Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse
123 Episode 18: Face one“s own fist 2
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Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse
Author :Lazy_leon
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123 Episode 18: Face one“s own fist 2

"What's happening to me?" Elder Bai said but he couldn't move his mouth or tongue, hence no voice was produced.

‹Body control› was the Blood Magic Hex Deicide had casted on elder Bai. The dark undetectable threads binded everything of elder Bai in a bondage play. Right now, Elder Bai was only a puppet that Deicide could move as he wills.

Deicide was a creature that patronize blood over everything else as he only needed blood to win a war. Blood was the source of all things. Blood was mighty, the beginning and the end. Everything was associated to blood.

Decidie said the name of the magical spell he cast, loudly. This was his victory cheer, and a taunt for elder Bai.

Feng heard the shout of joy. He still remained unconcerned to the actual situation.

'Thankfully, Deicide stopped elder Bai from starting his divine robes. Sadly, it was somedays but now... Damn, the sword slash will never be completed, not in this lifetime.' He eccentrically thought, with a face full of disappointment. He was disappointed at the fact that the sword slash will never be completed.

Deicide turned towards Feng Mei, who had provided him with enough time to complete the spell. His eyes perceived a situation which was contrary to his expectation. Feng should be happy that they won the battle. Though, there he was, standing still with a disappointed face.

"Heheheh, young Chap, congratulations for establishing a connection with the emblem if domination. Though, why the fuck are you dissapointed? Did your mother die?" Deicide said. Deicide knew that Feng had established a connection with the Domination emblem. It's because, he managed to hear Feng muttering truth of his existence. Feng did that when he established a connection with his Half-broken Truth emblem of Domination.

(Whispering Truth about one's own existencee is a famous ritual performed in Eastern immortals Western Gods star cluster. Many Gods and divine being do it. Though, normally, Whispering Truth, is a ritual actually performed when an individual Truth emblem is created.)

Feng rolled his eyes at Deicide in anger. Why  jinx his mother, whose whereabout remained unknown to him. His calmness find a grave in dust, and jumped into it.

His complexion turned dark. He was going to praise Deicide but such was not the case, now, for Deicide had dared jinx his mom.

"It's because it took you a long time to complete the spell. Man, you are weak asf. If I didn't establish a connection with my Truth emblem when I did, then we would have surely died!" Feng angrily said to Ancestor pig butcher.  

"Oh, come on, young chap, how can you say that? Only you would have died, after all my blood avatar is eternal!" Deicide said, as a matter of fact, he wasn't a cat with nine life but a demon with a eternal blood avatar. The only way to kill Deicide was to destroy his main body 'The tree of Extinction'.

His face morphed into a Saxophone. He blowed a tune of triumphet to annoy the last inheritor. 

Feng wasn't paid enough to endure this shit.

"Pig butcher, you actually believe that? Me dying here means me entering a state of coma in the real world that's infested with human eaters. Me dying in the physical world means my soul exposed to the soul-devouring creature. A creature that will definetly find delight in eating my soul, immediately. The end of my soul means the crumbling of the soul spaces of the soul line of evil. The crumbling of the soul spaces means the death of you guys, literally" Feng replied in a threatening and harsh tone, exposing the name of the main-enemy.

Deicide stopped blowing his Saxophone after hearning Feng's word. His face changed back to a 'not so normal' normal face, a serious complexion enchaned his face. "Did I hear it right? Soul devouring creature, you sure, young chap?" Deicide said, while holding Frng shoulder and starting him in the eyes.

Feng was creeped out because of the intent glare. He didn't want to discriminate but he really isn't into demons.

Yanking Deicide's hand off his shoulder, he took two steps backwards and said, "Yea, the wisdom emblem provided me with this information. It started the Apocalypse and my world is targeted by it. Though, why did the mention of its name turned you on?"

"Oh, fuck it. It's not time for jokes." Deicide said, for the first time getting serious. Feng was stunned, shameless peoples getting serious meant the happening of something serious. The apocalypse was serious, true, but not serious enough to warrant the attention of Deicide, an ancient evil.

Deicide said in a serious tone with serious eyes, "Listen carefully, young chap, no matter what, you must not expose that you are the last inheritor of the soul line of evil." 

Feng saw the seriousness in Decide eyes, even a drunken had become so serious at the mention of the soul-devouring creature. Thus, the matter concerning soul-devouring creature must be more complex than he initially thought. The calm atmosphere had taken a hardcore turn and turned ultra serious. 

Feng thought, "I guess Deicide knows about the soul devouring creature.'

Feng stared back at Deicide. "I want to talk about it in detail, but in your soul space. For now, we have a more pressing matter to take care," Feng answered back, pointing towards elder Bai.

Elder Bai, who was completely incapacitated, seemed harmless. Though, it didn't meant that he will be unable to retaliate in the future. The wisdom emblem cooldown could end anytime now, hence they needed to knock him out cold.

Deicide nodded in reply. Looting Bai successfully was the main priority. They have won the war, but might lose their kingdom if they don't knock him out cold before the wisdom emblem comes into play.

He started chanting in his demonic language.

Elder Bai was unable to move any part of his body, he could only focus his sensory system and overhear Feng's and Decide's talk. Bai was forced to see and listen to the retards. He couldn't close his eyes, as he didn't even have control over his eyelids. He also couldn't join in on the conversation cause he was incapable of speaking at the moment. He only wished for the wisdom emblem to come online, and help him confront these two bastards.

Though now, that doesn't seemed all too possible. He saw Feng's eyes were burning with greed glareing right at his angry one's. At this moment, he realized that they fought him to steal his treasures!

Right at this moment, his hand which held the sword moved upwards. Deicide was conrteolling his body by using the dark threads existing in Bai's body. The demonic chants was a mean to convey his heartfelt feelings to the dark threads. Deicide heartfelt feeling was to knock out Bai into the seven seas.

Complying to his commands, the dark threads controlled Bai hands which held the mountain like sword and moved it upwards. The hand was lifted upwards, the mountain-like gigantic sword dangled above elder Bai face.

Finger by finger, the palm opened up, the hand one's clasping the sword handle was now free. Thus, Ender was set free. It took off a descending flight towards elder Bai face.

Poor elder Bai was horrified when he saw the mountain-like sword crashing towards him. He couldn't even close his eyes. The sword clashed into elder Bai face, effectively breaking his nose and bruising his forehead and face. Multiple headbumbs raised all over elder Bai's head. The sword wasn't sharp, hence it didn't cut into his skin. 

Feng and Deicide saw that Elder Bai was still not knocked unconscious.

"Man, can you hurry up? Knock him out cold before karma gets to us," Feng, who was shining with the halo of a side-character, said tensely

"Don't worry, I got this. Aksgxidbsoagxis..." Deicide shouted loud curses. He was cursing the shitty magic spell for not knocking Bai out. In a sense, he was agitating the dark threads.

The dark threads wasn't happy. They didn't take well to the curses. They reacted in a voilent way. Bai was the only who caused this, hence he suffered their wrath.

Bai wasn't able to breathe as his nose was blocked by the steel of Ender. He also wasn't able to see, as his eyes was blocked by the sword. Right than, the sword moved away from his mouth. He exhaled and inhaled, twice. He was also able to see.

Though, what he saw was definitely not pleasing but horrifying.

The mountain-like sword once again fell upon his face. This time, his own hand also punched him in the guts.

The dark threads didn't stop their vicious attack there. The sword went up then crashed downwards on Bai's face ten times. The first smashed the stomach so many time that gut juice sprayed out of Bai noise as the mouth was closed.

Bai, who didn't know his mother anymore, tried his best to remain conscious. He was putting his hopes on the wisdom emblem. Once the wisdom emblem awake then those two bastard will face a situation ten times worse than this.

"What a thick skin he have. Only bruises after being beaten like a dog," Feng said praising elder Bai.

+1 Death sentence for Feng Mei.


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