoner“s Codex
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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827 Summoner“s Codex


Ajax didn't give any time as he directly used his demon claw to crush Derrick's heart.

As for the huge elemental spirit, which was about to self-destruct, it was separated back into three elemental spirits with lifeless eyes.

That's right!

Since the summoner is already dead, the elemental spirit can't stay alive due to the spirit contract.


          Killed a level 10 elite general realm summoner.

        Gained 100 spirit points


        The host can refine the dead body of the summoner using the Arcane spirit turtle's 'Ultimate arcane refiner' skill to get some good items.

Soon, Ajax got the system notifications informing him about the death of Derrick.

Moreover, he was surprised to see that he got spirit points for killing; instead of the essence of nature.

'Now, I can buy one elemental paradise, right?'

Ajax was excited when he thought about getting a new elemental paradise.

'I will check them out after I leave here. For now, I need to leave this region...wait for a second.'

All of a sudden, Ajax thought of something.

'Since I killed the young chief of the summoner's group, who is the most powerful one from the summoner's group that entered the five elemental world, I don't need to fear anyone, right?'

With that thought in his mind, Ajax looked at Errol and asked, "Uncle Errol, are there any strongest members from the summoner's group that came after you?"

"So, he is the powerful one; however, I heard him talk through the transmission talisman whom he addressed as 'Master Red'. I think he is a king realm cultivator. Let's run away from here."

Errol nodded his head at Ajax's question and replied that someone else was more powerful than Derrick.

'King realm?'

Ajax frowned because if a King realm cultivator comes after him, no matter how much he runs, he won't be able to escape from him.

'Also, it looks like the five elemental world didn't have any restrictions on the king realm, and the world guardian has yet to reach the king realm. So, I can only go back to the Shixato wilds and seek the protection of Ren.'

Initially, Ajax thought of leaving the Western fox lands as soon as possible; however, after killing Derrick, Ajax thought to stay back and clear all the 28 fox tribes groomed by the summoner's group.

But, once again, he decided to leave the Western fox lands and reach the Shixato wilds as soon as possible because he could take the help of a powerful summoner.

'As for abandoning the mission to go back to the purple stone world using the portal, it will be my last resort.'

The thing is, he could escape to the purple stone; however, if that so-called Master Red uses some mysterious techniques to stop me from entering the portal, then he will be in big trouble.

"Twilight, come out."

As soon as he concluded, he summoned the recently mutated Destructive dragon and looking at Errol and others, and he said, "Let's go."

Errol was shocked by the sudden appearance of a huge dragon which emitted a divine aura.

"Uncle Errol, come on. We need to go."

Ajax shook his head when he saw Errol was shocked and stood in the same place. So, he shouted at Errol to make him come out of his shock.


Soon, Errol came out of his shock and jumped on the dragon's back; however, he was still having a little fear because he could sense the huge dragon is a pure-blooded one and even emitted a divine aura.

So, he carefully sat down between the spikes and scales on the dragon's back.

"Twilight, use divine flight to enhance the speed of your flying and go as fast as you can."

After the dragon flew into the sky, Ajax ordered the dragon to fly as fast as possible.


Twilight let out a loud roar and flew towards the Shixato wilds like a jet.


          Congratulations to the host on completing the mission 'Protecting the summoner's name'.

While they were flying, Ajax got another system notification that gave him quite a surprise.

Because he didn't expect that the mission would be over that soon.

'So, Derrick  is the main reason for the destruction of the ghost fox tribe.'

Finally, Ajax understood that Derrick was the one who ordered the destruction of the ghost fox tribe; however, he still felt the summoner's group was not good.

'It looks like Errol's impression on the summoner's is changed.'

Looking at Errol, Ajax silently muttered to himself.

Since the mission said that he had to blow a good amount of damage to the summoner's group, Derrick must be very important.

So, as soon as Ajax killed Derrick, the system changed the mission status from ongoing to completed.

'Let's see whether Master Red comes to take revenge or not.'

Ajax decided to wait until Master Red visits him. Then, depending on his behavior, Ajax thought to go against it or not.

'Anyway, let's see what rewards I got from this mission.'

Soon, Ajax focused on the rewards because it is always an exciting thing for him to check the rewards.


          The host is rewarded with the 'Summoner's Codex' for completing the mission 'Protect the summoner's name and fame'.

'Huh? Summoner's codex?'

Ajax was surprised because, from the name alone, he could say that it is an important item.

Soon, he opened his inventory to check the full information on the summoner's codex.


          Item name:- Summoner's codex

          Use:- An ancient book belonging to the first summoner who reached the pinnacle in the universe recorded everything that was needed for a summoner to become a top existence in the entire Universe based on his life experience and some other factors.

          More information: The summoner's codex is divided into various parts. Only after reaching a certain in a single part will the next part of the codex be available for the host.

'What? A book that was written by the first summoner who became a top existence in the universe?'

Ajax was shocked when he learned about the 'Summoner's codex' origins, and his hands shivered with excitement.

'Should I open it?'

This was Ajax's first thought in his mind after reading the complete information about the summoner's codex; however, he quickly interrupted that thought because he didn't know from which hole the summoner's group was looking at him.

So, he thought he would only use it when he was in a safe position, and he even swore he should only use it after entering the inner world.

Because the inner world can block all kinds of energy fluctuations from coming out of it, no fluctuations will enter the inner world.

'I hope Ren will help me if Master Red visits the five elemental world.'

Soon, Ajax came back to his thoughts of Master Red, and he hoped that the powerful summoner, Ren, would help him.

'Also, I need to erase those 28 fox tribes with the help of my contracted spirit beasts to get more spirit points.'

Ajax started planning about what to do in the next few days.


Kellee_States, Sam_Chilton, thanks for the RINGS.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》