Not A Cultivator
159 It Seemed We Underestimated Him
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Not A Cultivator
Author :rxio
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159 It Seemed We Underestimated Him

"Don't get in my way! "

"Ugghh... What are you to Fei Bao Xing?"

"That's none of your business. Leave now or face the consequences!"

"Tch..." Deng Huan took a step back as he was overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of the mysterious man. The man in front of him seemed very angry but also protective of Fei Bao Xing.

There's no doubt, he's Fei Bao Xing's ally. And, it was not good news, unlike Fei Bao Xing who seemed obedience and weak, this man was aggressive, but his skill was firm. Even when his attack was blocked earlier, he could not see any flaw in his movement.

Did not dare to underestimate his opponent Deng Huan jumped in mid-air charged to his opponent while launching a kick to the head.

"Steel Crane Kick."

Feng Zhi Yan was focused, Deng Huan's kick seemed very slow in his eyes. Without much effort, he tilted his head to the side and dodged it by a hair's breadth. Quickly, he launched a palm strike into Deng Huan's leg from downwards.

Deng Huan was taken aback by the sudden counter-attack but was calm enough to twist his body aside, barely dodging it. At a glance, this movement seemed brash and inelegant. However, it was actually carefully calculated to keep some distance from the enemy while moving to the enemy's blindside.

It was Deng Huan after all. Not only his skill tracking and deceitful skill was the best among the other recruits, but his fighting skill was also top-notch.

Other people may have been surprised and confused by Deng Huan's movement and leads them into defenceless. Unfortunately, he faced Feng Zhi Yan.

Feng Zhi Yan swiftly jumped and quickly pursued. As fast as his feet, he clenched his hand into a fist and delivered a punch to Deng Huan's stomach.

This time, Deng Huan was stunned and dazed. The punch was quick, but fortunately, it was not too strong. He was thrown off but was able to land successfully with his feet on the ground.

Although it was only a short blow of exchange, Deng Huan was already tired. The man in front of him was truly skilful.

What's more shocking was, Feng Zhi Yan was only Dream Earth Realm while Deng Huan was one level above him, Dream Sky Realm. Deng Huan could not believe he just lost in that short moment to someone with a lower level than him.

Meanwhile, Feng Zhi Yan was calm and aggressive. His will to end this match quickly and brought Feng Ao Xiu back to the clan made him more focus than he ever was. But, that was not the only factor, as the First Young Master, he was provided with the best technique and skills the Feng Clan ever got. For a genius like Feng Zhi Yan, he even able to match the prowess of genius of Dream Sky Realm if he tries to.

"This is bad..." Deng Huan said.

"I'll give you a chance. Leave now, and I will not pursue anymore!" as much as Feng Zhi Yan would love to beat his opponent. He has a more urgent matter to expose Feng Ao Xiu in front of the whole clan. It would be preferable to not fight against Deng Huan if he does not have to.

"This..." Hearing Feng Zhi Yan's proposal, Deng Huan could not help but consider it. Especially after tasting his skill firsthand.

"Deng Huan, don't believe what he says. We can defeat him, he's weaker than you, he's a Dream Earth Realm!"

In the moment of thought, it was the last Deng Huan's lackey who shouted. He pointed at the fact that Feng Zhi Yan was one level behind Deng Huan.

Deng Huan nodded as his lackey has given him the confidence he needed. He jumped at Feng Zhi Yan aggressively and repeatedly gave blow after blow to Feng Zhi Yan. No matter how skilful his opponent maybe, in terms of stamina Deng Huan was unbeatable. Feng Ahi Yan could not help but to give his all in dodging.

The attack proved to be useful because Deng Huan attack so quickly, Feng Zhi Yan was unable to find an opportunity to attack. Even if he did found one, another attack was already coming. If only he could carry the pace down, Feng Zhi Yan would have the advantage. But now, it was too hard to say who could win.


Suddenly a blow came from behind and a palm strike directly his Feng Zhi Yan's back. However, that attack was not from Deng Huan, but from his lackey.

Feng Zhi Yan gritted his teeth as he stood up after being thrown off. It was hard enough to fae Deng Huan alone, but with the addition of his lackey, it was going to be difficult. Quickly, Feng Zhi Yan spat some blood before he charged back at Deng Huan.

This time the two traded blows at each other. When Deng Huan launched an attack, Feng Zhi Yan did not bother to dodge, he accepted it straight on, and quickly strike the enemy with one of his own.

This was a split decision by Feng Zhi Yan, he could not hesitate anymore as Deng Huan's lackey may launch another surprise attack.

At the same time, Deng Huan's lackey realised Feng Zhi Yan's plan. So, he changed his as well and ran straight to his enemy.

It was two on one with a never-ending blow. Feng Zhi Yan being the one was at a disadvantage. As he could not delay this much further, he gave it all he's got.

"Firefly Infernos!"

Sparks of fire were created in the air, about hundreds of them with the size of a fist. They were all flying towards the two.

Deng Huan immediately shielded himself with a move of his own.

"Great Boar Shelter!"

Pillar of Rocks from the ground shot up and shielded the two from Feng Zhi Yan's attack. However, Feng Zhi Yan did not stop.

"Thirteen Step of Flame Wave!"

Waves of flames were crashing towards Deng Huan's shield, diluting pieces by pieces.

As the shield was broken, Deng Huan charged and attacked Feng Zhi Yan with a kick.

"Steely Spear Kick!"


Unfortunately, Feng Zhi Yan was kicked directly in the stomach. Blood was spatted out of his mouth before he fainted. It seemed two against one was just too much for him.

Of course, Feng Ao Xiu's face went pale. With his older cousin out of the equation, it was his turn next... But what can he do? Only wait to die...

Deng Huan was bruised so bad because of Feng Zhi Yan, but his rage towards Fei Bao Xing was still unquenched. He still has more than enough energy to fight.

"Fei Bao Xing... Come and fight me now!" Deng Huan said. "I'll make you regret going against me and killing my men!"

[Eeeeekkk! Master Jun, Help Me!]

Suddenly, three figures approached. It was Chang Miao and the Guan sisters. They could not hide the shock expression on their face as they laid their eyes upon the scene before them.

"It seemed we underestimated him." Chang Miao said.

The other two nodded in agreement.

Two of Deng Huan's lackeys were dead lying on the ground, Fei Bao Xing must have killed them. Furthermore, Deng Huan was injured and bruised all over his body, again must be because of Fei Bao Xing. And the only one without injury was Fei Bao Xing himself. Just how strong can he be fighting against four people by himself.

Although they did not know who the fainted man on the ground was, whether he was an ally or an enemy, it did not change the fact of how awesome Fei Bao Xing was.

"Hahaha..." Deng Huan laughed loudly at the appearance of Chang Miao. "You've come! Chang Miao, be mine or I'll... Arrrrgghhh!"

Before Deng Huan could finish his sentence, a heavy blow came from behind and hit his back. He coughed up blood before he turns around and his eye widened at the man before him.

"You... Guo Jin..."

The man who attacked Deng Huan was none other than his lackey who's still alive.

"Yes... It is I, Guo Jin. Deng Huan, you seem so surprised. Did you perhaps not see this coming? Although I planned on doing this later, this situation is just perfect, I can't help but come out now!"

"Ughhh... Why?"

"Why, you ask? Are you blind? I have no intention to follow you all along. I've been using you for my purpose." Guo Jin said as he chuckled. "A man with a weak heart like you have no right to be with Chang Miao. It will be me, I'm the one who will have Chang Miao!"

Guan Ru Yi stepped forward, "You're the one who's blind! You're now all alone. Do you think you can defeat all of us together?"

"Kekekee..." Guo Jin laughed like a maniac. "Have you not realised? How many points you need to pass the test?"

"Of course it is thirty poi..." said Guan Ru Yi, "Wait..."

The girls looked at each other and gulped. Because Fei Bao Xing has killed 2 people, the points they need to pass the test has risen from 30 to 90 points.

"Kekekee... I have enough points. I'll be willing to give you... But, Chang Miao have to drink this!" Guo Jin said as he showed the drug with a wicked smile.




Guo Jin seemed unfazed, "It's better if you accept this deal. Just to let you know, I still have other means to make Chang Miao mine."

In a blink of an eye, Guo Jin suddenly disappear. Before they realised it, he was already behind Guan Ru Na who was the farthest from him. With a dagger on his hand pointing at Guan Ru Na's neck.


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