New Age Of Summoners
847 Universe Sword
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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847 Universe Sword

'This weapon...'

Ajax was shocked when he received the huge long sword from Master Ren.

Because as soon as he touched the long sword, the system gave the complete information about it.


          Item name:- Universe sword.

          Grade:- Mythical (low-level)

          Weapon skills:- Sun annihilation, Moon shield, and Starlight heal.

'A mythical grade sword?'

Ajax was surprised to see the grade of simple looking sword in his hand and took a glance at Master Ren for a moment before looking back at the sword.

Even though it was not his first time seeing a mythical grade item, it was, of course, his first time seeing a mythical grade item.

As for the first mythical grade item, it was a coin called 'Void breaker', which he had seen in the lightning hawk tribe, and if he was right, the coin would be with Snow since she is the current tribe leader.

'I should not be surprised to see a mythical grade sword with Master Ren.'

Soon, Ajax controlled his surprise because with Master Ren's cultivation, if he didn't have a mythical grade sword, it would be a joke.

So, controlling his surprise, Ajax looked at the weapon's skills to get a clear idea of how powerful a mythical grade sword would be.

'Also, why are there no effects to the weapon and only have three skills?'

There was another thing that Ajax didn't understand because until now, almost all the high-level weapons have effects for sure, and skills are complimentary.

It gave him another reason to check the information on the skills.


          Sun annihilation:- A huge sword wave is released from the sword that contains the full power of the user's highest attack that can annihilate anything in its way.

          Note:- This skill is more powerful when there are suns or rich fire essence of nature around the user.

          Moon shield:-  When the sword is pierced into the ground, a huge barrier formed from the moonlight.

          Note:- The barrier will be more powerful if there is a real moon.

          Starlight healing:- When the starlight essence is injected into the sword, it will heal everyone around the user within 100 meters of radius.

          Note:- 1) It will heal even near-death cultivators if there were stars in the sky.

                    2) This skill can't differentiate between friend and foe and heals everyone around the user within 100 meters.

'The three skills focused on Attack, defense, and healing. So, what's more, he needs a mythical grade sword. Moreover, Master Ren must have learned some powerful sword techniques. So, he doesn't need any more effects from the sword.'

Ajax silently muttered to himself as he moved towards Master Ren, who barely had any breath left in him.

'Looks like he recognized the grade of my sword.'

After receiving various shocks from Ajax, Master Ren didn't get surprised when he saw Ajax could appraise a mythical grade sword.

However, what he didn't know was that Ajax not only knew the three skills of his Universe sword, but he even knew the complete information of those three skills.

Maybe Master Ren would have been shocked to the core if he found what Ajax knew about his sword, but he was too lazy to look into Ajax's talents because he knew Ajax would not escape from his grasp anytime soon.

'As long as I get him to agree to my offer, we can both become invincible.'

Master Ren has high hopes for Ajax and hoped that Ajax would not make things difficult for me.

Nevertheless, he is not powerful enough to bring me back home. It will take years before he enters the king realm.'

'Also, I need to recover my strength.'

At the same time, he knew he had only recovered 10 percent of his strength. So, even if Ajax entered the king realm, he had to make sure to get back to his full strength.


As for Ajax, he didn't hesitate to pierce his sword through Master Red's c.h.e.s.t with the 'Universe sword' in his hand.


        Congratulations to the host for successfully killing an intermediate-level king.

        The host will be rewarded with 500 spirit points.


        Since it was the host's first time killing a king realm cultivator, he will be rewarded with another 500 spirit points.


        A new title is unlocked. Please check the 'Title' section to know more about it.


        Also, the host will get more good items from refining the King realm cultivator's corpse using the 'Arcane Green Turtle'.

Just as he took out the 'Universe sword' from Master Red's body, Ajax's head was continuously filled with system notifications that made him excited.

Because he knew he would get good rewards for killing King realm cultivators.

Nevertheless, he didn't bother to check the rewards; instead, he turned back towards Master Ren and returned the sword to him.

"Thanks for your sword, Masters. It was a good one."

Even though he knew Master Ren is powerful and dangerous, Ajax didn't want to show it on his face and tried to strike a conversation with Master Ren.

"Is it?"

"Of course, it is a good one. I have never seen such a good sword which makes one's mind calm even after I kill my master king realm cultivator."

Ajax nodded his head as he explained what he felt when he was holding the sword.

"Moreover, it was very light considering its size."

Ajax gave another remark about the sword.

"Yes. It is light and makes the user's mind calm even when millions of enemies surround you."

All of a sudden, Master Ren's voice became a little reminiscent as he continued to speak, "This is a special sword forged by my master and given to me by him as a parting gift when I become a king realm cultivator."


Ajax raised his brows because he thought Master Red was already this powerful and how powerful his master trained him.

"Parting gift?"

Nevertheless, Ajax didn't dare to ask about Master Ren's master; instead, he asked about the gift.

'If a disciple became a king realm cultivator, why would he gift a parting gift? Unless a disciple has to leave his master after becoming a king realm cultivation.'

Before Master Ren could give a reply, Ajax understood something.

"What you think is right. However, he said that he would come looking for me in a hundred years and it's been more than 90 years….Huh?"

Suddenly, Master Ren frowned because he didn't understand why he was saying all these things to Ajax and changed the topic, "You wanted to ask me about the corpse, right? Just take it. I will be leaving now."

As soon as he finished his words, Master Ren disappeared from his place.
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    《New Age Of Summoners》