New Age Of Summoners
894 Beast Luring Potion
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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894 Beast Luring Potion


          Item name:- Beast luring potion.

          Item grade:- Special.

          Effect:- It can attract a chosen spirit beast race in a place where the liquid from the potion bottle is dropped. The effectiveness will decrease with distance.

        Range:- 100000 kilometers.

        Note:- 1) The user has to select the type of spirit beasts he wants to lure. 

                    2) The attracted spirit beasts might behave violently. Soo, it is suggested to be careful when using it.

As soon as he focused on the colourless potion bottle in his hand, the complete infomration regarding the potion bottle appeared in front of him.

'It is what I needed.'

To confirm what he read, he read the information a couple of times before feeling excited about the potion.

'This will help Uncle Errol to lure all his tribesmen who were hiding in various regions of the five elemental world.'

With that thought in his mind, Ajax stored the 'Beast luring potion' in his inventory and focused on the rewards he gained for his demonized state.

'System, is it safe to transform into a demoinized version of myself? Also, what are the advantages of the demonized state.'

Since he could not transform into a demonized state, he wanted to know what he could do and whether it was the same thing to do or not.

The main thing Ajax wanted to know was whether he could still retain his consciousness when he was in a demon form.

So, Ajax wanted to make sure it was a safe thing for him to use the demon form; otherwise, he decided to use only when his lifewas at risk.


          The demon form is an advanced technique that helps a cultivator bring out his inner rage. The more angry he is, the more powerful he will become.


        Moreover, the host will retain his consciousness. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Soon, the system sent two notifications and after reading them, Ajax heaved a sigh of relief.

'What about the advantages? Will my battle prowess increase just like before?'

After heaving a sigh of relief, Ajax asked a few more questions and at the same time, deep inside his heart, he was hoping the system would say 'Yes'.

Even though the system said that with anger he would become powerful, earlier, there he became a lot more powerful without that kind of range.


          There will be no change in the battle prowess of the host after he enters the demon form without any rage.


However, the truth was always bitter as he asked what is the use of entering into the demon fox.


        The major change is all the skills of the host would contain a hint of special demonic energy that contains more destructive power.


Even though he was disappointed when he read the earlier system notification, after reading the latest system notification, Ajax became excited as stood up from his bed.

'I will check on the construction of the elemental paradise because spending the spirit points.'

Also, he could even buy elemental skill crystals and elemental spirit weapons from the elemental spirit store.

However, he was not in a hurry and wanted to think about it carefully before spending the spirit points.


As soon as he came to a conclusion, Ajax entered his inner world where elemental spirits and the contracted spirit beasts were observing the construction of their elemental paradises.

"Master, thanks for all these elemental paradises."

Seeing the sudden appearance of Ajax, all the beings in the inner world rushed towards him before thanking him.

'As your master, it is what I have to do.'

With a slight smile on his face, Ajax shook his head as he suddenly thought of something.

'Little fuzzball, Little green, come forward.'

Little fuzzball is the offspring of the golden bear king and as for the little green, it was the Arcane spirit turtle.


Even though he called the Arcane spirit turtle as little, it was not at all little. When it was taking a step, the surroundings would shake a little; however, he saw it from the moment it came out of the little egg.

So, in his eyes, it was still a little one.

Soon, the two spirit beasts that Ajax called came forward and stood in front of him.

'Close your eyes and don't resist it.'

Ajax took a couple of steps towards the two spirit beasts in which one was as huge as a small mountain and as for the other one, he was a young human of around 10 years.

That's right!

After using the re-cultivation technique given by Ajax, both the golden bear kings, the father-son duo successfully re-cultivated into humanoids.

'System, I want them to enter the elite general realm and rank 6 respectively.'

Ajax placed his hands on the Arcane spirit turtle and the human kid before asking the system to upgrade them.


          Are you sure you want to upgrade them?

As soon as Ajax said those words, without a surprise, he got a reply from the system asking whether he was sure about it.

'Yes. I am absolutely sure.'

Ajax nodded his head as he gave the confirmation to the system notification.


          Initiating the upgrade. Please wait for a few minutes.

Soon, a bright light covered Ajax and the two spirit beasts.


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    《New Age Of Summoners》