New Age Of Summoners
883 Ajax vs Ajax
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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883 Ajax vs Ajax


As soon as the demonized Ajax's spirit consciousness waved its hands, a huge mirror screen appeared in front of the normal Ajax.

Soon, various scenes flashed on the mirror screen. Those scenes were from Ajax's past from the time he killed the disciples of the assassin sect in the cursed wilderness to the very recent event in which his elemental spirits destroyed the twenty-seven fox tribes in the Western fox land.

After every scene, the mirror screen showed Ajax's face which looked evil and cruel.

"Did you see that? At every scene, I was there. While you destroy or kill other beings, I will enjoy them."

While the normal Ajax was observing the scenes on the mirror screen, the demonized Ajax was explaining to him that both of them were one entity and not two separate entities.

"No, I never enjoyed killing them."

Even Ajax didn't like that expression put by Ajax in the mirror screen and denied the fact that he never liked killing.


However, the demonized Ajax could not help but laugh when he heard Ajax's words.

"Stop laughing. We are not the same."

The normal Ajax could not stand the laughing of the demonized Ajax as he asked him to stop laughing.


"If you don't admit the fact that we both are one entity, then you are going to die from the demonic energy inside your body."

Finally, the demonized Ajax could not take the normal Ajax's ignorance and slapped him before saying that he would die by the demonic energy.

"No matter what you say, I never enjoyed killing anyone and I don't  have anything to do with you."

For some reason, Ajax was not changing his view on the demonized Ajax.


The demonized Ajax became furious when he heard those words before jumping at the normal Ajax and started fighting him.







In front of the Demon fox tribe,



The demonized Ajax used his powerful punch repeatedly until a crisp sound came from the barrier that was protecting the Demon fox tribesmen.


'Tribe leader Deon, what should we do now?'

'Tribe leader Deon, didn't you say that our ancestral barrier would be strong enough to stop him.'

The moment the demon fox tribesmen saw a small crack on the barrier, they became anxious and hurriedly looked at their tribe leader for suggestions.

'Damn it. His potential is much higher than I thought.'

As for the tribe leader Deon, he was shocked when he saw that demonized Ajax was able to break their ancestral formation with his b.a.r.e hands.

He already thought Ajax's potential was so high when he defeated their ancestor; however, after seeing that the demonized Ajax could destroy their ancestral formation, he felt like he underestimated Ajax's potential even when he compared his potential with the greater worlds' young masters.

"Everyone, the moment he breaks our ancestral formation, be ready to run as far as possible. I will try to stop him."

As a tribe leader, the safety of his tribesmen comes first. So, the tribe leader Deon suggested his tribesmen run as far as possible.

"But, isn't it dangerous for you, tribe leader? You already lost once. Why don't we all fight him together and stall the last two minutes? So that he would become normal."

While pointing at the demonized Ajax who was continuously punching the ancestral formation of the demon fox tribe, one of the elders suggested the tribe leader.

According to the tribe leader Deon, if Ajax could not kill anyone for the next two minutes, then he would become normal.

So, if they fight together in the group, they would have more chances of surviving.


The tribe leader Deon looked at the ancestral formation that might be destroyed anytime now and thought for a moment before nodding his head, "Let's fight together then."

"All the tribesmen with a cultivation of level 5 elite general realm or more should stay back to fight him and as for the others, just run as far as possible."

Soon, the tribe leader Deon gave his orders to his tribesmen while taking out his powerful weapon and readied himself along with the other elders of the tribe.

'Penta, when Ajax destroys the barrier, you have to bind him with three of your tentacles.'

On the other side, Errol and Ajax's summons were observing the demonized Ajax's actions and waiting for the right opportunity to help Ajax become normal.

So, Errol said to the five elemental pentapus to bind Ajax because it was very powerful. So, Errol hoped that the spirit beast could stop Ajax from moving for a few moments.

'Ajax is very powerful. So, you four elemental spirits also help Penta in binding Ajax.'

Next, he gave the task to Volcanis, Necros, Cerauno and Zen.

'As for others, you have to distract him while I use the final step to help Ajax become normal.'

Within no time, Errol gave everyone their own tasks while the main step was still in his hands and hoped he would be successful in helping Ajax become normal.

'Father, how sure are you about your plan.'

After everyone was in position, the three-eyed ghost fox asked Errol with a worried look on his face.

'Even though I said that I can help him, it still depends on Ajax in controlling his inner demons. So, I can't say exactly how sure I am; however, this is the only thing we could do for him.'

With a bitter look on his face, Errol replied to his son and waited for Ajax to destroy the ancestral formation of the demon fox tribe.


Soon, the barrier that was protecting the demon fox tribe shattered after taking the repeated punches from Ajax.

"Everyone, let's go."

Errol and the tribe leader Deon shouted at the same time as they rushed towards Ajax.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》