New Age Of Summoners
885 Merging With Mirror Artifac
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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885 Merging With Mirror Artifac

Errol didn't want his son to take the risk in the beginning. So, he intentionally didn't say his plan to anyone completely.

However, when he thought about how his son would die if Ajax dies, he decided to let his son take the risk because his son had a high chance of reaching Ajax without getting injured or dying.

"Be careful and don't let your guard down."

Errol once again warned his son to be careful while he observed the situation around Ajax.

Currently, Ajax was fighting the tribe leader Deon and his elders, five elemental spirits and Ajax's contracted spirit beasts.

'Everyone, distract your master as much as possible until my son reaches him.'

Soon, Errol sent a voice transmission to everyone including the tribe leader Deon and his tribe's elders.

Everyone nodded their heads and started working on it.


As Ajax was busy fighting others, the three-eyed ghost fox used his skill 'Teleport' to move towards Ajax.




When Ghost was only one meter away from Ajax, he threw the mirror artifact at Ajax.

"Father, I did it."

After finishing his task, the three-eyed ghost fox turned towards his father before shouting at him with excitement.


Just as the mirror artifact touched Ajax, he slashed in the direction of the three-eyed ghost fox.

"Son, escape."

However, Errol was still feeling worried and when he saw what the demonized Ajax had done, he hurriedly warned his son.


Just when the huge waves released from the battle-axe about to touch Ghost, he once again used his 'Teleport' skill to disappear from that place.

"Thanks for the warning, father."

After successfully escaping from the attack, Ghost thanked his father and repeatedly used the 'Teleport' skill to move towards him.


Only when he saw that his son was unharmed from the battle-axe waves, Errol was able to heave a sigh of relief.

"So, what should we do now?"

After going back to his father, Ghost asked his father while looking at the demonized Ajax who was becoming crazier and crazier with time.

"All we have to do now is wait."

With a helpless look on his face, Errol replied to his son.

As for the demonized Ajax, the mirror artifact thrown by the three-eyed ghost fox was absorbed by Ajax as it entered into his body.

"This mirror artifact would help him get clarity on many things which might help him in winning against the demonized version of himself."

Seeing that the mirror artifact was successfully absorbed in the demonized Ajax's body, Errol said to his son.

"So, will he wake up soon?"

Hearing those words, Ghost became excited as he looked at the demonized Ajax who was not showing any signs of becoming normal.

"Yes, however, he needs to be clear on some things with his inner demons and he needs to control them. But the good thing is his demonized form will disappear soon and he has another hour to control his inner demons."

Errol felt that one hour is enough for Ajax to control his inner demons; however, the more potential a cultivator had in him, the stronger his inner demons will be.


Just like what Errol said, the demonized Ajax fell to the ground a few moments after absorbing the mirror artifact into his body.

Soon, the evil look on his face disappeared as he became normal; however, he was still unconscious.

Deep inside his spirit sea, the normal Ajax and the demonized Ajax were still fighting with each other without showing any signs of stopping.

'Is it over?'

'The crazy young man is unconscious. Did he die?'

'It looks like the tribe leader Deon was not lying when he said that the crazy state for the young man would not last for much longer.'

'I wonder what the tribe leader Deon would do to that young man now?'

'Also, did you notice that young man's summons are very powerful? I wonder if they are stronger than our tribe leader.'

As for the demon fox tribesmen who were very far from the fight amidst Ajax and others, stopped running when they noticed that Ajax fell unconscious.

Even though they have many questions in their mind, they were feeling relieved with the fall of Ajax because now they don't have to run away from their tribe.

'Huh? Why is he still alive?'

However, unlike the demon fox tribesmen, the tribe leader Deon was shocked when he saw that Ajax was still alive despite being returned to a normal state.

According to what he knew, it is almost impossible to survive if a cultivator entered into a demonized form.

'I have to kill lest he wakes up and becomes demonized once again.'

Since there was no case where a cultivator survived the demonized state, the tribe leader Deon didn't have much idea about what would happen to Ajax.

Unlike Errol, the tribe leader Deon was not very knowledgeable; however, he was a careful fox man. So, he wanted to kill Ajax when he still had the chance.


With that thought in his mind, the tribe leader Deon rushed towards Ajax and took his battle-axe that had fallen on the ground before jumping at Ajax.


In the tribe leader Deon's hands, the huge battle-axe grew even bigger as it was about to cleave Ajax.

"Everyone, we have to stop him."

Errol and Ajax's summons were shocked as they rushed towards the tribe leader Deon to stop him from killing Ajax.

"Old man Deon, he will not enter into the demonized form again. Stop it."

While rushing towards the tribe leader Deon, Errol tried to explain things to him; however, they were very far compared to the distance between the tribe leader Deon and Ajax.


Just when the huge battle-axe was about to land on Ajax, a majestic voice resounded from the demon fox tribe.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》