New Age Of Summoners
902 Defeat the Servant before challenging the Master
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New Age Of Summoners
Author :vinayraj
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902 Defeat the Servant before challenging the Master

# Extra chapter

"I don't know where your confidence comes from but since you are able to make them acknowledge you as their master, I will accept your challenge."

While pointing at Deon and Errol, the tribe leader Cren replied to Ajax when he challenged him for a duel.

"I have my own methods. So, don't worry."

Ajax revealed a slight smile on his face before asking the tribe leader Cren, "So, where shall we fight?"

"What is the hurry? Before I fight you, you have to prove yourself. As long as you defeat my servant, I will gladly fight you."

  Tribe leader Cren signalled someone beside him before pointing at the distant open fields, he continued, "You can fight him over there."

"After I defeat him, don't ask me to fight someone else. It is just a waste of time for me."

Even though he was dissatisfied with the tribe leader Cren's words, Ajax knew it was very hard for him to make others believe that he could defeat the level 10 elite general realm cultivators.

So, to be on the safe side, he said to the tribe leader Cren that he would fight his servant first and next, he would only fight him.


Looking at the confident look on Ajax's face, the tribe leader Cren could not help but be impressed a little; however, he thought, 'Let's see after you defeat my servant.'


Soon, Ajax and the old servant of the tribe leader Cren moved to the open space in the distance.

"You can have the first move."

The old man didn't say these words because he was confident in defeating Ajax, he said it because this was how he fights.


Ajax revealed a slight smile on his face before using 'Teleport'.


As soon as he used one of the effects of the 'Lightning cloud steps', Ajax disappeared from his spot and appeared right in front of the old man.

'Demon claw.'

Without wasting any time, Ajax used his second attack as his hands turned demon with sharp claws protruding out of his hands.

'Too slow.'

Just when Ajax was about to claw out the old servant of the tribe leader Cren, he heard the old man speak in a calm tone before throwing a punch at Ajax.


Ajax didn't expect the old man to be too fast; however, after coming out of the demonized form, Ajax's senses reached a whole new realm.

So, without wasting any time, Ajax dodged the attack by using 'Teleport'.


Looking at Ajax's sudden dodge from his 'Spirit punch', the old man raised his eyebrows before saying, "You have great sense, young man. No wonder, you are confident in challenging my master; however, to defeat him, you need more than this."

As soon as he finished those words, the old man disappeared from his spot.

'Where did he go?'

After knowing how powerful his senses had grown after going through the demonized state, Ajax was not worried about getting sneaked by the old man. So, he closed his eyes and searched for the old man.


'So, you are here.'

Just after closing his eyes, Ajax found out where the old man was hiding. So, he revealed a slight smile on his face before using, 'Advanced spatial blades.'

Since he already found out the location where the old man was hiding, Ajax didn't waste any time before using his spatial blades.




Soon, a portal opened at the place where the old man was previously standing and it released hundreds of spatial blades into the ground.


There was a small explosion in that place and it was completely covered in dust.

'Did I get him?'

Ajax used his senses to check for the old man in the smoke.

"Are you looking for me? Tame my spirit punch."

All of a sudden, the old man appeared right behind him as he asked Ajax with an expressionless look on his face.



"How is that possible?"

Ajax revealed a shocked look on his face because racking his brain for the next move could not only help him dodge the incoming spirit punches from three similar-looking old men.

That's right!

Instead of one old man, currently, there are three old men who are attacking him.

"You are very easy to fool, kid. If you can't see through my tricks, then it is almost impossible for you to see through my master's tricks."

The old man was very confident that Ajax could not dodge his attacks.

'I can't use 'Teleport if I get surrounded as it is not a real teleportation skill. So, I can only do it.'

All of a sudden, Ajax thought of something and stopped thinking about the incoming spirit punches from the three old men.

'Only one of them will be real but I am not sure as I am unable to differentiate between them. Anyway, I will stop thinking about it and see how strong my grade 5 body is.'

That's right!

The reason why Ajax didn't bother to dodge the incoming attacks was he wanted to see how powerful his body had become after going through the demonized state.

Before he could turn demonic, his body was already at grade 4 because it was tempered with fire and lightning.

After going through the demonized state, his body was tempered with the special demonic energy making it even more powerful and helped his body reach the grade 5 realm.

'Huh? Why is he not dodging?'

As for the old man and his two clones, they were shocked when they saw that Ajax was maintaining a calm look on his face and just from a look, he could say that Ajax was not bothering about dodging the attack.

'What should I do? Master asked me not to kill him...'

The old man fell into a dilemma and before he could complete his thoughts, he received a voice transmission, 'Use your full strength.'


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    《New Age Of Summoners》