RE: Life as a Tree
25 Fragmented God“s Energy
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RE: Life as a Tree
Author :Chryiss
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25 Fragmented God“s Energy

Rialyne remained silent. Kyferne started fidgeting as the flowers were dumped in front of him. They soon formed a pile taller than himself. Taking a flower, Rialyne inspected it.

[ Herzoldinne Flower ]

Type: Consumable

Rank: Legendary

Description: This flower is extremely nutritious. The petals, leaves, and nectar can be eaten or drunk in various ways. Parts can also be made into power, oil, or juice and stored or cooked with other foods. If seeds are directly ingested by a living thing, it will die and become as nourishing as the flower itself. The energy acquired will last for different amount of days depending on the rank and level of the consumer.

"Are you going to eat it?" asked Kyferne after he read the flower's information. "Or..?" He glanced over at the fallen basilisk that everyone had left behind. Since they had won, they could dispose or utilize it as they saw fit.

"Well, we can't make anything eat the seeds. But I might as well Sap this monster." Rialyne extended her skill toward the fallen basilisk. Upon completion, she gained 161070 HP, 10920 MP, 3438 PATK, 1044 MATK, 1719 PDEF, 822 MDEF, 2840 SPD, and 2412 FLX. It wasn't as big of a gain as the wyrm, but it was still far more than anything else she had sapped.

Afterwards, she sent her energy to 'consume' the flower. Rialyne didn't know whether it would work since she was a tree outside of her domain, but certainly if Kyferne ate it, he would benefit instead of her. As she held her imagined breath—Kyferne would throw a fit if she literally did that to his body—Rialyne observed her energy dissolving the flower. She made sure to spit out any seeds and have Kyferne save them in his pockets.

Right after the flower vanished into her energy flow, Rialyne felt a surge of power boiling through her being. 'It worked..?' Her anticipation rose as a system notification rung out.

「 Unknown energy source detected. Analyzing. Please wait. 」

「 Analysis Complete. Fragmented God's Energy confirmed. 」

「 Total amount of units acquired: 84. One unit is equivalent to ten energy stacks of the Host. 」


"….Rialyne?" Kyferne probed in concern as the girl didn't speak for a while since the flower dissolved.

"Ky…." Rialyne began in a low voice that slowly rose in pitch and volume as she continued, "I think we hit the JACKPOT~!!!"

Rialyne figuratively threw fist bumps into the air and pranced around madly. Kyferne could feel her crazed elation bouncing around in his mind.

"Why? What happened? Is the flower that good?"

"It's amazing! I can only generate three energy stacks a day, but this flower is equivalent to 840 stacks!! You know what this means? I'm basically invincible, muahaha!" Now she understood how so many large monsters could survive in the valley with just this flower.

"Err, tone down the corny fake villainous laughing. Are you serious though? So you mean you can heal almost infinitely with these flowers?" Despite his disbelief, Kyferne's heart thudded quicker in anticipation of the herzoldinne's possible effect on him. Currently, one of Rialyne's energy stacks could replenish his health bar a few times over, and the potency of the stack increased as Rialyne grew.

"Yes!!" she enthusiastically squealed but then cooled down immediately after realizing she didn't know how many units she could carry. 'I can only store up to 100 energy stacks, so with just one flower, I'm more than eight times above my capacity. However…' She hesitated before calling out to the system.

"How many units of Fragmented God's Energy can I hold?" She was still disconnected to Cardisys, but since she could receive system alerts without him, Rialyne figured she could inquire without his active presence. As hoped, the welcome ring of the system resounded in her mind.

「 Total unit capacity of Fragmented God's Energy: Unlimited. 」

'Unlimited!!!' Rialyne yelped for joy inside. She giggled to herself, and the laugh soon turned into vociferous cackling that poured out into Kyferne's mind as well. He knew that the girl must have discovered something more exciting about the herzoldinne flower again.

"Hey, can I try that some of that energy? Is it possible to split it?" asked Kyferne.

"Sure thing if I'm able!" piped Rialyne cheerfully.

She took out one unit of Fragmented God's Energy, and it automatically filled up her energy stack capacity by ten. Making sure that she was choosing the God's Energy, she split it and sent a thread of the energy toward Ky. A rich sensation soon filled his core and entire body. Thrilled and mystified, he could feel himself bursting with vitality. Indeed, this must be the food of the gods!

However, this was just the most inferior type, making them wonder what complete, pure God's Energy would be like instead. Rialyne didn't think too deeply upon this though. She was more than enough satisfied with what she had received today.

After seeing the wondrous expression on Kyferne's face, Rialyne carefully chewed upon the delicious energy in earnest. It was by far the most delectable taste she had ever encountered. She gobbled up more of the energy to refill her health bar from the fighting competition.

Unlike energy stacks that could only be used on herself through the Synthesis skill which restored 10% of her HP and MP, Fragmented God's Energy could directly be consumed without a skill, resulting in more precise rejuvenation.

But in her delight, like eating one's favorite sweet or dish, she over-consumed the energy. Once she realized this, she immediately halted in horror, thinking that she had wasted the precious Fragmented God's Energy.

Usually she would be able to tell if her HP bar was full, and her Synthesis skill wouldn't activate if she had full HP and MP. But because this energy wasn't connected to skill, nothing had stopped her.

When Rialyne looked at her HP bar, she was disappointed. As expected, her HP bar was full and didn't account for the extra vitality by displaying more than her base capacity. For a moment, she had been hopeful that the energy of a legendary ranked would provide a bit of a cheat. But she supposed it was enough of a cheat purely as it was.

Regardless of the numerical reality, she still felt strange about the whole matter. Never before had she felt bursting with energy as she was now. Inspecting herself—or to be more precise, Kyferne, since her cell body was still in the Eldarine Tree—to her shock, Rialyne discovered that she was faintly glowing.

"Ky! Are you seeing what I'm seeing?!"

The boy nodded dumbly while peering down at his open palms facing upwards. "Is this an effect of eating the energy?"

"Oh! Maybe it's because you ate it! I thought that it might have to do with me overeating it just now…"

"It could be both. I wonder what this means, though. Is it a buff of some sorts? I don't see any status indicating that however." Kyferne wrinkled his brows in puzzlement. A buff or debuff would show up on the status panel. But both his and Rialyne's was normal.

Stumped, they pored over possible explanations. As Kyferne plopped himself on the ground to think, a fleeting flash of flaxen light sprung up from under his palm as soon as he touched the earth.

Startled, he withdrew his hand. Underneath, a bead-sized, chartreuse oval no larger than his pinky nail laid delicately on the dirt. It was at this point that both realized that the pale glow around them had disappeared.

"Is that a seed..?" asked Rialyne. She didn't have to direct Kyferne to pick it up as he did it of his own will. He encircled the seed with his fingers, feeling the glossy surface that had a faint oiliness to it like an un-popped corn kernel.

"Did the extra Fragmented God's Energy somehow make you produce a seed?" Kyferne questioned incredulously.

"It seems like I did..??" Rialyne knew that plants often grew from seeds, but this felt foreign to her now that she was a tree. This strange event had never occurred before. She had just presumed that she didn't grow the natural way because of the Cardinal System and her soul situation. Outwardly she was a tree, but technically she was still 'human.'

The System had prevented her from ever exceeding her HP and MP bars, even when an energy stack refreshed less than 10% missing. In eating extra Fragmented God's Energy, Rialyne had fortuitously stumbled upon a new ability! She could now produce seeds like any other plant!

'Perhaps this is the necessary way to "store" energy for creating seeds? Energy stacks are used in Synthesis, a form of daily consumption rather than stockpiling strength to to produce seeds.' This deduction made sense to Rialyne.

'I wonder… what happens if I bury this seed?' Intense anticipation suddenly flooded her senses.


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