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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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828 Elen

In the fire elemental world.


Master Red, who was sitting in the cross-legged position, clenched his fists when he sensed his disciple and successor, Derrick, got killed.

'Damn it. Who dared to kill a member of the summoner group in the five elemental world.'


Master Red was so angry that he destroyed one of the pillars in his cultivation chamber.

"Give me the detailed report."

In the corner, there was a young man in red-coloured robes shivering by the cultivation pressure released by Master Red.

"Y...yeah, S..sir."

The young man was a recent recruit of the fire base of the summoner group. So, he was scared a lot when he saw the angry Master Red.

Nevertheless, he tried his best to suppress those emotions and replied to Master Red before taking out a scroll with complete details on Derrick's death.

"So, he was killed by a summoner of an unknown origin?"

Moreover, the summoner himself was at level 2 general realm.

So, Master Red strongly believed that Ajax came from a greater world.

"M..master Red, I have something on mind to say. If you permit, I will say."

Suddenly, the young man mustered his courage and asked permission to speak.


Master Red nodded his head as he gave permission for the young man to speak.

"I don't think he is from any of the greater worlds, Master Red."

The young man adjusted to the cultivation pressure released from Master Red and spoke with a polite look on his face.

"Convince me."

"There are some cases that summoners from some of the smaller worlds have elemental spirits learn elemental law even when they were at level 1 general realm."

"Another reason is he was trying to run away instead of fighting the 28 fox tribe we groomed. If he is really someone from the greater world, he will never run away because all the young masters from the greater worlds will be either protected by some powerful guardian or given artifacts that protect him."

"These are only my thoughts, Master Red. I might be wrong too."

The young man finished his thoughts on Ajax being from a smaller world and not from a greater world.

"Excellent thoughts."

Master Red was impressed by the analysis of the young man and nodded his head.

"Thank you for your praise, Master Red."

The young man was excited because this was his first time meeting Master Red and he was thrilled to be praised by Master Red on his first meeting itself.

"You are a level 5 elite general realm cultivator, but since you are good with your analysis, I could use your help in the future."

While saying that, Master Red threw a red-coloured rhombus-shaped crystal at the young man and asked, "What is your name?"

"It's Elen, Master Red."

Catching the red-cloured crystal, the young man replied his name.

However, as soon as he caught the red-crystal, his face showed a look of a surprise because it was not a spirit stone; it was an elemental law stone.

That's right!

An elemental law stone is a stone that helps an elemental spirit in learning a new law stored in that stone.

So, as soon as he recognized it, Elen could not help but become excited because one of his fire elemental spirits can now learn the elemental law stored in that stone within a short time.

"Elen, from now on, the five elemental world is yours to keep an eye on. See where that bastard who killed Derrick is hiding. You can leave now."

Master Red gave orders to Elen and asked him to leave the hall for now.

"Yes, Master Red."

Elen was in a great mood today that he got the elemental law stone. So, he was waiting for those words, and as soon as he heard 'You can leave now', Elen didn't waste any time as he hurriedly left Master Red's cultivation chamber.

'It looks like I need more time than I thought in taking control over the world core of the five elemental world.'

After Elen left the cultivation chamber, Master Red silently thought in his head as he continued thinking, 'Unless I take control over the five elemental world, I can't go back to home.'

'And without those three artifacts, it is impossible to give the acceptance of the world core. So, I need them as soon as possible, and at the same time, I should make Elen's' elemental spirits learn at least one of the elemental laws.'

The reason he casually threw the elemental law stone is not because of Elen's analysis or whatsoever.

Since there is no Derrick now, Master Red had to prepare another cultivator capable of becoming the master of the five elemental world.

'As for revenge, that bastard who messed up my plans will not escape from the surveillance of my fire base.'

While muttering those words, Master Red went back to his cultivation.

Actually, if not for his critical juncture in his cultivation, Master Red would have already entered the five elemental world to kill Ajax.

Nevertheless, Master Red was confident that Ajax could not escape from the surveillance of his face.

Even though they didn't have prior records on Ajax, like how he entered the world and other things.

However, after killing Derrick, Ajax could never escape from the watchful eyes of the fire base.


In the Shixato wilds.

A huge dragon hovered in the sky while roaring at the sky, alerting all the lightning hawk tribesmen.

"Master, you are back."

As soon as Snow and the other two contracted spirit beasts of Ajax heard the roar, they hurriedly flew into the sky and excitedly asked Ajax.

"Yes, let's go inside the castle."

However, Ajax was in a hurry to use the rewards and wanted to see what is inside the 'Summoner's codex'.

After finishing his words, he summoned back the huge dragon back into his inner world before landing on the ground and directly entering the white castle.

"I need some rest. Let's talk after I wake up."

Ajax went into a room suggested by Snow and closed the door without waiting for any reply.

"What happened to the master?"

All three contracted spirit beasts were in a state of confusion because they didn't understand the reason for Ajax's actions.

Nevertheless, they didn't ask Errol and others about it.

Since their master said he would explain after resting, they decided to wait.

As for Errol and Ghost, they were guided into a guest room.

'Now, I can check the summoner's codex.'

As soon as he entered the room, Ajax heaved a sigh of relief and thought he was safe for the time being and decided to wait until Master Red showed up in the Shixato wilds.

Even though Ajax thought he was careful all the way from the Western fox lands to the Shixato wilds, he forgot that the twilight dragon had evolved to the divine dragon, and the summoner's group had already seen him summoning the divine dragon.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》