New Age Of Summoners
843 Elen“s pas
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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843 Elen“s pas

"Also, I am leaving the summoner's group, and I am no longer a member of your fire base.'

The only reason why Elen joined the summoner's group was to become stronger and bring back the former glory for his family.

However, Master Red had now threatened him to destroy his family if he didn't sacrifice his elemental spirits.

So, he didn't hesitate to leave the summoner's group.

After finishing his words, Elen took out a small red-coloured badge and crushed it.

Next, Elen turned towards Ajax, who was about to use the three powerful-looking weapons in front of him.

"My elemental spirits can't withstand those weapons. So, I admit defeat."

There was no hesitation in his words as he directly admitted that he was not a match for Ajax's elemental spirits.


As for Ajax, he was unable to believe what was happening in front of him.

'Are they again planning something?'

Ajax frowned as he thought they were up to something, and even after Elen admitted the defeat, Ajax was having a hard time believing it. So, he didn't cancel that attack.

'Don't worry. He is not acting.'

Just as Ajax was wondering what to do, he got the voice transmission from Master Ren, who assured him that Elen was not acting.

'Thanks, Master Ren.'

Since the powerful Master Ren said that, Ajax dispelled all his worries and canceled the weapons.

'Everyone, relax.'

With those words from Ajax, Cerauno deactivated the elemental law, and Zecros demerged back into Zen and Necros.

Soon, Ajax's elemental spirits stood beside Ajax with relaxed looks on their faces.

"Damn you."

However, someone is not happy with Elen's behaviour, and it was, of course, Master Red.

While cursing Elen, Master Red flew towards him.

"Since you are no longer a member of the summoners group, you are no longer of any use for me."


Before he could reach Elen, Master Red summoned a huge fire ball in mid-air.

"I already expected that you would kill me, but I will never kill my elemental spirits."

Even when he was facing such a huge fire ball, Elen didn't show any fear because he knew that he would be killed the moment he disobeyed Master Red's orders without any hesitation.

"What a fool! Are you willing to die for two unofficial elemental spirits and one official elemental spirit? You will never become a powerful summoner like me."

After finishing his words, Master Red pushed the huge fire ball at Elen.

As for Elen, he didn't even bother to escape because he knew there is no way he could escape from Master Red.

So, he closed his eyes and rewinded his entire life before the huge fire ball could hit him.





A ten-year-old kid was meditating in a rich essence-filled cave.




When the same kid reached the age of 15, he became a summoner, and everyone in his family became excited and even threw a grand feast to the entire province they were living in.

Even though it was not rare for a 15-year old young man to become a summoner, Elen's family had big expectations of Elen.

When Elen was born, the heavens shone a light on Elen's family, which was the sign that Elen was the family's future.

So, everyone cared for Elen, and whatever Elen wanted was given to him.

Even though no one said anything whenever he made a mistake, Elen was completely focused on cultivation.

After hearing the past glory of his family and hearing the phenomenon that happened when he was born, Elen swore to bring his family back to its past glory.

There was another grand feast when he became a member of the summoner's group; however, compared to the feast when he became a summoner, this feast was much bigger because it was for the entire greater world.

Soon, various memories from his past appeared in front of him.

'Sorry, father, uncles, and everyone. I am not the chosen one.'

With those memories, Elen's eyes unconsciously released tears.


The expected explosion occurred; however, for some reason, he didn't feel any pain and thought, 'It looks like my death is painless.'


However, he was still in the same surroundings from before, and in front of him, there was a black-coloured elemental spirit.

'What? Why?'

Elen was shocked at the appearance of a dark elemental spirit in front of him and thought, why would he save him.

That dark elemental spirit was none other than Necros, who activated his immunity skill to withstand the huge fire ball.

Earlier, Necros only could withstand all physical attacks for five minutes; however, the huge fire ball was clearly an energy attack.

As for how Necros was able to withstand an energy attack from a king realm cultivator, it was because of the upgrade in his immunity skill after canceling the 'Merge the undead summons' skill.

When Ajax was inside the quasi mid-grade spirit stone mine, he used that spirit stone mine to upgrade the dark elemental paradise to grade 4, and grade 4 elemental paradise has more chances for the beings inside in it to awaken some new skills or upgrade the existing skill.

Necros was lucky enough to get an upgrade for the 'Mege the undead summons'.


Master Red was shocked when he saw how a level 2 elite general realm elemental spirit stopped his attack just with the body. Moreover, that elemental spirit was still standing without any signs of damage.

Even Master Ren was a little surprised at Necros standing in front of the huge fire ball.

"Since you are the enemy of the summoner's group, you can be considered as my friend."

Ajax just wanted to anger Master Red even more, and it was the only reason why he would protect Elen from Master Red.

"Thank you. But you can't win against him. Moreover, he wants your divine dragon. As long as you don't summon your divine dragon, he will not kill you."

Elen looked at Ajax and thanked him before saying suggested Ajax not summon his divine dragon.

"Do you think I don't know that?"

With a slight smile on his face, Ajax walked towards Elen, stood in front of him, and said to Master Red, "He is under my protection. You have to go through me to kill him."


Master Red was angered to the point where he lost his control and looked at Ajax and Elen with bloodl.u.s.t in his eyes.


While maintaining the anger, Master Red started laughing as he looked at Ajax and Elen before saying, "Do you think I will not kill you just because you don't summon your divine dragon."

"Fine...I lost interest in your dragon, and I will let you face the consequences of angering me."

Soon, Master Red landed on the ground as he walked towards Ajax and Elen.

"Since he is under your protection, I will just kill you first and later kill him at my own pace."

Master smirked as he remembered all the things Ajax had said from the start.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》