New Age Of Summoners
889 Becoming a feast for the demonic creatures
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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889 Becoming a feast for the demonic creatures


However, Ajax didn't get any reply from the system making him frown.

He wanted to find out the reason for his earlier stubbornness but the system disappeared once again.

'Why am I still here?'

Nevertheless, he didn't worry about it and thought that the system would come back to him as soon as he woke up but the thing is he was still in the same place.

He assumed that as long as he accepted his inner demon, he would disappear from this place; however, he was still in the same place.


Just as he was thinking about it, the demonic creatures from earlier came out of the black ground around him.

'I am not interested in you.'

Since he already experienced that the demonic creatures are just imaginary things or whatsoever that would only roar but would do nothing to him.

So, he didn't pay much attention to them as he started thinking about how to leave this endless space.



While he was thinking, more than three demonic creatures jumped at him and bit him on both hands.


'What the hell?'

Ajax was shocked as he looked at the three demonic creatures that had small pieces of his spirit consciousness in their mouths.

'Damn it. Why are they attacking me now? Is it because of merging with my demonized version?'

Looking at the many demonic creatures that were coming out of the ground, Ajax cursed.

'Wait for a second. Since they are attacking me now, I might be able to use my skills, right?'

With that thought in his mind, Ajax tried to use one of his skills.

'Spatial blades.'

Ajax shouted; however, there were no spatial blades or whatsoever; instead, the demonic creatures became even more furious and jumped at him.

'Damn it.'

'At this rate, my spirit consciousness will be completely devoured by them and it will be beyond recovery.'

Ajax was losing hope in getting out of this space because once his spirit consciousness is completely devoured by the demonic creatures, then he would forever remain in the unconscious state which indirectly leads to his death.

'I have to do something. I should not die like this.'

Ajax clenched his fists as he endured the pain coming from being torn apart by the demonic creatures, he started thinking of something to escape from his current situation.

'Huh? Earlier, my demonized version said that as long as I accept him, I can have the strength to fight the special demonic energy. So, what can I do which I was unable to do earlier?'

'The reason I absorbed the demonic energy into my body was to temper my body; however, who would have thought this energy was so special that it created my inner demon which was almost impossible because of the system.'

Soon, Ajax closed his eyes and started analysing his current situation while enduring the spirit consciousness tearing pain.

'I think my demonized version was implying that I can now use the special demonic energy to temper my body.'

Finally, Ajax felt like he found a way to escape from his current situation and with that idea in his mind, Ajax opened his eyes only to see that more than 60 percent of his spirit consciousness body was already devoured by the demonic creatures.

'Damn it...I have to temper my body as soon as possible.'

Even though he didn't have a clue of his current location, Ajax was very sure that his spirit consciousness was still inside his body. So, he used his earlier experience of body tempering with fire and lightning to do the same with the demonic energy.


Even though there was less than 40 percent ofo his spirit consciousness body left, Ajax didn't want to give up without trying his idea.

So, he closed his eyes and started absorbing the demonic energy emitting from the demonic creatures around him that were feasting on him.


As soon as he used his main cultivation technique 'Heaven and Earth refining technique', one of the many demonic creatures disappeared without a trace.


All of a sudden, Ajax felt a sharp rise in his pain and could not help but groan.

'It's working.'

'Did I recover my spirit consciousness just now?'

All of a sudden, Ajax noticed that his left hand that was completely devoured by the demonic creatures earlier had grown until his elbow. 

Seeing that, Ajax could not help but be excited and his motivation to temper his body with the special demonic energy had increased to another level.

'As long as all the demonic creatures didn't attack me all at once, I can survive this predicament.'

Ajax looked at more than 20 demonic creatures in front of him and thought in his head.

Even though there were more than 20 demonic creatures from the beginning, only three or four demonic creatures were devouring him and as for the other demonic creatures, they were just roaring or gloating at Ajax's misfortune.

So, he felt there is still hope and without wasting any time he continued circulating his main cultivation technique to absorb the special demonic energy into his body.





Soon, one after another demonic creature that was munching on Ajax's spirit consciousness started disappearing without a trace.

At the same time, whenever a demonic creature disappeared, Ajax would groan in pain for a few moments before suppressing it.

No matter how prepared he was for the incoming pain, Ajax was unable to remain calm whenever his body was tempered with a demonic creature but he still continued until he was shocked by the next move made by the demonic creatures.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》